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morning breath....

posted 2/17/2007 8:56:25 AM |
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so..the guy sleeps over, new relationship...morning you jump out of bed to brush your teeth and let him feel like stench mouth, or just let it go and not kiss do you deal with this????

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Feb 17 @ 9:03AM  
spare toothbrushes and mouthwash!

Feb 17 @ 9:05AM  
I LOVE taking care of a woman, waiting on her, so what I typically tend to do at least starting out a new relationship, wake up and go make hot tea and put some mint in it, and then crawl back in bed and offer him a cup before that first kiss..
Freshens breath, washes out that thick morning gunk, and makes it seem like you like him/her

Feb 17 @ 9:11AM  
Well now it all depends...if you really like this man or woman a lot...then I'd say you'd kiss them when you both just woke up...morning breath or not!

However, being you mentioned it's a new relationship...well, I'd say at least gargle with mouthwash if nothing else...

Feb 17 @ 9:13AM  
Keep a jar of breath mints on your night stand.

Feb 17 @ 9:15AM  
now, TM...THAT sounds nice...just waking and offering mouthwash or mints to someone...well, can just kinda break the mood...

Feb 17 @ 9:23AM  
now here's a fella i agree with >>>tmarkert2003Yaho
perfect althou i tend to make coffee but i'd make tea if asked.....kissin IF she's up at same time..hmm i sort have to try n read her eyes ....for ME? i'm fine with it...if she spent the night we've done plenty by now lol

Feb 17 @ 9:35AM  
Listerine PocketPaks. Stick it on yer tongue and they dissolve in seconds. Leaves yer breath minty fresh. Like a petunia

Feb 17 @ 10:33AM  
Come on now,,,,you just F____d the guy and probably more,,,,just kiss him what the hell,,,if your still in bed and both still in the mood,,,that's right don't kill it...It would probably make him think you want him to leave.....that would be me,,,yes,,,

Feb 17 @ 10:38AM  
I have to brush my teeth first thing in the morning. I carry a spare toothbrush and toothpaste with me..I think I spend too much time brushing my teeth.
I have one of those high powered tooth brushes. Love it.

Back to the question. Yes I have to brush my teeth..I don't like the taste in my mouth in the morning why would he?

Feb 17 @ 10:57AM  
i think some miss my run off and brush and what..hand him mouthwash or what?...thats the awkward part, especially in a new thing...

Feb 17 @ 11:34AM  
My favorite remedy for morning breath is...

oral sex!!

Feb 17 @ 11:37AM  
Get right back to the oral sex thing and don't worry about morning breath

Feb 17 @ 11:38AM  
BRUSH em please.....

Feb 17 @ 11:50AM  
Oral sex as a wakeup. After that no-one cares.
Do the shower and morning cleansing together afterwards....)

Feb 17 @ 11:55AM  
if you dont want to appear to have a stash of just in case toothbrushes, you can offer nourishment......... ie orange juice or something to that affect......

Feb 17 @ 1:07PM  
I kind of like those first morning long as it doesn't involve "catshit" breath (not implying that you have that) and if I woke up with you I don't think it would matter!


Feb 17 @ 2:39PM  
Oh no! You have to kiss your partner when you wake up, even before they go to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Otherwise they may get insulted. Ideally, keep the tongue action shallow and limit it to maybe 3 or 5 kisses.

My favorite thing to do is to kiss her, then instead of saying good morning, I would use my worst british accent and say "Hallo Tosis" She gives me a funny look, mentions my morning breath, then we are both up and ready to tackle the toothbrushes.

Feb 17 @ 4:01PM  
LOL...Lena made/brought up a very good point! I never thought of it like that before...yeah, I just spent most the night putting my mouth and tongue places where they're not always sanitary...and she's done the same to me with her mouth and tongue...and now we're both worried about a little morning breath?!

Feb 17 @ 4:36PM  
I did a blog on morning breath and grapes back a few weeks ago asking something like that. Something about me sticking a grape in her mouth in the morning and would she or any other woman give it back to me with her morning breath all over it. lol

Feb 17 @ 6:30PM  
Brush! Both Of You! Agree upon it beforehand! Nothing like Pussy Breath or Cum Breath 6 hours or longer old! Mmmm mmmm!

Mar 6 @ 1:12AM  
or you could just keep it simple and easy by saying, "hey do you want to fresh'n up real quick and then have some more fun??" in a playful/cheery voice. then after you both brush your teeth, you do or don't necessarily have to have sex just because you said, "have more fun"'s not a binding agreement

Mar 6 @ 1:47AM  
I have yet to encounter morning breath that is so bad it's worth mentioning. Sure, when someone is sick or tied a serious one on the night before...but the beginning of a new relaionship? That seldom happens. Kiss away...and, like Mr. Tuna said, keep it can keep the kisses simple. A bottle of water on teh nightstand doesn't hurt either.

Mar 12 @ 12:27AM  
I'am with " looking" ... if you have to then bring him back ,, like the tea, coffee ,,, ?????? ,,,,, something... my guess is this for your comfort......

Mar 12 @ 1:56AM  
to me it pretty much depends on the relationship...but no one is perfect and for someone that you just had an intimate encounter with to be offended by morning breathe is well...stupid

Besides some of the morning breathe is hopefully left over oral sex residue....

Mar 31 @ 8:02PM  
if it's gonna be a moment u dont want to break....for instance a man usually wakes up with a nice WOODY. you dont have much time to go brush ur teeth..spray a lil Binaca in ur mouth so u keep things UP and running,

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morning breath....