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The soap opera 4 the new millennium (Part One)

posted 2/27/2007 1:22:17 AM |
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During the 1950's soap operas were among some of the most popular shows on television, along with wrestling and game shows. It wuz during this time that such classics as Guiding light and All My Children began their long, impressive runs. Even when I wuz a kid, in the 1980's they were still popular enough that Jack Wagner managed 2 score a hit record (Way 2 go bro...Way 2 achieve David Soul status). But, their popularity has waned a bit of late, and I believe at least part of the reason 4 that iz sitting right in front of U.

It occurred 2 me that the internet iz becoming the new soap opera - or at the very least, AMD iz. There has been all this drama going on over the last week or so, and I somehow or another managed 2 not only avoid getting tangled up in it, but somehow remained blissfully unaware of it. I would still be unaware, in fact, had someone I care about not got caught up in it and ending up deciding 2 say fuck it, and cancel her membership...a decision I question, although I do respect her right 2 make it.

It wuzn't until I wuz "clued in". as she so elegantly put it, by another mutual friend of ours what wuz going on that I first of all knew anything wuz going on at all and secondly wuz able 2 ascertain why it wuz I had been able 2 remain totally clueless. It turns out that my friend had a run in with that fucking bitch we all secretly hate, but tend 2 overlook cuz he's mostly harmless. I don't have 2 say his (I use the masculine form loosely here) name, since everybody knows who I am referring 2 whenever I say that fucking bitch. Hey...what a great opportunity 2 show off how shiny my Gold Membership iz:

and that just about sums up my opinion on the whole subject. Unless U count:

But that’s a subject 4 another blog, and I don't really want 2 go N2 it right now. duzn't answer the question of how I managed 2 stay out of this one. Or duz it?

U see, ever since I had my run in with the aforementioned fucking bitch (who will remain a fucking bitch until he steps up like a man and gives me my due. But that ain't gonna happen, cuz he's a fucking bitch!) I haven't read one word of his shit. Why should I? It's either brainless fodder like "Which section of the newspaper do U read first?" Like anyone gives a fuck. (I read the obituaries hoping 2 see Ur picture, U fucking moron) or sick twisted shit having 2 do with children's toys and bodily fluids that I have ABSOLUTELY no fucking interest in. Anytime bodily fluids come N2 contact with children's toys it iz usually all bad. And if it iz the result of an orgasmic discharge that iz usually during the commission of a felony. So why do I want 2 hear what this fucking bitch has 2 spout on the subject? No...I'm afraid that breaking it N2 thirty-six installments izn't going 2 do it 4 me either, although it most likely will help the bitch reach whatever plateau his bitch ass is trying 2 get 2 at the moment. I'm sure he has some ulterior motive...I doubt it wuz due 2 the volume of information being uploaded, unless he kept repeating himself, which iz possible becuz he iz stupid but I can't say with any certainty that he in fact did that, as I haven't read it. I know some of U are sitting there thinking, 'But can U make a judgment when U haven't even read it? Izn't that just selective censorship?' Not PrincessKissy though...she's 2 busy masturbating 2 Argit01's picture 2 think about anything else right now. And my answer 2 that is...yes it iz!

Duz that surprise U? That I should be in favor of censoring anything? It shouldn't. Since this iz exactly the argument I make whenever someone duzn't agree with me (like that ever happens...sheesh!)! U don't fucking like it, don't fucking read it. I don't fucking like him, his point of view, or the fact that he iz a whiney, bitch ass weirdo. 4 these reasons, along with the fact that his bitch ass still owes me a retraction and an apology, I choose not 2 read his mostly disgusting drivel. I say mostly becuz some of it is also just plain stupid. I also choose not 2 read those parts as well. This method has worked out absolutely marvelously 4 me. As I previously stated, I managed 2 miss the whole fucking thing. But that's not sources also tell me (that's right muthafuckas...I have sources. Everyfuckingbody iz under surveillance in this motherfucker here! Believe that...) that he found someone who iz N2 his weird shit with him and the two of them have joined forces 2 become...I don't know...The Legion of Bad Taste or something. Fucking great...but I missed that in its entirety as well! Which iz fine with me since I don't want 2 know what kind of sick lesbian relationship that iz.


Keeping U posted


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Feb 27 @ 7:49AM  
A worthless for you to part 2......


Feb 27 @ 8:19AM  
Sweet..... I do enjoy it when you get fired up...

Feb 27 @ 12:15PM  
Well DS lets see if I can put his in terms you will understand. Since I dont know you from a pile dog shit on the ground how about you take your statements about me and shove them up your ass.

Feb 27 @ 2:19PM  
although I dont read mindless dribble either everyone has a rite to their opinion and maby there is a forum out there for his ramblings......
try romparoom or some other nick toon channel

U ROCK DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 27 @ 2:20PM  
oK NOW i JUST REALIZED he never mentions MY name either!!!!!!!!!
here is a kudo for ya anyway

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The soap opera 4 the new millennium (Part One)