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Any suggestions?

posted 2/20/2007 7:32:07 PM |
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I have tried to quit smoking 5 times. I've used the patch,gum,and lozenges and still no dice. I have been thinking about getting the laser treatment's,but don't want to waste $400. What can I do?

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Any suggestions?


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Feb 20 @ 7:40PM  
I've heard the laser treatments or hypnosis work better than anything else!

Nothing beats shear old fashioned will power though. Sure wish I had some

Feb 20 @ 7:40PM  
Go to here and look around it helped me alot 5 years ago. To quit you have to have things set in your mind. See yourself not smoking, i had to visualize waking up without a cig. drinking a beer without a smoke and so forth. Then i found a picture of a man that died from smoking. They took the picture while he was on his death bed right before he passed away. Nothing but skin and bones. Every time i wanted a smoke i pulled out his picture and seen a reason not to pick up a smoke and i read all the reasons i wrote down for my reasons to quit. I hope this helps. Good luck to you.

Feb 20 @ 7:47PM  
I no this sounds disturbing, but it works. Either smoke till you puke or eat your cigarettes till you get sick. Then everytime you think about a cigarette you'll remember that feeling. Worked for me, make sure you don't have anything to do that day if you try it lol.

Feb 20 @ 7:50PM  
Can I dip the cigs in Cool Whip before I eat them? lol

Feb 20 @ 7:56PM  
March 18th will be one year for me after 22 years of 2+packs a day COLD TURKEY
Worked for me, thousands of people all quiitting at the same time, leaning on each other, learning from each other.. Moral support
Give me your maill addy and I will send you a few posts that really hit home that helped me along..

Feb 20 @ 8:09PM  
I've heard SMOKE AWAY works. 2 people I work with used it and haven't smoked since. I tried it a couple of years ago and was doing great, then my Mom went in the hospital and that was my excuse to start smoking again. I still don't smoke as much as I did before using it. I keep thinking I will buy it again and stick with it no matter what.

Feb 20 @ 8:13PM  
I agree with tmarkert, I used a support group and am happy to say it has been 2 yrs, and one of the best decisions I have ever made! Good luck!!

Feb 20 @ 8:31PM  
I don't smoke but I've seen that they are up to like $5.00 a pack here! That's a lot of $ to me. I imagine eating them like someone previously suggested would be pretty nasty. How about licking an ashtray? I wish you luck. I know it's hard. Maybe you should try the treatments.

Feb 20 @ 8:44PM  
That's pretty much what happened to me,I quit for 6 month's,then went through Katrina and started smoking again,at the time I had quit cold turkey,and let me tell you,I was a big bitch,lol.

Feb 20 @ 8:45PM  
hypnosis worked for me...over 13 years an never a puff....

Feb 20 @ 9:00PM  
Acupuncture works for some as have all the others mentioned. Each has it strong points and weak points. The main thing is the will power within a person and a desire to be successful

Feb 20 @ 9:33PM  
Bottom Line - - - You Have To Want To QUIT!!! Really want too!!

Feb 20 @ 9:40PM  
I don't smoke myself.
But I have a girl friend, she and her husband both wanted to quit at the same time.
They had tried different things but non had worked.
Then they signed up and went for hypnosis treatments, I think it was expensive, but it worked for them.
Neither one have gone back to smoking and it's been 8 or 9 years ago.

Feb 20 @ 9:48PM  
good blog, i was curious about quitting too, im not a heavy smoker, but still a little is too much.... and at $9.35 Canadian funds a pack, it sure is an expensive habit! thanks everyone for the info!!

Feb 20 @ 10:51PM  
Either continually eat a teaspoon of peanut butter or you can continually use toothpaste. They say it works

Feb 20 @ 11:24PM  
Google the "Mad Russian." $50 lifetime fee. You have to go to Boston. My wife's aunt as well as several staff in her office all went, and they all returned inexplicably uninterested in smoking any longer. Bizarre. No guarantees, and you'll probably read accounts of people who were unsuccessful, but you really have nothing to lose. Good luck!

Feb 21 @ 12:24AM  
WILLPOWER GURL WILLPOWER. I had quit for 6 straight years but its a different story that i picked up back after that.

Feb 21 @ 1:07PM  
It's an addiction... Check in somewhere and 'dry out' But coming down off it has been described as like coming down off heroin...

Not a pleasant experience at all, but worth it in my opinion... FREE YOURSELF!

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Any suggestions?