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Brittany Spears is Bald!

posted 2/17/2007 7:45:46 PM |
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tagged: stars, straddle, news

I just heard a bit ago on Fox news that Brittany Spears shaved her head today. Not sure why she decided to do that, because I know there would be no way in hell I would ever shave my head. lol Some people are actually saying that after she shaved her head she must be reaching out for help. She was seen afterwards at a tattoo shop. I know other women celebrites such as Demi Moore and Joan Jett at one time had decided to shave their heads, but why did Brittany decide to? Any opinions out there on this?

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Brittany Spears is Bald!
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Feb 17 @ 7:51PM  
seen the aint pretty......

Feb 17 @ 7:52PM  
For the attention!! What else? She is a major attention whore, always has been! And she IS a has been!

Feb 17 @ 7:53PM  
Sounds like she's becoming more and more unhinged to me! But what do I know, I'm a male and don't have her money or looks! Almost as sexy tho-

Wonder if she's shaved at both ends now??

Feb 17 @ 7:56PM  
Mmmm...Very good question skin. I wonder if she is shaved down below. lol

Feb 17 @ 8:03PM  
You need to stop watching so much news She is a slut who cares what she does.

Feb 17 @ 8:03PM  
She shaves both ends, you guys must have missed the pictures from 6 weeks or so ago. She was going Comando and got caught getting out of a sports car in a short skirt!

Feb 17 @ 8:05PM  
I think she's prepping for some sort of

boot camp drug rehab!!

Feb 17 @ 8:19PM  
Why did she do it?

1: Look sexy as HELL on her!
2: Bald is beautiful! (see my other pictures)
3: She can pull it off due to a femine featured face!
4: Why should everyone be the same?
5: Because it's the in thing, guys started getting big on it last year, maybe tthe next few years will be women..

If they have feminin features, they dont look bad at all!
Personally, I would love to rub my scalp on hers while shes riding me!

Feb 17 @ 8:23PM  

you guys must have missed the pictures from 6 weeks or so ago.

was just kidding in my last comment! Of course I saw her on the news- over and over and over... for days! You can bet I kept wishing I was one of the photographers, snapping pics of her, as she swung her legs around wide enough for a nice peek! Lucky stiffs... literally!

Feb 17 @ 8:26PM  
i my self feel bad for her.. she is reaching out and no one hears her..
you know money does not buy every thing.. love comes from within and can not be bought.. and i think she is reaching out for true love and is lonely...

Feb 17 @ 8:28PM  
who has not done somthing stupid in there life and wish they could change that moment..
i know i have...

Feb 17 @ 8:28PM  
Well at least the drapes match the curtains... er... yeah... or lack there of. LMFAO!!!

Feb 17 @ 9:25PM  
...yeah, I think all the coke, booze and pills has finally gotten to her

Feb 17 @ 9:44PM  
After reading the story and her antics while getting a tatoo, it's obvious she has gone bat-shit crazy! She's going to end up being like Courtney Love!

Feb 17 @ 11:17PM  
NAWWWW! She cut that hair to wear them mouse ears like she did in the Mickey mouse club LMAO!!!!!!!!! Man! Thats some fucked up stuff! Well Aliens Sigourney Weaver got away with it, and Demi Moore, but ya gotta figure thats effects for movies! All I'd like to do to her is like Benny Hill did to Jackie the old man! TAP,TAP,TAP! on her head LMAO! No wonder Fred Durst off Limp Bizkit broke up with her! The woman is a head case! hehe! COOO COOOO! COOOO COOO! LMAO!

Feb 17 @ 11:43PM  
yes she does seem to be easy and a bit wild and seems to be lost..
yes she is a girl with some problems that need major attention..
she needs to grow up .. she has 2 beautiful babys to look after and who needs there mom.. for no other reason she needs to grow up for them... and only them..
she a rick girl who could be the next... girl gone badly commercial..
but who has not screw up in life... who has not taken the wrong path in life..
brit... does need to get her self together for her babys.. not for any one else..
if someone likes you or not... if someone judge you or not.. it should not matter nothing should matters at all.. except bring up those kids the problem with this world is every one judges everyone...
lets just hope her head is on stright enough to look after her little ones... that is all that matters.. is her kids... dont you think...

Feb 18 @ 12:06AM  
ya i hear she gonna come out the closet monday .... by friday she gonna go for a sex change [ what sex don't know

Feb 18 @ 1:35AM  
Personally I think it is sad that anyone, including Brittney, has to go to such extremes to try and fill the void inside themselves.
Solid proof that money can't buy happiness.
I feel bad for her children.

Feb 18 @ 3:02PM  
She just wants to be purty like me!

Feb 20 @ 3:13AM  
you made the comment that you never would, i on the other hand actually would if there was a good reason behind it. If a close female friend of mine ended up with cancer, i'd definitely shave my head so they weren't the only bald person and didn't feel so much like a social out cast. i ever get cancer and have to go through chemo, the hair's coming off, and i'll charge people a quarter to write on my bald head with crayola markers hmm.... i think i just got an idea for an art project, ( don't worry, not shaving my head)

Feb 20 @ 4:53AM  
Raven, can I just say, you are awesome?

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Brittany Spears is Bald!