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What side of the bed would you take? =)

posted 2/20/2007 7:14:24 PM |
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tagged: married, couples, sleep, straddle

Reading Sunshinegals35 blog a few minutes ago she gave me an idea after I read about him on her side of the bed in the blog. Kim and I have talked a lot about her bed, and she has a favorite side that she sleeps on every night. I told her that I would like sleeping on the right side (at the end of the bed and staring at it) of the bed. I even asked her about how she hangs the toilet paper on the roll, over or under. Thankfully she said over. That's how I like it too.

Everyone, let's say your at the end of the bed and staring at it. What side would you take and why?

Also, how should the toilet paper be hung on the roll, over or under?

Btw, I mentioned to her that I would also like sleeping at the end of her bed close to her feet near my face so she could play with my face with them. Mmmm....

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Feb 20 @ 7:25PM  
I sleep on the right side, close to the lamp. And over on the tp

Feb 20 @ 7:27PM  
Yes Dear the TP goes over and you can have any spot on my bed you want. Preferably under me

Feb 20 @ 7:27PM  
I like the left side of the bed,that way when the alarm goes off I can stare at those annoying red numbers just blinking away. And toilet paper hung hanging over is the best way to go,easier to tear off that way.

Feb 20 @ 7:30PM  
LEFT ONLY ....not even sure i can negotiate it lol...oh goes over

Feb 20 @ 7:31PM  
Well being that I sleep alone and my bed usually is pushed with a side against one wall or the other, I sleep on the side so that I face the doorway, but never had much of a preference to Lt or Rt.

Always roll over, and will often change it when found going under in public restrooms

Feb 20 @ 7:33PM  
Since I sleep alone, I sleep in the Middle of my queen sized bed, but roll to the right where the clock is. As for the toilet paper, it's always OVER, never under. I already have my 7 yr old trained on that!

Feb 20 @ 7:43PM  
I sleep all over the bed, different side or in the middle, doesn't really matter to me, but when I am not sleeping alone, I prefer to be on the left.

I like the TP under, and will also flip it, but only in my own bathroom. Not usually an issue as I live with 2 men, so I'm the only one CAPABLE of changing a roll in this house *rolls eyes*

Feb 20 @ 7:53PM  
Straddle, you ALMOST shocked me there
ALMOST an entire blog without perversion! I thought you might be ill or something Left and OVER

Feb 20 @ 8:05PM  
Right side and over...and yes...I'll change it too! I probably made my cousin flip out today, I turned the tp over in her powder room while I was there today!

Feb 20 @ 8:05PM  
I am not picky as to a side, as much as near the door. I do not know why but I have a need to be able to get the hell out quickest. And the TP is over!!

Feb 20 @ 8:13PM  
I have a king size bed and I prefer to be in the middle, however, I do have to say that I'm on the right side of the bed most of the time because it's easier for me to get up and get ready for work on that side, and the TP has to be over not under, it makes me nutz when my kids put it on wrong lol

Feb 20 @ 8:44PM  
Can't answer about the bed question right now, since my entire bed is mine!

But from an technical observation point of view of TP over the years, it should go over the top! Here's how I got there: Over the years I've noticed that TP has a tendency to unroll itself into a large pile on the floor! I've seen this happen several times in the past.

But it won't do that while you're there- OH NOoooooo... it'll wait until you're somewhere else in the house and THEN begin to unroll itself! Then when you roll it back up by hand, it looks like a suit thats been slept in for a week!

Just my experience!

Feb 20 @ 8:48PM  
I should have said it seems to unroll when its under-

Feb 20 @ 8:52PM  
Right side when my wife is home. All over when she's working.........I like finding the cool spots. Toilet paper always over. It's hard to find the end when it's under.

I can see Straddle morphing into normality already.

Feb 20 @ 9:05PM  
not picky about the side of the bed i'm on, but the toilet paper has got to be put on over, under drives me nuts- it's just not right!

Feb 20 @ 9:14PM  
The right side of the bed, simply because thats where i can sleep if i can sleep.

TP under with the end on the top of the roll. yes i'm picky too, but hey its my bathroom.

Feb 20 @ 10:21PM  
As always, another good one from this guy they call somethingmynose! The side that I would choose would be the closest to the heat/cool source depending on the season, I like it blowing me. LOL I am really picky on this in Hotel Rooms. I also factor in where the TV, alarm clock, bathroom, and light source are located in relationship to the right or left side. Sometimes I have to compromise with the middle when traveling but at home the right side will work.

As far as the TP, that has to be over.It is easier to ball up that way. It also tears better and you can find the end.

Feb 20 @ 10:21PM  
Left side of the bed, if I'm sharing.
TP, under.
One thing for sure, Straddle, your blogs are never boring..... :-)

Feb 20 @ 10:25PM  
Right side....toilet paper over.

Feb 20 @ 11:03PM  
Side of bed:
The one that would fuck with her the most. She is gonna fuck with me if I start snoring anyway. This way I can at least make sure that the conversation about tennis-balls sown onto back of t-shirts gets shortened to an hour due to exhaustion. Hers.

Toilet roll? Feet? DUDE!!


Feb 20 @ 11:42PM  
Middle since i live alone, when with my honey, whatever side is open. I am not picky about that. I prefer to sleep on my left side, so sometimes I turn away from him. And the TP must be over, or I will change it... I am anal about that.

Feb 21 @ 12:10AM  
I sleep on the right 'cause it's closer to the bathroom where I hang the TP over. Plus I get up at 4am to get ready for work and it just makes it nicer for the wife who sleeps another 30 minutes while I shower and shave.

Feb 21 @ 12:24AM  
I don't care which side of the bed. Hell I will even sleep on the floor just so long as I get to SLEEP!

As for the TP... in MY house it's done MY way... and that means OVER. Of course if the cat wants to play with the TP I'm not gonna argue with her no matter which way it's hanging on the roll.

Feb 21 @ 12:27AM  
If you are facing the bed from the front then it is called the left side,if you are facing away the opposite side from the bed where the legs are supposed to be then its the right side. And if you are standing on the sides of the bed its always BEHIND the BACK

Feb 21 @ 3:48AM  
i have a teenager at home... if the TP makes it ON the roller i don't care which way it goes.. but for my private bath.. OVER .. has to be over... and what side...? whatever one my kitty is not on.. she makes the rules on where i get to sleep..

Feb 21 @ 9:33AM  
I sleep in the middle of my bed!! If I'm lucky to have company whatever is available is where i'l sleep preferably under him!!
TP must be OVER!! like others I am anal about the TP but hell I live alone its always right!

Feb 21 @ 12:22PM  
Left side of the bed. TP goes over! But could be open for negotiation. LOL

Feb 21 @ 12:46PM  
I don't use TP...

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What side of the bed would you take? =)