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Getting together for the first time, First Date or Sex?

posted 2/24/2007 12:03:47 AM |
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tagged: sex, date, straddle

*WARNING...This blog may contain very sexual content, and if you are easily offended and who loves to bitch and whine, please pass this blog up as you may be easily offended.*

Kim and I have been talking about this topic this week, about our meeting for the first time and what we plan on doing. Even though I blog a lot of sexual kinky things on here and have raised many eyebrows (especially of late) I still am an old fashion kind of guy. You can get some insight of what a person is like to some degree, but until you know that person in their everyday life in person, then you really don't know. There are some things I would love to try that I blogged about that I haven't tried. I may be a freak, but I'm an innocent freak if any. I'm still waiting to see if Kim can corrupt me in such a way that she talks about doing.

Here's the thing. I'm old fashion enough to want a first date with her before we do anything together. I have never even slept with a person on a first date before. She wants to skip the first date and go right for the oral sex and sex. We have debated this with each other, and I think it's cute she wants to move fast with it, and I am very flattered. But still I want to take her out on a first date. What should I do? Guys, would you want a first date , or would you want the sex right off after you meet in person for the first time? Ladies, what do you all think I should do, give in, or should she go out with me first on a date? I would love to know where you all stand on this and what we should do first.

Kim, I love ya baby!

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Feb 24 @ 12:09AM  
you guys will end up doing whatever feels right, and thats how it should be, go with the flow, most things come naturally!! Happy for you both anyways!!!

Feb 24 @ 12:12AM  
hey straddle first congrats that ya'll are meeting..............sorry to say that pal but women win so if I were you I would go with what she says and for me there has not been a girl who had made it past the second date and not slept with me

Feb 24 @ 12:13AM  
I agree...whatever feels right! don't need to ask me!

Feb 24 @ 12:25AM  
I'd say go on a first date since you're getting into a serious relationship. But, I think Kim will win out. You might as well get used to giving in, Straddle.

Feb 24 @ 12:48AM  
Take her to dinner then to bed. Make sure you put plenty of stuffed animals between you. " ha,ha,ha "

Feb 24 @ 12:50AM  
Ya think!

Feb 24 @ 12:52AM  
well, i am just dum, but.....
you meet, say, have lunch...nice talk and everything is all apropriate...
you drop her off (or visa versa)....give each a a chance to freshen...
go to dinner...VOILA! its the second date!!!!

Feb 24 @ 1:38AM  
I believe a getting to know one another (Physically) period, is not only prudent ... but the incite you both gain of the other can only serve to make the sexy better. All those subtle lil bits and peaces serve to key you when in the heat of passion ... and Id give it 2/3 dates myself.

Good luck and Godspeed

Master Gry

Feb 24 @ 2:14AM  
Really Man, I say get your freaky thang on. Even if your relationship is more than sex, you only have this one chance at experiencing the thrill of the moment. Contrary to popular beliefs, raw, uninhibited sex does not end the chances of developing a lasting relationship. Just give her and yourself the credit your deserve for having good personalities and being able to separate the primal urge to have uninhited sex and feelings of love. I am sure you know that sex can be both a gift of Love and just a fun activity. Dammit, like the Nike commercial say's, " JUST DO IT! ". I'm sure everything will be great. Now, back to my smoke

Feb 24 @ 2:53AM  
Awww...just be kind to one another and have fun...I wish the very best to both of you

Feb 24 @ 4:31AM  
"The principles of lust, are easy to understand. Do what you feel, feel until the end. The principles of lust, are burned in your mind. Do what you want, do it until you"


Feb 24 @ 5:36AM  
I say go on the date and then have sex! You'll both be happy...Kim, think of the date as more foreplay. Remember, he's still a baby! Go easy on him!

Good plan on the blog should probably do that everytime (though this one was of your least offensive blogs).

Feb 24 @ 8:12AM  
Strad start out on a great date, nice dinner and just let things go where they will, I'm sure Kim will still respect you in the morning, and you kind of have to consider all these phone calls and getting to know each other as dates.

Feb 24 @ 8:29AM  
All I have to say about this is I hope you can "handle" her, because I think you have met your match.

