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Requirements for "Adult Fun"

posted 2/11/2007 7:02:07 PM |
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I often see blogs advertising for "adult fun" (which is broadcasting and against the rules)...i just wonder, what, if any, are the requirements for actually hooking up with someone who responds?...would you actually just meet and have sex with any willing person? do you need to speak first, get to know something about them? do they need to be reasonably attractive? or is merely being willing the only requirement?

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Feb 11 @ 7:06PM  
it seems for alot in here it would be the just showing up makes you fair game from the post ive seen on here lol

Feb 11 @ 7:09PM  
Is this just some clever ploy 2 trick me N2 some "adult fun?" Well, its not going 2 work! (yes, it iz...Im just playing hard 2 get!)


Feb 11 @ 7:10PM  
I wouldn't even consider that latest post as being old enough nor experienced enough to be considered an adult. And, if he's had that many partners that he IS that experienced... he's probably STD laden and who'd want someone that was that big of a whore anyways? Just my opinion of course.

Feb 11 @ 7:11PM  
ME???? CLEVER PLOY??????

Feb 11 @ 7:20PM  
I have to get to know someone before I have sex with them. For me sex is more than just a physical act and whilst I can friend fuck a person to give my best performance I have to be deeply in love with the person first. I am glad to say I have found such a person and when we get together I will only have eyes for her.

Feb 11 @ 7:26PM  
I see nothing wrong with adult fun as long as both parties are adults mentally and physically. I prefer a friend w/ beni's type relationship over just a fuck buddy. Still need to get to know someone first. I dont wanna end up burried in someone's back yard or anything....

Feb 11 @ 7:29PM  
In my experience... the following are the min requirements for "Adult Fun"

1) Two Teanagers.
2) The back seat of and Oldsmobile.

Dont Try This Trick at Home ...

Feb 11 @ 7:29PM  
I don't know, but I really like your undies...

Feb 11 @ 7:34PM  
I dont think meeting someone for the first time means you have to jump in bed with them but if you dont meet anybody and you wanna qualify them just from email about 90% of the time you will be wrong I guess its about setting the expectations right before meeting

Feb 11 @ 7:41PM  
I cant wait to read the answers to this one
......thank you for posting it

Feb 11 @ 7:42PM  
I want to know a lot about who I'm going to have sex with because I'm looking for a possible longterm relationship, not one night stands, it's just not what I'm looking for.
I think I have found my sweetie, not looking for now.

Feb 11 @ 8:22PM  
I would not plan on having sex the very first time i meet someone, and it's irritating if they make comments that they expect it, hell how do you know. I guess it would depend on how much interaction you've had before meeting and then if that attraction is there in person.

Feb 11 @ 8:36PM  

Feb 11 @ 8:45PM  
some people are so, the question really is...would you fuck anyone who offered, w/o knowing anything about them???

Feb 11 @ 8:46PM  
hey really are dumb...(cant spell either)...this is ADULT site!!!! any 2 people want to fuck...let em!

Feb 11 @ 8:50PM  
Well, lil... that was rude as hell... considering everyone else was having an ADULT discussion and you had to act CHILDISH and call her names!

Feb 11 @ 9:04PM  
yeah, lil, what's with the ambush? She just asked a question, for chrissake!

Anyway, I think men are a little more willing to act rashly when they're desperate for sex, but I guess both sexes can be complicit in an impulsive sex encounter. Still, your rational side should be telling you that you need to develop a minimum level of trust with someone before even meeting them, much less having sex. Some people would fuck anyone with a pulse, I guess, but that's insane.

Feb 11 @ 9:05PM  
Geez, I thought that there were going to be some interesting comments to her query. Nothing interesting was found, just that one rude bitch.

Feb 11 @ 9:11PM  
I agree with my friend Argit; I have found someone and we emailed and chatted and talked on the phone for about 6 weeks before we even met for our first "date" which lasted about 15 minutes because of our bust schedules.

Feb 11 @ 9:19PM  
Although I think that it mainly depends on the two (or more) people (I hope ) involved in the encounter, I believe that it would depend even more on the amount of alcohol that they managed to drink that evening!

