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posted 2/26/2007 4:34:37 PM |
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Um....question friends.....would you find it disturbing if you got an e-mail from a guy who's profile picture was him pointing a gun at someone/something? Personally....I am bothered by it.....

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Feb 26 @ 4:40PM  
Yes that would be disturbing, and i'm morbidly curious to see that picture.

Feb 26 @ 4:40PM  
Yeah... that's rather disturbing... Makes you wonder why he thought that would be something attractive?

Feb 26 @ 4:46PM  

I think that may tell you a story. Delete and Block him.
Never take chances. If the guy saw fit to display a gun ?
I would wonder what's going thru his mind.

Feb 26 @ 4:47PM  
I saw it...He says in his essay that he is "looking for a playmate because he broke the last one" ??????? Excuse me

Feb 26 @ 4:47PM  
Its all phallic anyway, baby.


Feb 26 @ 4:52PM  
Yep, i looked, that guy isn't quite right!

Hey RockStar, wanna see if you can break me?

Feb 26 @ 5:05PM  
does the staff know of this?

Feb 26 @ 5:08PM  
I haven't seen it- but certainly would wonder why he thought that was appropriate!

belle says:
Hey RockStar, wanna see if you can break me?
Now there's an offer I couldn't refuse!!

Feb 26 @ 5:11PM  
Oh yes.. Just got an e-mail from him...holding a gun...
he left me this;......________________________________________________________
so what are you saying you cant control a yonger stud lol

Give me a break!!!

Feb 26 @ 5:33PM  
....maybe he thinks he's in a movie. Costars Anthony Hopkins, tentatively titled "Red..." something or other. Could be maybe he's just a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm..."

Feb 26 @ 5:56PM  

Feb 26 @ 5:58PM  
Oh come on people!!! So a guy posts a picture of a that really any worse than the guys who post dic pics?? Was he threatening in any way? I mean, aside from the comment in his essay about breaking his last plaything...or whatever it was...
We are supposed to be non-judgemental here. At least that's what we keep telling people. And to say don't post comments to his blog?? Why? What has he done except send some emails to people...were they threatening?
I'm sorry luvrgirl...I disagree with you. It's your right to post a blog if you feel threatened by this person, to warn others about him. But I really don't see how a picture of him holding a gun can be conceived as a threat. I personally don't like guns, but I do recognize one's right to carry one, and to post a picture of it if they want to.
To automatically ostracize this person just because of a picture is a little radical. If you don't like the guy, or the pic, just move on.

Feb 26 @ 6:02PM  
I agree wholeheartely with ya Sunny, there are a hell of alot worse pictures here then that!!

Feb 26 @ 6:04PM  
It's the nature of the's pointed at someone/'s just disturbing...yes he indeed has a right to do whatever he wants.....yes that is his right...the picture just gave me a bad feeling in my dic pic has ever given me a bad feeling. I am a supporter of carrying a gun....that is not the issue for's the nature of the picture......I don't like it, and I would rather have people approach him guarded rather than not.....I make no judgements....I just have to pay attention to how it makes me feel

Feb 26 @ 6:08PM  

I agree with you Luvrgrl

Feb 26 @ 6:09PM  
I do agree sunny, people should not jump all over someone right away.(no pun intended to the Jump comment)

I commented on his blog just simply stating that first impressions is important and that maybe the gun pic for his main pic might not get the response he wants, I personally will always beleive in the right to bear arms to protect you and your family.

Its just American

And in defence to this blog if someone feels uncomfortable about any person they do have the right to blog about it.

It would be interesting to learn more from this guy and see if hes cool and respectful, if he is he will make lots of friends here.

Feb 26 @ 6:12PM  
I have pointed my gun at people...Sorry; I guess I must be a little weird.

Feb 26 @ 6:15PM  
I just got an email from the guy...he's going to change his pic since so many find it disturbing. I still think that while you have the right to blog about it...IN MY OPINION...this may have been a little premature. Just my thoughts.

Feb 26 @ 6:20PM  
Let me just clarify people...I am not making any judgements on the guy...he amy be very nice...he may not be...but here is how it feels....the guy sends me an e-mail.....I receive an e-mail from someone unknown like i would being approached in public...someone is trying to initiate contact....I have NEVER been approached by a man holding his dick out or holding a gun to my face.....that's what this is about to me.....disturbing......unsettling.......uncomfortable......that's why I posed the question......I wanted to know how others would receive that....

Feb 26 @ 6:36PM  
Would I have been disturbed by it? Considering the comments on this particular person's essays and if I'd had no other contact with him...yea, I guess it would have made think twice about responding to him.
Would I have written a blog about it? No. In regards to the other comments here...why delete, block or report him? What's he done?
Luv...I'm not trying to belittle your feelings. If you felt disturbed by this, so be it. But the other comments to this blog sound almost like a mob going on a witch hunt. Delete him, block him, report him!! If he was harassing or threatening in anyway, I could understand...but he was pointing at a paper target. I've done that and have the pictures to prove it! And with an M-16 no less!

Feb 26 @ 6:38PM  
I think its hot in some pictures.. But I already know I'm twisted.

