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In the game now!!!!!!!

posted 2/16/2007 3:33:17 PM |
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ok.........understand IF your a total dickhead......NON of what i'm gona tell or teach you will work.....and NO i'm not sayin you are i'm saying IF you are lol....i've done this SOOOO MANY times...i got tired of rewriting sooo one day i typed out a bit of help to a fella for the milliionth time and i saved'll find it here below........try to THINK before you speak or write....what i mean is......tellin a woman she's hot n you want to suck her listen.....IF she got them up there...she probably KNOWS you want to suck her tits ....and you'll tell her...soon just not too soon lol......oh i see you have 3 forum posts.....the forum don't work like a bulletine board where you comment n then they all write you ...think of it as a running conversation between lord knows how many people...tell ya idea....go to introduce yourself...n then ynots room and just read'll see a patter (not just me molesting women lol) but same faces n tits ect....come running when ya post ...remember to go back n see who may have writtin a comment later that is an ansewr or reflection of YOUR's ONE way to get a dialog on with a woman....think of this place as a bar or club and your here to make friends and IF you get laid it's a me this is an ATTITUDE i'm teaching.......and fyi.......i've been a professional salesman for over 25yrs ...i get paid ONLY if i read my customer n sell them so have a little faith i know what i'm talking what i tell you for 2 to 4 weeks.......and just watch....

shit i'm gona start charing...i'm gettin guys laid all over the USA here... ok'll note MY wit? thats WHO i am......and i've already read your essay n profile...ect...good job n no i'm not being condasending...its done well and THAT is important.... you understand something i'm prob not much diff then you ie:appearance...tad under 6ft...still lift weights but not a hard body and bout 240.....BUT women are NOT as visual as here ya go my crash course..btw..this is from 20plus years as real salesman..........
A) this is a game of the law of averages....IF (IF!) your personal average is one yes per 20 emails....n you only write 12? ...mmm you just literly fucked yourself right?? soo sending out emails...10 or more a day if your in a hurry ....but ...think in your mind as you wright...''i'm gona make friends and MAYBE get laid'' or i PROMISE you some where in that email there will be an underlying tone that she's gona be turned off by.....oh i THINK Your smart enuff to know ...' hi...great tits..wanna fuck?" is NOT what i mean by email.......old letter/email writing you write PRETEND she's in front ofyou and your TALKING ..n just write what you'd be saying....first one or 2 (till ya get an idea who she is an what her thing is...) NOTHING that if were written to YOUR MOM would make you hunt you down for an ass whippin......i find a bit of humor...wit..and some sarcasm n charm work BUT THAT is WHO i be who YOU R!
B)comments on blogs n pictures are GREAT ice'll note YOU read my will agian ..rather the assume..NO ''nice tits can i suck them??" under her SHE KNOWS they're nice and she also KNOWS you want to suck DO NOT be like the rest of these douchbags and that alone will allow you to stand out....also now she's reading your words of wit or whatever...and IF she sees something interesting..your pic whatever...but your odds went up cause you have her intereste to SOME she reads your essay....mmmm interesting right? your pic? likes your apperance...ect...she writes a ty note for your comment...she just opend the door for converstaion ...write you ..and just like once the ice is broken in a pub either is a match or not BUT your IN THE GAME NOW!!!! same with commnets on womens blogs...but again USE YOUR HEAD b4 you comment ...make sure you understand what shes saying cause alot of them take blogging VERY seriously ...(another good reason NOT to do 'i want pussy' bolgs...just pisses em off ...and i don't give a flying shit what they tell you THESE WOMEN TALK TO EACHOTHERdo NOT use copy n paste with same letter.....I talk to LOTS of them via phone ect...and they get the same note from some 'dork' n laff they're asses off n IF one was SOON as she knows her buddy in (maybe 5states away) got SAME EMAIL? your done....i shit you not....
C) IF you have the time....n your still on here so you ..the forums are like a bar....go in comments join on flirtation n converstaion cause you NEFER know who SHE knows near you ....a buddy who's "" just right for you" and is near you even thou she's in you MAY think you just got schooled by a typing dick (see other pix lol) or you try (as i told the last guy 5hrs ago) what i'm tellin you for 2 to
is that what i need to do to have sex with women¿? manipulate and lie. i'd rather be me and not have to lie. honesty is the right/beat policy. this is me and if you women want to be manipulated and played. you need to seek somewhere else. i don't have a picture. i just want some companionship. i'm not sure i really want a relationship, mine have ended so badly all i want is sex now. i know asking for sex is wrong. but i love a woman’s vagina. the feeling the aroma the taste :)
anyways, have a great day :)

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