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Part 6 of the current Story

posted 2/26/2007 7:15:14 PM |
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It was eight of the clock the next night. The Baron’s great voice boomed through the hall “Welcome all and all welcome to my abode. I have the honor of announcing a special guest today. The king it would seem favors me with one of his own, Sir Campbell knight of Westbury.” The Baron gazed at David waving his hands upwards at him forcing him to rise and introduce himself. David rose with his goblet “The Baron does me a great honor to serve such a feast in my presence, wish it were all host could be so gracious and magnanimous. I see indeed the change of landscape has already done me well. I toast my goblet to the great and noble Baron Vladimir.” He then raised he glass and drank fully of the deep red wine. The Baron laughed and clapped his hands “Bravo well done good knight the king has done me well and I shall drink to his good health.” David poured the rest of his wine on the floor in disgust “The king serves none other then himself, I shall not drink to one such as him.” The Baron’s eyes squinted to slits as he peered at the young man. Could it be true he was disgruntled at the king if so he was a useful tool. However, more than likely it was trap, speaking for the crowd and other ears that might be about the Baron said “What would the king think to hear such words? I for one hear them as one would the hiss of a snake.” The Baron forged a disapproving look on his meaty visage. David spoke “Then you two are truly kindred, for the king knows of my thoughts and but for the graces of my father I should be hung rather than exiled to your keep.” The Baron was deeply confused, it was true the Campbell family curried much favor with the king and it was possible that one as young as the knight might be exiled rather than executed for such rash words. The Baron knew he must excavate deeper into this perplexing problem. “Do tell lad why bring the king so low? What harm has he befallen you and yours?” David spoke rashly “Harm you speak of harm! The king has a kitchen full of pies nay a bakery full of pies and not a slice nor crumb falls my way! In the lands to the east gold, jewels, and diamonds fall like rain into the king’s treasury. Yet my beak remains as dry as desert stone.” Greed the Baron could hardly believe it. Greed was something the Baron understood well. Avarice was the forge in which many an evil heart was shaped. Still the Baron knew to be cautious, he sniffed two big draughts of air as a wild hound would do trying to sense danger. “This is my keep and peace is my way let us forget such words and make merry as can.” said the Baron. Already in his mind he had a scheme to spy on the lad. He clapped his flabby hands together and cried bring out the dancers. All around the men of the table let out a joyous cry. The music changed from something happy and gay to something exotic and sultry. The music was meant to arouse desire and excite passion. Twelve dancers clad in translucent silk as light as the wind entered at the command. The delicate silk tops stopped just short of the bottom of the swell of the breasts. The underside of the bosoms could be seen as well as the bellybutton that danced and swayed with the music. Dark rings could be seen through the tops marking the areoles of the nipples. The tight clothing seemed only to accent the womanly flesh rather than hide it. The skirts ended midway from knee to thy. When the dancers swirled the skirts drifted up like gossamer smoke. The panties where thin and fine and clearly marked was the sex of females. The sharp V of pleasure swayed and swaggered around the befuddled males. The men took up their forks and spoons and banged them loudly on the table keeping the beat of the rhythm. Wine red and deep was consumed from goblets of silver. The rich dark wine filled the men’s head with lust as the seductresses performed their heady dance. David focused on one particular man he was drinking deeply his eyes were wild and lechery was etched harshly upon them. The man gazed at the dancers with hungry unchecked eyes. His hair was long and black and splayed down the back of his armor. His breast plate bore the crest of a golden griffin that was the device of the Baron. His long thin goatee the only facial hair he had was wet from careless drinking. He appeared to be younger being only in his twenties. Suddenly without warning the man lost it and jumped over the table knocking down food, plates, and drink. He grabbed one of the dancers and ripped her top off. Her breast swayed wildly in the open air. He was attempting to pull her down and at the same tame pull his armored leggings off. The Baron looked on with joy, he watched with a rye smile. When it became obvious the man was about to achieve his goal, the Baron made eye contact with a giant of a man, he was older but still strong. David saw it was the Baron’s top captain of the guards. His gray hair fitted his head like a silver crown; he had eyes the color of cold steel that glinted in the fire light. The captain’s muscles were bulky and knotted from a lifetime of use. He now moved to intervene. The girl was on the ground her legs spread open. Her panties were ripped and her skirt was pushed up around her waist. The scoundrel was atop and had just removed his leggings and pushed down his leotard when the captain with mailed fist struck him hard the man went flying. A wicked purple bruise was already forming high on the man’s cheeks. He looked up in outrage towards his attacker; he had just enough time to recognize his assailant when another well placed blow by the captain rendered him unconscious. Other guards came and took the prostrate body away. The Baron spoke “I don’t mind wolves but I will not suffer untrained dogs!” The music which had stopped started playing again. A man to David’s right who looked to be a business man spoke “The young pup got impatient and tried to steal scraps from the master’s table, scraps the master fully intended to feed him.” David gazed at the man with a questioning look. The man laughed “I see you are new here! A treat awaits you or perhaps not depending on your character.” David spoke to hear more but before he could the man had already turned his attention to someone else. The music crept up in tempo and all the dancers kept pace their bodies became blurs as they swirled, bobbed, and jigged to the music. It was frantic as the dancers moved faster and faster, it seemed imposable that they could go any faster when the music hit a crescendo, the speed of the dance and the loudness of the music was enough to intoxicate a man. All at once the music stopped. The sound of crashing plates and spilt drinks tinkled loudly throughout the hall. Spoons and forks and whole entrées went smashing to the floor as the men leaped and jumped over the tables to feed their new hunger. The men hurriedly undressed, armor pieces were falling her and there. The women were grabbed and stripped like cattle. Fights broke out between the men dueling for a chance to deb

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Feb 26 @ 8:55PM  
keep em coming!

Feb 27 @ 3:56AM  
Can't wait until the next installment to see what happens.

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Part 6 of the current Story