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posted 2/21/2007 5:19:47 AM |
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Okay it’s all fun to read and hey if I had a life I wouldn’t be here all the time. So why not add my 2 cents. All this stuff about good vs. bad and what to say to get someones attention. The never ending asking why there not getting any and the ever so famous “fuck me” emails and nude pics or not. What does this all add up to. Its simple you all just need to go out and get laid. I hate the phrase but I am going to say it “this is a sex site” so why cant everyone just get along, have sex and be happy.

Good guy – Bad boy: Does it really matter as long as there is a decent functioning dick attached to him.

What should you say in a email: That’s simple keep trying till something works and it will work eventually. Just be yourself

Why cant I get any on this site: Cause your whinning in a publicly read area and no one likes a whiner.

Cock shots or not: Who cares even though most wont admit to it WE DO LOOK AT THEM just have a face shot as well. Plus half of us (self included) have all our parts out there as well.

Older or Younger: Its just a number, they both have good and bad points so go with what ever gets ya off.

False Advertising: If it sounds to good to be true….figure it out and used that good ol block/delete

Online Dating: I still love it but remember it’s ONLINE not real life till you get off line to interact. What people type cause there assholes still cant affect your real life if you don’t let it.

Mr or Mrs Right: There is a different person for every type out there. Sometimes its just a little hard to find. Problem is no one is perfect and till everyone learns to work at it and comprimise it will never work out. Anything worth having in life takes effort it wont just fall into your arms.

Relationships: Don’t worry about it. Don’t make it the end all be all of your life. Just have fun life is to short to worry about hooking up with the next ex wife or husband. When its time it will happen.

Sex: a private pleasureable act between two (or more) consenting adults. As long as everyone is ok with it then its not as big a deal everyone makes it out to be. Everyone wants to or is doing it. The whole world needs to lighten up have more sex,people would be so much happier and easier to put up with.

Love: The person you are willing to put all that effort and work into. Only when you do it doesn’t seem like work it just comes naturally and everything falls into place. I love him and I will move across the country for him without even a second thought. Once again life is to short to not live it to the fullest and be willing to take a little risk to get a large reward.

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Feb 21 @ 5:25AM  
I think that sums it up quite nicely

Feb 21 @ 5:25AM  

Feb 21 @ 5:42AM  
Very nicely done!

Feb 21 @ 5:47AM  
That was a fun and interesting read. I'm giving you

one of these ridiculous kudo thingees.

Feb 21 @ 5:49AM  
Lots of good common sense...thanks for the blog

Feb 21 @ 5:50AM  
Belair, where's that kudo you promised her? lol

Feb 21 @ 6:06AM  
Shawn,I'm stealing everyones kudos so that I can use them to get laid.

Feb 21 @ 6:09AM  
Yes Larry, you need all the help that you can get!

Feb 21 @ 6:12AM  
Larry leave my Kudos alone they wont help ya anyway
Shawn give him yours you dont need them anymore

Feb 21 @ 6:17AM  
Very nicely put.... you are absolutely right.... we are all at a sex site for one reason

Feb 21 @ 6:35AM  

However, you did forget one thing...and that's the blogs that bitch about the other blogs. Someone posts a blog that is whining, or bitching, or complaining about this or that...mostly about how the site doesn't work, or there are fake profiles, or the women don't respond to their stupid "wanna fuck?!" emails...and then someone else makes a blog bitching about that blog.

Don't get me wrong...I too hate, and am sick and tired of all the same blogs you read day after day that is whining, bitching, or complaining about this or that.

But good gawd...isn't it much easier to simply ignore them, don't comment on them and to move on...than it is to write a blog bitching about another blog?

About the only thing it really accomplishes is...all the really good and worthwhile blogs are being buried by blogs that these losers who are always whining, bitching, or complaining about something...don't read them I ask...what's the point?

OK, I'll shut up now and go sit over there---------->

Feb 21 @ 6:41AM  
And I'll go sit right here... l


Feb 21 @ 6:46AM  
Good guy – Bad boy: Does it really matter as long as there is a decent functioning dick attached to him.

I really like this one!!! I married a DICK, not a person. I divorced the DICK and now I'm looking for a Person with a Dick!

Great Blog!!

Feb 21 @ 7:04AM  
Hmmm....Now why can't we have an emoticon with a mullet.


Feb 21 @ 7:15AM  
Very well stated, Ksk.

And Strad? Are you gonna sit still for the model for that mullet?

Feb 21 @ 7:21AM  
Hey now, I don't have a mullet.

Well, it's a feathered mullet if anything.

Feb 21 @ 7:36AM  
I have to agree with everyone else - a good blog that pretty much sums up everything. However, I have to stand up and say (again) that this is a sex site...this IS NOT a sex site. That has also been said over and over again. It is an "adult dating and swinger community".

Feb 21 @ 7:52AM  
Shawn? That IS a mullet... sorry, LOL

Sxze? It's an adult dating and swinger community, and lately it's an "announce you've fallen in love with another member community" as well!!

Feb 21 @ 8:50AM  
very good.....

i guess mostly that 'they' make the error of thinking adult site means sluts........not realizing that adult site means you must ACT like an ADULT

Feb 21 @ 9:05AM  
ksk, you hit the nail on the head. touch 'em all. cave, whining about whining= WHINING! sex site/ adult site- just words. it is what it is.

Feb 21 @ 9:28AM  
The best common sense Blog of the year

Feb 21 @ 9:31AM  
The whole world needs to lighten up have more sex,people would be so much happier and easier to put up with.

Quite possibly the best website banner or bumper sticker :)

Feb 21 @ 9:58AM  
A very well written and much needed blog KSK.

Life is about the journey not the destination. I would indeed be a much more pleasant world if we would all just relax and ejoy what comes our way.

Feb 21 @ 10:49AM  

Feb 21 @ 10:55AM  
Very nice blog. Heres a worthless ....your way..

Feb 21 @ 12:14PM  
Great blog!

Quite possibly the best website banner or bumper sticker

We could change the "SHIT HAPPENS" bumper sticker to the "SEX HAPPENS" bumper sticker!

Feb 21 @ 4:29PM  
awesome awesome awesome

Feb 21 @ 5:51PM  
Great job you said it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 21 @ 8:03PM  
yes yes and one more yes......

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