Feb 11 @ 9:23PM  
man!!! reading it scared the hell out of me, do we have to resort to name calling?
It's better to get to know the person, considering the probability of sexually transmitted desease and news we hear or see on tv about being killed. Time is abundant, we reached our age making out life better, why not give this one a good shot of waiting and assessing if this is worth our time.

Feb 11 @ 9:46PM  
well personally I would rather know someone before having sex....especially since I am looking for someone in my life I want to know him....and see if the chemistry is there..I mean hell who wants to meet say hello wanna fuck??? NOT!! And lilli shame on you!!! this may be an adult site but some of us still like to respect ourselves!!!

Feb 11 @ 9:51PM  
i dont think i have ever responded to any blogs on here. I mostly read and laugh and learn alot from the people on here. I have discovered that there alot of people on here who are friends and respect one another. Here we have a woman who asks a simple question, then you get someone slap you in the face with a rude comment...i wont mention any names...lillin...Geeze! take a freakin Midol and chill out. I do however believe that this site is not a hookup site. When we first signed up, thats what we thought, so we posted what we were looking for. Since, we signed up, we had alot e-mails, alot of hookups. But it's cool, we dont really expect to. I'd rather just read, laugh and enjoy these blogs. I would never just jump into bed with anyone. It took me and my husband almost a year before we actually got together. And we met through a chat room friend. Sounds crazy i know.

Feb 11 @ 11:11PM  
adult fun can be disguised as most anything......not just sex.....between consenting adults.

Feb 11 @ 11:25PM  
Very cool point.

I know of a local group that has meets almost monthly and anyone that comes across the message can go. They list the addy and times they are meeting. This strikes me as crazy and dangerous. Along the same lines as your point, just meeting anyone I would think would be dangerous.

I posted on another blog on the matter of this being a sex site or serious relationship site. Just from the title above me "freeadult dating & swinger community" tells me the main focus is sexual in nature. That does not preclude being sane and safe.

I think this is an interesting line here.

Feb 11 @ 11:28PM  
My requirement is that we at least ACTUALLY know each other a bit first. More than "Hey, you're cute, let's go screw."

Feb 11 @ 11:30PM  
I agree with Ksk on this one.

Feb 11 @ 11:39PM  
There is no way I would have sex with a stranger..... while I am open to the friends with benefit idea I would not just hook up with a stranger for sex..... I think it was a great question DB.
And Lillin thought you told us you were leaving a while back ....... dont let us stop you.

Feb 11 @ 11:58PM  
everyone is entitled to an opinion....

Feb 12 @ 1:38AM  
Well if I did meet someone from here I would want to get to know them, spend some time with them, not only to prove to them who I say I am online, but to also get to know the person who I have read about online, perhaps winked at or mailed them to talk. I don't need just casual sex, I need a loving partner...

Feb 12 @ 1:42AM  
seems for adult fun .......person would FIRST have to know how to act like an adult right?

Feb 12 @ 2:13AM  

Adult fun is fun, but after, it is nice to have something to pillow talk about. And if you don't know the person how are you going to know the wants and what turns the other party on to get the most out of the experience. I think visual helps alot too, kinda like the wrapping on a present. It might be big hair, big tits, long legs, the way she moves or the sound of her voice............Max

Feb 12 @ 2:51AM  
NO I myself would not go meet someone for sex,,,I am not into one night stands,,,,Have not had one,,,,and don't intend to any day soon.....I would really have to know the person,,,,I have had dates,,,,where I catch a flight or the other person catches a flight for a 4 or 5 day stay,,,but I have my own room,,,,to see if indeed we are compatible,,,,,But No Sex On The First Date For Me..... .

Feb 12 @ 5:06AM  
Lotsa IM chat 1st, defintely phone, trade some pics too, then...

Feb 12 @ 8:27AM  
Hey Lillin....wanna have some "Adult Fun" ?????

Mar 12 @ 12:23AM  
>>>>>>>> the question really is...would you fuck anyone who offered, w/o knowing anything about them??? <<<<<<<<<<

Not this day and age the first day of meeting ... yes....only if at that time we did know other the way we thought .....

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Requirements for "Adult Fun"