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Politics / Who in your opinion will run against each other in 2008?

posted 2/12/2007 3:34:00 AM |
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tagged: politics, election, straddle

Who in your opinion will run for President against each other in 2008? I would love to see Newt Gingrich run because I love his ideas and what he did with "Contract with America" back in 1995. Yes, I'm not going to waste my time mentioning any third party groups since they have almost no chance of winning. Last time a third party did well it was with just 19% of the votes back in 1992 that caused the elder Bush to lose the election to Clinton. As for the liberals, Edwards may push Hillary out of the way to take the nomination. Newt Gingrich vs. Edwards.....GO NEWT!!!

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Politics / Who in your opinion will run against each other in 2008?
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Feb 12 @ 3:55AM  
Wellll Straddle I will say this, I don't like getting into politics it's like asking about religion and football.LOL! But I will say it looks interesting. So as the French say?
salavie! hehe! Crow

Feb 12 @ 4:11AM  
Obama seems to be lacking in the poles to clinton... last I heard edwards wasn't even top 3... As for the republicans, I think McCain is about the only strong candidate that they have (at least last I checked)... I follow politics a little bit, but dispise both political parties... Liberals are no more liberal than their right wing counterparts 99% of the time. And the only thing a conservative conserves is their own money...

As for the likely candidates that I see... Clinton vs McCain. Hillary has an appeal to the people... they recognize her (statistically most americans will vote for a name that they've seen the most), and those that have understanding of her... know that she's quite a capable leader... McCain has a great history that seems to be the ringer for presidents... War vet (oddly enough accidents seemed to haunt his assignments)... Has an long lasting political career. etc. etc... I like his preference for deficit reduction over tax cutting... not a fan of him trying to push his beliefs into laws tho... as he's tried to endorse both a national ban on gay marriage and amending the rite to life act to include genetic stews all the way from conception (being a believer in Sociobiology/Evolutionary Psychology, I believe that one critter composed of two other's gentic code is irrelivent... you can roulette and create another one later)

So yeah I think I went off on my politics too much now... Need to learn to shut up when I finish answering a question... lol

"Clinton vs McCain"

Feb 12 @ 4:32AM  
All I'm going to say in regards to the election is that I would love to see the Electoral College finally done away with and to have a vote represent a vote and to let it be a popular election.

So, Straddle, this is kind of like the Bears taking the Super Bowl by seven, huh?

Feb 12 @ 4:43AM  
lol...I picked chicago because I was partial to them for the reason of wanting to see Chicago face New England because I wanted to see old clips from the 1986 Super Bowl when both those teams played leading up to the current Super Bowl for the two weeks. NFC is weaker than the AFC teams. Another reason I wanted Indy to lose was because they beat my Bengals.

btw, I know that you would say something in this blog.

Feb 12 @ 6:45AM  
I'm going to run for President.


Feb 12 @ 8:34AM  
Hey Bro, it looks like DS: Vote Whig Bitch; and xSUCKERPUNCHx are going to be the top contenders for 2008. Hey XSUCKERPUNCHx, what is your platform all about?

Feb 12 @ 8:54AM  

Feb 12 @ 9:02AM  
Dude... I had an intelligent opinion to voice until I saw that SuckerPunch was my brain is mush and I have a new favorite

Peace and Love
DC The Rain King

Feb 12 @ 9:53AM  
Probably not going to be one of my most popular comments but:

My recipe for a politician:

Take a person: add one scoop of incompetence, lying, double talk, theft of constituent funds and total mismanagement of our money, not to mention creating tensions around the world so that they can justify their very existence to begin with- mix all of the said ingredients well, let stand for awhile and you end up with a politician!.

Sorry but I see a politician and I see a two-headed snake- well, 99.99% of them anyway!!


Feb 12 @ 10:20AM  
One multi-headed snake is as good as another. Just make sure that you are watching the right head so that you don't get yours (either of them if you are male) bitten off.

Feb 12 @ 12:28PM  
I am all set running my own race shawn

Feb 12 @ 12:42PM  
There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that a republican is gonna win
after Bush created a 2nd Viet Nam in the middle east. Hillary Clinton
will win by a landslide, even though the liberal bitch makes my skin crawl.

Feb 12 @ 2:22PM  
Let me ask this.....can Hillary really fuck it up any worse than Bush has? This war has been all about him and his Daddy.

Just MY opinion all, don't shoot till you see the whites of my eyes! (Running and hiding now.....)

Feb 13 @ 3:38AM  
I agree with Looking! The idea of the Electoral College makes me sick! It's just their way to ensure that the people's votes DON'T count.

As far as who should run? Shit is still shit be it rabbit, dog, cat or rat shit. It's still nasty and stinks..............much like politicians. Regardless who gets voted in, they'll still be looking out for the rich people.

Feb 13 @ 10:09AM  
It will be Hillary Vs. McCain, with Hillary winning (unfortunately). I don't vote along party lines, I vote for the candidate whom I feel will do the best job and best represents my views. Don't get me wrong, now, I have no problem voting for any one that I think can do the job, regardless of skin color, gender, or religion. I just don't think Hillary can do it. But, hey, I've been wrong before, look what happened with President Bush.

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Politics / Who in your opinion will run against each other in 2008?