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Nothing like a good virgin story part 1

posted 2/13/2007 8:49:17 PM |
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Sally sat in history class preoccupied with her thoughts. It was the last class before the school day would be over and her day would truly begin. Sally was daydreaming in a state of whimsy. The teacher seemed to be in a tunnel and her words were drifting softly to Sally’s ears. What was much more real and alive was the little ball of warmth growing in her lower midsection. It was a relatively new experience for her, this feeling of sexual longing. She looked at the clock there was still 37 minutes to go, it seemed like an eternity. However, Sally welcomed the chance to nurture and grow the warmth that was developing below. The feeling made her feel otherworldly and dreamy inside. She ached to be with David. He was only her second lover, so it was not like she knew much. But, the two were so different in the extreme it provided her with more knowledge then if they had been similar in character. Sally looked out the window it was a perfect day. A large tree seemed to shimmer and cause the faultless blue sky to dazzle as the breeze blew it’s branches melding green with blue. The weather was nice and comfortably balmy. The kind of heat that made one sluggish, and lazy without making a person feel hot or uncomfortable. It was impossible not to envision her and David sitting under the grand tree in the warm weather and the cool breeze. She saw herself and David dozing peacefully in an after sex embrace she with a flower blowing in her hair.
The musing only caused the warming sensation below to grow and become more needy. She looked a the clock only 5 minutes had passed. Time was moving slow like a cloud drifting in the sky. Sally fell backwards into memory. The teachers voice now seemed to be coming from a great void as she dreamed.
David was good looking and very intelligent. It was something that had drew Sally to him immediately. He had views and opinions beyond what was going on next weekend or how to get the next keg of beer unlike Todd. It was hard to describe he was both deep and tranquil like the ocean and fast and exciting like a river. There was the belief that it would take ages to know him. Todd on the other hand had only taken weeks to know and understand. She had wanted to be near David to probe the depths and find his secret meaning. He was also very attractive and his deep blue eyes seemed to cut to her very soul. So she had sought him out and was well rewarded for having done so. It had been surprising and exhilarating to have found out he was virgin. She had know the secret pleasure of sex and had eagerly wanted to be the first to unlock it for him. Todd had been her first and it seemed now fortuitous that he was. Todd had been forceful and demanding like a petulant boy. It was his unchecked desire and boyish cravings that had finally caused Sally to relent. It was not love or anything but rather a deep curiosity about sex that was the major factor in her acquiescence. She had wanted it, to know what it was about. She had been in love with others boys who perhaps she might have slept with however, they were either to subtle or to shy to gain what they wanted. And Sally herself was unable of making the first move. So it had been Todd who had removed her hard outer shell and now she was more free. David had been definitely in the category of both the shy and the subtle. They were qualities that Sally now had found very attractive.
From the very beginning things were different. David had a capacity to care and feel. To David having sex without love was like stealing and would be hurtful to his partner. Todd had had no excess of morality or virtue Sally knew from the beginning what it was Todd had wanted. Sally smiled remembering the first time with David. He had been so sweet and sensitive. Her mother and father had went shopping at the local grocery store and she had had the place all to herself. The anticipation she had felt was high and she had been excited. She and David had made out multiple times before. Embracing and kissing should could remember touching or rubbing against his hardness and quivering. David’s shyness had melted away each time and they went further and further. Sally now had a better understanding of Todd. It was easy now to appreciate the satisfaction Todd got from the chase and then the successful take down. The challenge of getting someone to relent to your desire and the feelings of success after was quite a powerful force. But, she was sure there was a major difference she had wanted to share and give David her body so they both could enjoy the carnal arts, Todd on the other hand had just wanted to nail her for his own selfish reasons.
Sally looked at the clock on the wall there was still 25 minutes left of class. Putting her head down on the desk she smiled thinking about her first time with David. The TV was on in the background but they had been ignoring it. Sally had glance from time to time at the clock wanting to know when her parents would arrive home. She had had time and wanted to move carefully. But, she knew she could not move to slow or the opportunity would have been lost. David was kissing her and she had moved squeezing her breast against his chest. In a gambit to smooth the transitional period she had worn no bra. Two small tents had poked out around her upper t-shirt as David moved pressing his weight on her. As he had made no attempt to remove her shirt she slid her hands around her top removing it. David’s eyes had grown big with surprise. For a second he had been unable to move as he stared at the womanly flesh. It was exhilarating for her to be eyed with such a naked expression of desire. Her parents would only be gone an hour and time seemed to be flying. Sally had moved her hand along David’s body sending it on a exploratory mission. It went down his pants probing and she had found what she needed. He was hard and firm and had yielded to her touch. They had been in new ground never had they been so far and Sally was eager for more. Breaking the embrace she had stood grabbing David’s hand gently guiding him back to her room.
She stripped naked and once again David had absorbed her with his eyes. The look had been a mix of hesitation and hungry desire. His eyes had moved up and down and then back down. She smiled and had felt warm all over as David stared at the V of her sex. She helped him removing his clothes and he had stood before her naked and hard. He was hers and she would be the first one to teach him how to use his sex. She had grabbed him kissing him pulling his firmness with her fingers. She had felt him grind against her hand and his organ flexed unconsciously from the pleasurable friction her hand was providing him. He was ready and she had pulled him down gently laying on her back. David had been rigid and held part of his body aloft afraid to place his full weight against her body, it was touching knowing how careful he was being. She told him not to worry and had rubbed her han

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Feb 13 @ 8:55PM  
Ok... hooked again. You're very good at this!

Feb 13 @ 10:26PM  
WHY do you keep doing this to me?!?!?!?!
editing note: it's bra not braw and when David is looking her up and down... he goes up and down, then back down.

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Nothing like a good virgin story part 1