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Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

posted 2/20/2007 12:28:28 PM |
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tagged: sex, sleep

I think I now know what this expression means- LITERALLY!
As yesterday was President's Day, I celebrated by inviting some company over in the afternoon. We were having so much fun that I didn't want him to go, and he indicated he was in no mood to go, either. So it was decided that he would stay the night.
I had a few things I needed to take care of, so I left him in bed while I tended to these chores. About an hour later, I go back into my bedroom and notice that my lover has taken over the side of the bed that I usually sleep on! (Hear the Masterpiece Theater music playing in the background?!?)
Being the gracious hostess that I am, I didn't make a big deal of it. I just joined him in bed, on the side that I never sleep on. And let me tell you what- I haven't been right since!
I'm used to being able to roll over and see the time. Couldn't do that- body in the way. Used to being able to put my drink on the nightstand- couldn't do that, no nightstand on my side. I don't think I slept a wink the entire night! And folks, I'm not saying I didn't sleep because we screwed all night long! If only! I didn't sleep because- yeah I was on the wrong side of the bed!
Who knew that such a small change in one's normal routine could mess one up so badly?
It's okay, because the sex was fabulous and the companion was fine!
Next visit, though, I'm reclaiming my side of the bed!
Don't know what I'll do if he tells that is the same side of the bed he sleeps on!

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Feb 20 @ 12:32PM  
you make have to pile up!

Feb 20 @ 12:40PM  
If you freak out from being on a different side of your own bed, then are you absolutely paranoid about sleeping in other people's beds?

I don't like sleeping in other people's beds because mine is set for me, is comfortable for me, and is familiar to me. However, I am willing enough to break that to stay with a partner.

However, if he becomes a more permanant thing, then yes, you need to declare your side.

Feb 20 @ 12:40PM  
hahaha...has old age set in?

Feb 20 @ 12:41PM  
i've been sleepin on same side of the bed for soooo long..and yeah its not open to negotiaion

Feb 20 @ 1:02PM  
Been there and done that. Did it for over 5 years with the ex and I haven't been the same since..

Feb 20 @ 1:02PM  
I know I shouldn't be chuckling but.. sorry sunshine.. that's funny.

Feb 20 @ 1:31PM  
I've been in the same boat Sunshine! It's like you're in another world or something... Hated it! Wound up taking a shot of NyQuil to get to sleep lol!

Feb 20 @ 2:36PM  
I can so relate! With me, it's not so much the side of the bed but having the things I am used to within reach (lip balm, clock, lamp, back scratcher, lotion, tissue, etc.). Glad it wasn't all for naught though!

Feb 20 @ 2:47PM  
This is a good problem to have. I do that to my GF all the time. She calls me the bed hog as soon as i get there in bed.

Feb 20 @ 2:59PM  
....Funny how something like that can throw you off....But it can....

Feb 20 @ 3:30PM  
I know exactly what you mean. I had spent 21 years sleeping on the right side of the bed. It was comfortable and my body was used to sleeping that way.
When Ed and I got together he had the right side of the bed. It was what he was used to.
I didnt make a fuss about it after all I moved into his house and his bed but it took me several weeks to retrain myself to sleep on the left side.
The good news is now I am ambidextrious I can sleep on either side happily. Who knew I could learn a new talent so late in life.

Feb 20 @ 3:42PM  
Change the bed around so you can still see the nightstand or buy bunk beds!
Seriously though you will work it out.

Feb 20 @ 4:03PM  
I can relate to that lol but i did adjust

Feb 20 @ 5:42PM  
I don't quite get that... I've known other people with the same difficulties... lol

I can sleep anywhere at any time... on a bed, on the ground, in a bathtub, etc. I guess I just screwed my internal clock up so much that I can go for a couple days without sleep and be fine or sleep at whatever time of the day. And i've changed beds so often I don't think i'm adapted to a permanent sleep area... I had a crib from 0-2, a child bed from 2-4, a single from 4-6, a double from 6-12, I slept on the floor for a year after that... then I had a bunk bed (which was all mine) for another 3 years... and i've had a king size bed for the last 5.

So basically i'm saying... closest I can identify with that situation is having a lover that was like that.. and cause she couldn't sleep she kept nudging me every half hour asking me if I could sleep... grrr

Feb 20 @ 6:42PM  
I have always found the bed sides thing funny. Its never bothered me what side I sleep on and if no one is there I take the middle anyway.

Feb 20 @ 7:00PM gave me an idea for a blog. lol

Feb 20 @ 7:21PM  
just decide who is on top, that way you both can be on the same side of the bed.

Feb 20 @ 10:54PM  
Should have moved the nightstand and clock before you got in bed.

As you make your bed you lay in it.....

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Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed