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What With All the MEDS

posted 2/11/2007 9:31:29 PM |
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Ever notice when you go to the doctor or therapist one of the first things they want to do for you is put you on a medication?
Now I'm all for advancements in medacine, health care, science, ect... but medacines are used WAY to often and I'm concerned for the reasons why.
It seems to me that there's a lot of money to be made from meds and keeping people on them, First look how expensive they are, think of how many people you know on meds especialy the elderly they're often on four or five different meds, think of how many pharmacies there are I can think of 11 in my city alone thats more drug stores than gas stations 8,
Now let's look at who makes the money First the giant Corporations that produce the drugs, you really think these Businesses care about your overall health compared to the Billions they bring in, same goes for the drug store chains and pharmacies the next link in the money chain. And of corse Don't forget the role or the doctors and therapist, now there's a lot of good doctors and therapist out there but there's a lot of greed and corruption as well. There's the schools which teach to use these drugs as primary means of treatment, Western Medicine tends to focus on cause and effect rather then the bigger picture of overall health and well-being.
The CURE is in the prevention not the treatment of illness. Most of the synthetic drugs focus on covering up a symptom or cancling it out instead of treating the root cause of the symptom the side effects and overall well being of the client don't even factor into all of this in western medicine. I can't think of one doctor who would not laugh a me for suggesting another way to treat an illness with herbs or more natural ways instead of synthetic drugs which simply copy natural plants with chemicals.
All and All I think we need to effectivly blend Eastern and Western philsophies of treatment to truly treat illness and STOP using so many medications especialy synthetic drugs.
Eat right, stay active, treat the whole being Mind, Body, Spirt
Well this is just my opinion let me know what you think.

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What With All the MEDS


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Feb 11 @ 9:36PM sir, are right.

Feb 11 @ 9:49PM  
Being subject to the VA as my only source of health care, I once had a pharmacist ask me why I was taking so many drugs. I said becasue the Dr. prescribed them. He told me that he would not issue the new drug for the simple reaso that the drugs I was taking 50% would help me and the other 50% were eliminating the effects of the the good drugs.
My Father was an MD and once told me that you should always go to a pharmacist to ask about drugs as that is what they are trained in. Doctors have to believe what the drug salesmen tell them.

Feb 11 @ 10:35PM  
I agree totally! Such as depression medicines. From the ads, you'd believe that you need them if you're lonely, can't sleep well, can't pay your bills, don't have enough friends, blah, blah, and blah.
I have an 18 yr old niece that's already on them. And, since I took them myself for a few years, the doctors pretty much said that at least 1 of my 2 sons will need them. And, of course, I will need them for life..............NOT!
What I learned from taking them was that I no longer had anxiety like I had. In fact, I pretty much didn't care about anything at all. But, if I were to let my script run out and quit taking them abruptly, my world fell apart within a month. Can you say addiction? Or, withdrawal?
The doctors pass out ADHD and pain drugs like Chicklets anymore. And, as you said, scoff at herbal remedies, etc.,. It's a sick, money-making scam!

Feb 11 @ 10:42PM  
I dunno but I sho nuff do love my caffeine!!

Feb 12 @ 12:52AM  
I think when "we" go to see our pcp if we dont come out with a script we dont feel like we have been treated.... but I on the other hand only go to the dr when I know I need it ...

Feb 12 @ 2:48AM  
I only takes drugs when I need to like when I got bitten by a cat late last year and had to goto the doctor because I had an Infection on my arm from the cat's bite.

Feb 12 @ 12:59PM  
Spirit is right...

I work in a home for the elderly and the people who live the longest seem to be the ones who are only on one sort of medication:

Wine. That's right. Just a glass of wine a day. One lady I know will turn one hundred and five in May.



Feb 12 @ 1:16PM  
Eat right, stay active, treat the whole being Mind, Body, Spirt
Well this is just my opinion let me know what you think.

based on MY med history i think it's a damn good idea .......and i do my best NOW to do just that....STAY healthy ......rather then wait till AFTER i'm sick to worry bout it....

Feb 12 @ 2:29PM  
I refuse to take any meds for my condition even though it threatens my life everyday.

I am slowly losing use of my throat due to an extremely enlarged thyroid gland they wanna remove but I am too much of a chickenshit to go have it done. Can you say stubborn and bullheaded? They'll wheel me in unconscious from lack of food or oxygen before I LET them cut on me for this, or medicate me for it.

As for ADHD meds, some of them DO work, and some kids DO need them. I have a son who is now 16 that, even though he doesn't take them everyday, still does take some meds for his condition, it is a REAL disorder. Not every kid diagnosed has it, but mine does. We did testing for years before we put him on any meds, and I highly recommend NOT putting a child on Ritalin just because they are diagnosed as such. Brandon takes Catapres and Dexadrine for his when he starts struggling and it works wonders for him.

Wish I could find herbal replacements for him, but so far no luck. And as for myself, I'll die when it's my time, and not a second before. God has a plan for me, and he obviously planned for me to be ill like this, so who am I to mess with that? lol

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What With All the MEDS