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I'm on a binge..

posted 2/16/2007 9:22:22 PM |
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tagged: food, depressed, binge

It's Friday night, lil after 9pm.... my sweetie is passed out cold (Damned 5 hour time difference anyways ) He has a "date" tomorrow... just a friendly outting, but it's with his ex girlfriend, and I'm feeling sorry for myself. I know that absolutely nothing is gonna happen, but dammit... I'm jealous cuz I want to be the one going out with him. He can't visit here soon enough!

Anyways... I have a full pint of Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Ice Cream... and I'm gonna eat it till I unless someone can give me a good reason (besides the obvious one of weight gain) not to....

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Feb 16 @ 9:28PM  
Liquor is quicker....

Feb 16 @ 9:31PM  
Give it to me Crissy that is my favorite,,,,Don't do it......let me do it for you.....and don't worry he wrote me and told me how much he cares for you....

Feb 16 @ 9:33PM  
at times like this, i think a HUG is just what you need Hope you feel better!

Feb 16 @ 9:38PM  
Now darlin if my comment doesn't stop you nothing will. lol Do You Really Want To Gain The 5lbs That You Will Gain If You Eat That Ice Cream? He's coming soon. Don't do it!!!

Feb 16 @ 9:40PM  
lets go get a drink. i feel like Margarita, Bub Lite, shot of something? it's been a long week. anyone else want to join us

Feb 16 @ 9:40PM  
Go for it!!

More cushion for the pushin'!!!

Feb 16 @ 9:50PM  
AWWWWWW PK You know that what you are doing if you eat that is called "stuffing". You also know that it's YOUR choice.

You can eat that ice cream (and gain 5 pounds in a matter of minutes) and stuff those emotions you are feeling down so that you don't have to feel them OR you can choose to spend the same amount of time indulging in a crying jag, wallow in the feelings and then remind yourself that he doesn't give an obese rodent's rectum about her and LOVES YOU. He loves you not because of *what* you are or aren't but for WHO you are... yourself!



Feb 16 @ 9:53PM  

I was the worst binger ever back in the day.

Spent $200 in a single day, and did it four days straight.

Feb 16 @ 9:55PM  
Ok... well... I didn't get to the stage, cuz I got brain freeze first

Now I'm crying cuz I'm sad and cuz my noggin hurts as well.

I know he loves me. I do, honest. And I know they are just friends. But......... I wanna be his Saturday night date!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*stamps lil princess foot*

Feb 16 @ 9:57PM  

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Feb 16 @ 10:00PM  
Eat the Ice Cream! Do it! Do it! Yes!!! One more for Satan! Muaaaahhaaa!

Feb 16 @ 10:06PM  
Oh god I would feel the same the damn ice cream!! That way if you gain the 5 lbs you can blame him jk. You know he loves you and you love him, the ice cream

Feb 16 @ 10:53PM  
Okay here ya go, eat ice cream then get drunk so you wont care about gaining the

Feb 16 @ 11:30PM  
or save the ice cream for that party in yack town you mentioned in a previous blog

Feb 16 @ 11:42PM  
Eat the Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Ice Cream work off the calories having phone sex later...

Feb 17 @ 12:24AM  
I agree with Ksk, but the real sex will come later.

Feb 17 @ 12:52AM  
aw hell girl chin up!! your made of stronger shit than this!!!!

Feb 17 @ 1:29AM  
Don't worry babydoll as nothing is gonna happen ad I will be over there soon to help you burn off all those calories

Feb 17 @ 1:40AM  
Liquor is quicker....
But I'm gonna dick'er

Feb 17 @ 1:41AM  
I meant you babe not my "date" Nothing is going to happen as I love you

Feb 17 @ 3:06AM  
Guess the ice cream is gone by now ... I would have shared, just to help you out ... hey, you will not only BE a lucky girl, you ARE ... you both rock

Feb 17 @ 3:37AM  
I would love you if you even if you did gain weight by eating that ice cream but I can think of much better things to be doing with it and I love Ben and Jerrys Karamel Sutra ice cream too

Feb 17 @ 7:12AM  
Tell him you want to go out with him remind him she is an ex for a reason.

if you are suggesting that he still carries a torch for her then you are in a tough spot.
you see he knows what to expect from you.....her however he has his imagination, and that is a very powerful tool.

if they are "just friends" (that saying is such bullshit) why not the 3 of you eat the ice cream together and once it gone throw her ass out and fuck like you never have before.

then dump his ass.....he will want to spend all he free time with you once he get a new woman.

sorry i am bitter!!!!

Feb 17 @ 7:59AM  
Ain't love grand?!...lmao ...You know better than worry about him darlin...G's got a quality heart...and it's yours

Peace and Love
DC The Rain King

Feb 17 @ 6:44PM  
Have a drink, maybe a smoke, turn down the lights, put on a good movie and play with yourself imagining something really hot!

Feb 18 @ 3:41AM  

That ice cream will not fill up the gnawing little empty place inside. He will call you though. He will tell you all about it and say he loves you. It'll be alright Kissy, it'll be alright.

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I'm on a binge..