Feb 24 @ 8:40AM  
Yeah, Larry, that's what I have been hearing as of late on here. We'll see!

Feb 24 @ 9:15AM  
I'm "old fashioned" as well! I have experienced both ways probably like most people here regarding sex on a first date or not, as well. However, I prefer going on a first date with an open mind, with no expectations either way. That way, with no sex on a first date, I'm not disappointed- sex on the first date, I'm certainly not disappointed!

I would just go and enjoy yourselves just being together for the first time and let nature take it's course. Forget "society's" expectations of what should or should not be proper!! This is between you and Kim and no one else and don't worry about how it should or should not go!

You go man- and enjoy her for the person she is!

But... being old fashioned, treat her with respect and as a woman should be treated- as a woman. You'll get back what you give!

I'm very happy for both of you that you're finally getting together. I wish you both a long prosperous loving relationship!

I myself am looking forward to meeting a lady I've been chatting with too in a few weeks and it is really exciting as I know it is with you two.

Feb 24 @ 11:16AM  
hey straddle,go have the sex right away to get all of the sexual tension and energy out of the way.then you two can fully relax and enjoy just being with each other.

Feb 24 @ 12:11PM  
My opinion straddle? Go on the date and roll with the punches..
Happy and I got back together after a few weeks of seperation, and about 18 months of a termoil relationship. It was a DATE, and nothing was expected. If it had happened GREAT, if not, Great, it was time together..
Go with the flow brother

Feb 24 @ 3:52PM  
I'm probably not someone you wan an opinion from but... this isn't like meeting someone from across town for the first time. This is meeting someone from across the country who is moving to be with you. Compared to the :"normal" first meeting the risk factors here are immense. There is no instruction manual, but I think that in this case jumping right into bed may be a little hasty since the stresses involved may lead to ... well... a lack of performance on either side (it's NOT just a "man thing"). At least take the time for dinner to talk a little. Nobody said the dinner has to drag out for hours and hours. You nay get a whole meal in within 15 minutes!

Besides, if you decide to really go at it, you'll need the nourishment.

Feb 24 @ 3:58PM  
You're right, RF...I'm not too fond of you right now. But you're welcome to comment if you want here on my blog.

Feb 24 @ 6:45PM  
Ok I am trying to get him to go for a compromise. Blow job first then a date then sex... I am with TLC we talk to each other for hours a day I think we have moved past the normal first date point by now...Love ya babe but I will get my way

Feb 24 @ 11:59PM  
Well some may agree or disagree with me, but in past relationships I took 1 month to get to know the woman and go on dates, kissing on the 2nd date and going all the way in sex 1 month after, then 2 months later living together, and 5 years later getting married and 4 years later getting divorced LMAO!
I'm an old country boy from the hills of KY and I guess I got that old fashioned teaching in me from my gramps that I'm 37 and set in my way's. I'm just a traditionalist kind of guy. But I wont lie, I have had my share of going to the bar picking up a woman, being drunk as hell and having a 1 night stand, not a perfect angel. But I prefer being traditional.But being a human being don't mean we aren't an animal and we have primal desires like all animals, just because we are higher up on the chain and are thinking creatures, we still have to give way to the primal instincts in all human nature sometimes and sometimes "The wicked itch" is there for us all! hehe! Crow.

Feb 25 @ 1:56AM  
I would say it depends on who's turf you are meeting on.....

Go for the first date have a great time the let her continue it with that hot an heavy sex that she wants... besides by having the date to start things off you can be a total "Clit Tease" and let her anticipation and hornyness build untill she can't stand it any more. Then let her attack you burt make sure you do let her straddle your nose and give her some good "Smokin" Oral and when she comes in one intense wave after another and you feel your own explosions ripping through your psyche, the two of you will have un unforgettable time together.

Just enjoy her company and do what works!

Feb 27 @ 3:31AM  
why not kill two birds with one stone. Find a nice hotel with a good restauraunt and rent a room for the night. Catch dinner in the restaurant and head upstairs for a wild stuffed animal filled night. Also buy a nice new stuffed animal to put on the bed so you can see her go wild with it

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Getting together for the first time, First Date or Sex?