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Spend more on Wedding or Honeymoon?

posted 2/13/2007 3:26:41 AM |
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tagged: love, marriage, straddle

If you were getting married, would you want to spend more on the actual wedding, or would you spend more on the honeymoon with your love? I have always wanted a big wedding and was at one time willing to spend a lot on it. Now after all these years, to me having a size down to maybe 50 or 100 would be fine with me. I would love to have it on the 17th day of whatever month we decide. I also would love it to be outdoors, something like on a beach appeals has always appealed to me, and still does today. To find that special song with can share with each other and have it played at the wedding. But I feel the honeymoon should be the one event for more money to be spent on with your love.

Also, what would be your color theme for the wedding?

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Feb 13 @ 3:34AM  
I forgot to mention that I would like my color theme for the wedding to be purple.

Feb 13 @ 4:34AM  
Well considering I have never been married before I would want to talk about it with my partner...

Feb 13 @ 4:34AM  
I already been there and done that hehe! But I forget what the color was, but I know the wedding costed a small fortune, and I went to Dollywood for the honeymoon, which was a drop in the bucket from what my ex's parent's paid for the wedding. I refuse to wear a tux ever again! LOL! Kinda rides up in the crotch hehehehe!

Feb 13 @ 5:05AM  
Did the big fancy over priced wedding once already. I want small nice quiet outdoor wedding the next time...and a tropical paradise honeymoon

Feb 13 @ 5:46AM  
Purple is the color of passion. But don't worry Strad.
I'm sur after straddling your nose on the honeymoon.
It will be purple.

Feb 13 @ 5:49AM  
Good one, Chuck!

Feb 13 @ 6:26AM  
My wedding was Black and White, not huge and my folks paid for it.
I didn't want a wedding, but was informed I'd be having one.
So If I ever get married again I hope to elope.
I think it's better spending the money on the honeymoon, making it something spectacular,
to remember forever

Feb 13 @ 8:02AM  
Man here i am at the verge of a divorce. And BELIeVE IT OR NOT i had at least 2000 people at my wedding. Fucking i wish i never spent that money then. But then thats India for you.

Feb 13 @ 8:18AM  
I been married twice. First one was the big old fashion wedding. The second was infront of the judge (and yes he divorced us too. ) . You know the results was the same. We was married. Now after the expensive wedding we had no money for anything. After the judge wedding, we went and rented a cabin at a lake and had a great time. We had more money to do what we wanted. Maybe go inbetween, tone down the wedding, have more money for the honeymoon.

Feb 13 @ 8:53AM  
I am so not going to comment on this at this point!!

Feb 13 @ 8:59AM  
Whatever you do, make sure you get lots of pictures!

Feb 13 @ 9:03AM  
First of all... Kissy you're cute!

Secondly... lets keep in mind that I'm young and idealistic and any wedding at this point would be my first (and hopefully last) so I'd like to kinda do it big. But not 2000 people kinda big (are you CRAZY veeruinus?!?!?!?!) I think that if you budget it out right, and spend the money where you think it's important... then it doesn't have to be overly expensive. I'd assume probably about 50-100 guests, have a friend do the catering (yea I know chefs), my aunt is a floral designer so there's a way to cut back, and I want to have it outdoors on the beach by my grandmother's house... or even on my grandma's dock, like my grandparents were married however many years ago. Invites and wedding programs can be made at home (I did it for at least three weddings now...) and my other aunt is a photographer... most of my problems are solved. LoL
The dress is important (even if you DO only wear it once... fuckers) and the reception. I don't care who watches me take my vows, that's something for just close family and friends... but to help us celebrate the union... it's going to be one HUGE fucking party. ::nods:: and... alcohol is expensive LoL

The honeymoon won't be anything super fantastic for me, and I'm OK with that. Just give me a night alone with my hubby in a nice hotel with a privet spa tub. Let him and I just enjoy eachother for the night... then it's back to real life for us!

And as far as colors go, I think it depends on the time of year and the time of day. I've always been partial to jewel tones (emerald, ruby, saphire etc...) but other than that, I'm open to suggestions...

Feb 13 @ 9:31AM  
But not 2000 people kinda big (are you CRAZY veeruinus?!?!?!?!)[QUOTE]

Sweetie i know it sounds crazy but thats the truth. You should go to at least 1 indian wedding and that too in India. Its crazy there.

Feb 13 @ 10:06AM  
I would spend less on the wedding....simple dress...handful of with flowers in my hair....maybe a camp setting...with a tent to consummate...friends and food around a big see as much of the world as we could afford...together out of our element...experiencing the new...

My favorite color is purple too....

Feb 13 @ 11:05AM  
We had 250 guests at our was a great day! We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and that was perfect. My answer would be to spend more on the honeymoon. Make it special for the two of you. We spent the money to stay longer than originally planned and it was worth every penny.

Feb 13 @ 11:30AM  
My first wedding was in a church, about 200 people, peach colored shit everywhere. Honeymoon was 75 miles from home, nothing special, just a couple nights in a motel, don't think we came up for air! Made it 4 yrs and he gave me 2 beautiful sons, and we are still good friends.

Second wedding was in my cousin's back yard with the Justice of the Peace, no real color scheme. We made 18 yrs and 2 weeks, he gave me 2 boys and a girl, and I love him more now than when I married him.

My next wedding (yup, as I've crowed about several times already, I AM getting married AGAIN!) will be on the courthouse lawn or in some little chapel with our kids present (any of the 8 that wanna be there, cuz we have his/hers/ours in this family). Color scheme will be unimportant, cuz we will only have eyes for each other. Honeymoon will be someplace we've never been, not sure where yet, think we'll just get in the car and drive for a few days, see the sights, maybe visit some people on the way.

The wedding is Oct. 15, 2007. That would have been our 19th anniversary. Sometimes life is funny like that...brings you full circle. We found that we didn't want to be with others, just one another. My life is now complete. I have a wonderful man, I am a changed woman (after a midlife crisis, don't let them tell you they don't happen!), and we are a family.

I wish everyone as full and happy life as I have, but never lose your sense of self. That's where I went wrong, I forgot about taking care of ME. Find your love, pamper your love, but be yourself.

Blah.....gettin sappy again.....


Feb 13 @ 12:34PM  
I got two words for y'all OPEN BAR. Color? who gives a fuck if there is an OPEN BAR.

Feb 14 @ 12:08AM  
I'm thinking.... sea foam green... crinolines and parasols.... think it will fly with Ponme and Geena? (My maids of honor)

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Spend more on Wedding or Honeymoon?