Feb 26 @ 6:46PM  
Let me also be clear about this.....this is NOT about starting a witch if anyone dare jump on that bandwagon we will have some real issues here.....this is about the fact that the nature of the picture was disturbing and the comment below it says: GOTCHA! a woman.....I would rather be approached with a warm friendly smile and a polite hello rather than by some strange man with a gun in his hand. It gave me a bad feeling and I am all about gut felt disturbing and I wanted to know others thoughts on it. I welcome the feedback. I can hadle it. I'm not some weak broad who is gonna cry and whine if someone says something I don't like. However....I stand by my words...thanks Sunny, I do appreciate your perspective....

Feb 26 @ 6:50PM  
I can understand people will react different ways to the same pic. I actually sure his blog before I saw this one. My reaction was that he was very into guns.
Not necessarily a bad thing. My step dad and several sons are very into guns belonging to a pistol club. I just assumed this guy was into that sort of thing as a hobby too and putting it out there on his profile.
I would be fairly surprised if a who was likely to go round shooting people etc would actually advertise it first.
As I have said though many times on here each of us react to things differently and no one can judge you for your thoughts but I do feel that maybe this guy could be feeling a litttle harrassed by now due to everyones thoughts and reactions being made so very public when in his own mind it was just a harmless picture expressing one of his interests.

Feb 26 @ 7:34PM  
well i couldent see who or what if anything ... he was pointing the gun at ........or if the gun was even real... or just a water gun........but his profile.......didnt match the all.........personally i thought that picture made him look foolish and he should have just either just not posted one .........or posted a normal one or ........hell even a dick pic would have been better that ..........

Feb 26 @ 8:08PM  
Gee Skyblue, just wondering why your response here is completely different then your response on his blog. Your pic.......your profile...........that makes it your choice. A little different then your reply here.


Feb 26 @ 8:08PM  
Penis, Gun....same thing...personally Im attracted to both!!!

Feb 26 @ 8:20PM  
inwoodnow, don't you think your situation is just a little bit different???

Feb 26 @ 8:23PM  
you say your not making any judgements, well why tell all not to post on his blog then>?

Feb 26 @ 8:37PM  
As hard as I have tried.....I've never killed anyone with my cock.

Feb 26 @ 8:38PM  
Your point being!!

Feb 26 @ 8:39PM  
I do NOT find it disturbing even if the picture came from a lady. If you want to throw in "dick pics" are disturbing how about some of the nude lady shots on here. Disturbing is an understatement on some of the nude women profile pics on here. To top that off how about ten guys commenting how good looking they are. I appreciate the laugh because it has to be a joke, right.

Feb 26 @ 9:09PM  
yeah a little odd, personally I wouldn't find it appealing.

Feb 26 @ 9:14PM  
That is almost disturbing as seeing a woman with braces perform oral ses on a man.

Feb 26 @ 9:40PM  
I say run like hell.....

Feb 26 @ 9:54PM  
I don't care if a woman has a rocket launcher pointed at my face,

as long as she has some good nude photos!!

Feb 26 @ 9:58PM  
mine r so good they won't ground me!!!

Feb 26 @ 10:30PM  
depends, is the gun he's holding a BB gun and is the other person look like they're enjoying themselves also? I'd have to see the pic to make a final determination.

Feb 26 @ 10:47PM  
I don't think that i would want to see a woman, pointing a gun at someone as their profile pic. I would think that the woman was a little off.
I would say, stay away from that guy.

Feb 26 @ 11:15PM  
Yeah, generally you want to actually MEET the person before you make them think you're violently crazy, kinda defeats the purpose to start off that way.

Feb 27 @ 12:05AM  
Sport shooting is fun, troll shoot encouraged, pic looks like a living room? Home defense? The guy in the hockey goalie mask, holding a chain saw was worse, if it bothers you ignore the guy, but I didn't find it upsetting, or disturbing....
not like this pic

Feb 27 @ 12:11AM  

Fuck is that funny!!!!!

Feb 27 @ 12:16AM  
I am actually more disturbed by YOUR blog than I am his pic!

Ok, so you are "disturbed"... Here's the reality... there are several other members here on AMD with guns in their pics. You aren't trashing the REST of the folks with guns in their pics... simply the one that chose to email you. Why aren't you trashing anyone else with a gun pic?

Do you know, understand and comprehend what is necessary in order to obtain a CCW permit to start with? It doesn't matter if he lives in a "shall issue" state or not; he still MUST have a criminal background check (and believe me if there is ANYTHING there the permit WILL be denied) and a couple HUNDRED hours of classes before he can even apply for the permit to start with. That's simply what's necessary in a "shall issue" state. God forbid that he lives in a state where he has to justify having the permit in addition to taking classes (which by the way are NOT cheap) and paying for a criminal background check (which is also NOT cheap).

For those who are so foolish that they think that someone without a CCW permit would post a pic of themselves with a gun... GET REAL.

As for what he was "aiming" at... given that it's an indoor pic... and since it's obviously somewhere with a whole lot of ammunition... He's aiming at an inanimate object called a "bull's eye" and they are part of something called a "target". Nobody keeps that amount of ammunition (which is what is/was in the boxes behind him by the way) out where just anyone can get ahold of it unless they are on a firing range.

Feb 27 @ 12:48AM  
I don't agree with a persons right to carry guns but that is because we don't have a gun culture in the UK. I am not saying any more than that though.

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