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How to hurt a person

posted 2/13/2007 12:45:15 PM |
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As two people talk get to know each other then decide to meet..WOW what an exciting thought. they talk on the phone for days have really good conversations send pictures back and forth laugh and then decide to meet. They agree on a place have a nice time laughing talking gettin to know one another...

What happened?? You talk 0n the phone that evening...the next day then even the next and you dissappear??? Can't you even say I'm sorry I don't think you are what I'm looking for?? Why would you tell her things that shouldn't be discussed on a first meeting...You gave the impression of wanting to get to know her. Then you just blow her off??? Such a shame for an adult male to hurt someone so carelessly without thought to her feelings...

And people wonder why a woman won't rush into a meeting...I must say I've met two people here one well just didn't work out nice man but hey shit happens..The second well I guess feelings are just 'to each his own'...I have made amazing friends online I will always value their honesty thank you for those who is always telling the truth even if I don't want to hear it at the time ...Yes YNOT that is you! I think you are the only man I know who is always willing to tell you how it is..Think I'll just stick with making friends and fuck the rest of the so called "relationships"?

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Feb 13 @ 12:52PM  
well sometimes I feel like that too, but there are some good fellas out there, Y not being one of them . When I feel like this Lisa I think damn they there has got to be men out there like myself who dont have mean alterior motives..... I cant be the only one that just wants to be loved and happy ......

Want me to mess with his head for ya? gimme a name I am feeling mischevious .... I would blame it on the rash meds but I think ......... well anyway ....

Feb 13 @ 12:56PM  
I deeply agree with you, there are people who just cannot take it the way you do, they commit suicide, stupid it may seem but there are people who can't deal with it.

Feb 13 @ 1:05PM  

Yes ynot is a good person. But all men are not what you are describing here. You may just be picking the wrong type. It is sad to say, that most women put looks or
age above what's in a persons heart. And most women after having a bad relation,
always pick the same type person again. Just my thoughts on it.

Feb 13 @ 1:08PM  
I am sorry you feel that way. I never thought I would ever love again and then there she was right under my nose, so to speak. Crissy is such an amazing woman, I wish every one could be as happy as we are.

Feb 13 @ 1:08PM  
I have made amazing friends online I will always value their honesty thank you for those who is always telling the truth...

I just said virtually the same thing at the end of my blog!

Feb 13 @ 1:31PM  
Hey Lisa I am so sorry hun...... hugs and call me if you want to chat... Kimmie.

Feb 13 @ 1:36PM  
i'm sorry for your ill experience. there does seem to be a high incidence of no-showism running through this site. i suppose a certain amount is to be expected, cavorting as we do amongst the people w/out the courage to speak face-to-face. you are one of the people i look up to on this site, along with the nomi above, and i'd hate to see you get down, just because SOME FOOL can't get it together enuff to see what he's missing out on !!

Feb 13 @ 2:46PM  
I agree with you completely but a double edged sword this is, between both sexes.

Feb 13 @ 2:54PM  
Lisa; not all men are like that.Some of us are pretty much in the same boat your in.I am sorry for your hurt, but life does sometimes throw us all some bad curves.
Just know that you are well liked and loved by many of us here. And Argit makes a very good point there.

Feb 13 @ 3:31PM  
Like my friends have said. NOT ALL MALES ARE ALIKE. I have hurt my sweetheart R innumerable times because of my situation..But even at that point i did not mean to hurt her. It was my damn situation. But i guess thats life

Feb 13 @ 3:57PM  
You are loved, and appreciated by many, please remember that....and if you want my number....i'll be more than happy to give it to ya.....just not here! lol

Feb 13 @ 4:42PM  
Just curious Lisa, did he live near by or was some distance from you?

I do hope you feel better Lisa *hugs*

makes you wonder why I don't want a Internet relationship with someone...

Feb 13 @ 5:55PM  
Sorry you are hurt from that Lisa. Time will heal as you know.

But is it really that bad? I mean, if he/she decides that that isnt what they want. Would it really make that much diff if you were told in an email or phone? Maybe they arent good at that type of thing. And it could be worse. What if they played you instead? And then left you with the emotioal trauma of loving him.
I really think that some of the things people on here rant about, arent any diff than the conventional way of meeting. The only diff is that online you can meet so many more than offline. So it makes sense that you will meet more great guys, and more not so great. IMO...not directing this to you Lisa, but to all of us. Peace Always

Feb 13 @ 6:13PM  
I know how you feel lisa, damn it don't just leave someone hanging. Be fucking honest be a man and just say hey you know this ain't working for me. How friggin hard is that!!

Feb 13 @ 10:15PM  
I've been through this before. Several dates into a so called relationship and then he disapears. And I'm left wondering WTF!!! It so totally shows a lack of maturity and respect. And it infuriates me that people have no balls to even send an email or leave a message that things just aren't going to work. Worthless people!!

I guess I just always thought that you get to a point in your life...such as adult hood, and you act like an adult and treat others with respect.

Feb 14 @ 3:58PM  
Unfortunately it is true that people lie. Some people hind behind the English language to protect them from the fact that they are lying.

For the most part everybody has an agenda that they follow. It is there driving force if you will. What makes them falter from that agenda is when they are confronted with choice. How many people do you know can not make up there mind?

So you meet, you talk, exchange pleasantries, have a good time. Then the moment of truth come, a decision needs to be made and I think it goes like this.

He did not have as good as a time as you are lead to believe but he may want to think it over as in: do I want to see her again or possibly do her at a later date hedging his bet if you will. Or he had no interest in you at all.

So what does he do? He lies to you and said he will call you later in the week. Most men are cowards when it comes to woman (I know I am). No matter how smart I am I will feel like an idoit around a woman the first time.

there are only two reasons why he did not call back. they are simply he feels somehow unworthy and can't bring himself to make the call or he is a callous ass. and it sad to say that the latter is more true.


Sep 5 @ 11:27AM  
just alwaysd be honest about who you are. On the other hand if he didnt say anything and stasyed with you until somthing better came along would be worse , dont ya think. I dont want to hurt somones feeling. unles they say the wrong thing or piss me off but it takes alot

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How to hurt a person