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Mostly a question for guys...

posted 2/17/2007 11:08:59 AM |
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but of course any opinion is welcome...

you go out...great time...even an overnighter...question you call him? e-mail him? ignore him....sometimes i wonder if men want a woman to be clear that she is interested, or perhaps they want to be the one to pursue her...guys...what do you like???? to chase or be chased???

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Feb 17 @ 11:17AM  
Bourbon with a beer chaser...

Feb 17 @ 11:19AM  
Never been chased, but have done a good bit of chasing. I usually contact them the next day either by email, im, or phone.

Feb 17 @ 11:22AM  
Hmmm, what's an overnighter from a date? I would feel great if she called me, but that has yet to happen. I would usually make the call a couple days later so she has time to sort out her feelings, especially if it was a first or second date.

Feb 17 @ 11:24AM  
so, if you dont contact them the next...thats a hint?

Feb 17 @ 11:25AM  
"hey I just called to ask if I left my (pack of gum, or whatever) there, on your night stand, by the way, I had a great time"
Leaves it open for him to agree or say, no, no gum here and hang up on you

And if he was at your place (hey is this your _________ )

Feb 17 @ 11:25AM  
There is nothing wrong with letting a man know that you are interested in him. If it works out great and if not then there will be another along to take his place. At least you know you gave it a shot and you let him know there is no mistake about it that you are interested in him. I say go for it, even if it is a simple e-mail saying i enjoyed our time together....

Feb 17 @ 11:28AM  
i think guys THINK they want to know a woman is interested, however, if she appears too, lets say, aggressive...they bolt...

Feb 17 @ 11:28AM  
Sometimes a little chasing is good---especially when you let them catch you-after chasing each other naked through the house............

Feb 17 @ 11:33AM  
I like a woman to let me know she is interested.

Feb 17 @ 11:48AM  
Give it a little while, then call or email to say hi and thanks for a good time.
The rest should flow from there.

Feb 17 @ 12:22PM  
There is nothing wrong with a woman contacting a man, but if the guy isn't interested she should know it by how the conversation goes. The "overnighter" sounds to me sounds like "I slept with him cause I want him to like me" .

Feb 17 @ 1:38PM  
It's nice when it becomes 50-50 on who is doing the chasing.

Feb 17 @ 2:34PM  
It's nice when a woman lets a man know what she's thinking and that she is interested. Open communication between both parties is great.

Feb 17 @ 2:47PM  
Oh yeah, it is awesome being chased. What I do is stay the night at their place. When I leave, I await word from them (usually via e-mail) that they had a great time and would like to see me again. If they don't, I assume they didn't have a good time and I move on.

By all means lillin, e-mail him back and let him know you had a great time. But keep it to one e-mail (you don't want to come off as desparate or "stalker-esque". Good luck and congrats.

Feb 17 @ 6:00PM  
<----------Too damn old to be chasing

Then again, I never was one to do much chasing...I've always let/had the women chase me...seems so much easier...

Feb 17 @ 6:34PM  
i think in a way it's a personal prefferance sometimes based on your own confidence and maybe his too.....i for one preffer the direct approach BUT i also ASSUME that if i spent the night there was a reason and we're going to see eachother again so i'd probably call myself.....but BEING called is nice too

Feb 17 @ 7:00PM  
you have to be an idiot not to chase, dude! women want you to go to them 100% of the way! all of the girls i've dated, i went to them! and then the fun began the same night, but if you go to them you need charm and ya need to know how to talk to them, ya want pointers come see me about it!

Feb 18 @ 1:56AM  
Lil, call him. Sounds like you you think he is worth getting to know more. If he feels the same he'll appreciate your call. If he doesn't feel the same, maybe you'll find out sooner than later, and that would be best for all (including the rest of us guys). Good luck.

Feb 18 @ 10:07AM  
It's at least worth a call, email, etc. It's kind of good to at least do it for you. Since it's been over 24 hrs. (I would say that's more than enough time), just make contact. There's two possible situations:

1. You beat him to the phone (he may be waiting for the right time too)
2. He wasn't interested, and you save yourself a week+ of pointless waiting

But after you make that contact, give him room and back off a little. Don't make a date for the next day. Give it another week, because when you're seeing each other day from day 1 in a relationship, things don't develop properly or you scare the man off

Feb 18 @ 8:08PM  
I say that if you want to contact him then do it. I know I like to know if a lady is interested. After all why should you have to wait if you're interested.

Jul 9 @ 4:35PM  
If she's not interested; She needs to be very upfront about it. She shouldn't have to go out of her way to make it clear if she's interested.

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Mostly a question for guys...