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What Type of Gun Do You Own?

posted 2/10/2007 8:08:47 PM |
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What type of gun do you own? Having gone through the police academy years ago I started out with a blue steele .38 special revolver. After the police academy I got me a .45 semi automatic. I had that one for maybe a year before selling that one to a friend entering the police academy. After I sold that .45 to him I bought me another gun from a catalog. I got me another blue steele color and it was a 9mm German Makarov pistol. It's the type the East German Secret Police used to carry on them over there.

I remember while in the police academy that our instructor was from Oakland California, and it used to piss him off that people would refer to rounds as bullets. He told us that rounds go into the gun and comes out bullets. Believe it or not a lot of people don't know this and call "rounds" bullets before they even go into the gun. Another thing that pissed him off was when people called the magazine (where you put all the rounds in) a clip for a semi automatic. To him a clip was something you smoked a joint with.

So, What type of gun do you own?

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Feb 10 @ 8:17PM  
We could be here a while...

I carry a 9mm Ruger or a 9mm Sig.
Then we have about 25 shotguns and rifles.
Plus a couple of other handguns.
Plus several bows (both compound and recurve)

Feb 10 @ 8:22PM  
I currently own a Remington 870 stainless steel 12-gauge. I used to have a Glock 17, which is .40 caliber, and a 30.06 rifle. I like the 870 because it is very reliabe and incredibly durable. It's also good if you are attacked by a horde of zombies, because you can easily blow their heads off. At least that's true according to video games and movies!

Feb 10 @ 8:28PM  
Revolvers - 22 & 357 mag
Semi auto - P-380
Rifle - 243 & 30-06
Use them all for hunting and the 380, since its small and black, works
well as a concealed weapon.

Feb 10 @ 8:30PM  
I currently dont own a gun. Thanks to a recent divorce. Why do men always think they get the guns... My last one was a Bersa Thunder a 38 pistol. Which I will get another one and do still have a concealed weapons permit.

Feb 10 @ 8:35PM  
Ruger 44 mag with a 7" barrel- Black Hawk

Barrette 32 Auto - boot gun, or throw away

9 mm Auto shoulder holster - Colt

Remington 30.06 Rifle W -Scope

13" sawed off shot gun, double barrel - Remington

38 daringer

30:30 lever action

And a 7" pistol inside my zipper

Feb 10 @ 8:57PM  
I own the kind that hit shit and fuck it up severely.

Feb 10 @ 8:57PM  
crap...never had a gun and never will! peace, make love....

Feb 10 @ 9:00PM  
When I was in the army ...about a thousand years weapon of choice was the Bren gun ..with front kick and very accurate ...not sure if they still use them

Feb 10 @ 9:12PM  
Wouldn't you friggin like to know ! Just try and invade my home MF and you'll find out !

Feb 10 @ 9:14PM  
well, im Canadian, and grew up in a small town..... so ya

Feb 10 @ 9:15PM  
well said wtxman

Feb 10 @ 9:23PM  
Well being a poor Country boy living in Metro Atlanta, all I currently own is a Stevens Savage 22 LR and a Mossburg 16 Ga passed down to me by my father and a crossbow given to me by some friends in CA.. My ex didn't want me to have any guns in the house even though she grew up with 2 brothers and a dad that hunted all the time.


Feb 10 @ 9:39PM  
Convicted felons can't own a gun.....leaves me out!

Feb 10 @ 10:43PM  
I have a Federal Interarms .380 auto and Ruger 22 revolver that I carry under a permit and have several collectible rifles including an unbreached John Wayne Winchester 30/30 Long rifle. There is a long and very interesting story behind this rifle and how it came to me and why it means more than anything I own. I'll have to share it with you sometime. I also have a Remington 22 long rifle, Smith and Corona 30 06, Glock 50 cal., and my first gun a Remington 12 guage single shot. I have many more, but these all mean something in my life to me and bring back memories of special people that either gave them to me or I inhierited from relatives. You know what, one of these days I am just going to write a fuckin' autobiography of my entire and everywhere I been and everything I have done.

Feb 10 @ 10:56PM  
I ain't tellin! I've a few that's all I'm sayin. I will be going to the range early in the morning to teach a bunch of security guards how to use theirs. Hopefully I will make it back home with no extra holes in my body.

13" sawed off shot gun, double barrel - Remington
Uh Oh....have ya had a knock on yer door yet?!! You will, advertizin such things as that..........and it won't be a pleasant visit. Unless you have the very expensive license and authorizing paperwork for that class III weapon they will take you to the iron bar hotel for a long long vacation.

crap...never had a gun and never will! peace, make love....
Well Lillin, I hope that works for you. I Have taught several women who felt the same way until just a few days before they came to class to get their carry permit. Something tragic changed their minds. Most were very lucky to have survived that tragic incident. It is tough teaching someone how to shoot when they have tears rolling down their face. Takes a lot of time and patience. It would be much easier if they came to class when they were calm and emotionally stable.


Feb 10 @ 11:17PM  
I prefer really sharp knives

Feb 10 @ 11:37PM  
Grenade launcher, just have to get close. Works well with deer too, one shot and you can get several. And does not do bad during fishing season...

Feb 11 @ 12:08AM  
Been working on a thermonuclear device in my 2nd bedroom for months now and can't quite get this one little adjustment right- tweak, tweak, tweak.......


Feb 11 @ 1:08AM  
The group KISS had an album called Love Gun in 1977.
I'm contributing a trivia fact because I don't own one yet.

Feb 11 @ 1:11AM  
I'm gonna buy some BULLETS and fire off some ROUNDS. Well lets see a couple versions of the MP5 one with a grenade launcher, basic issued M-16, a nice 12gage, some sawed shotguns, several semi - Auto machine pistols Auuhh they feel off a truck, 4 30.06s, oh and the 50cal hidden in the shed I"m just kiddin I don't own any guns I have a visual impairment, didn't think it would be a good idea but i do admire good craftsmanship, and I'm a bit of a history buf

Feb 11 @ 1:43AM  
I don't know how to shoot a gun...
But I've a close friend who tells me, that's all going to change...
I agree I need to learn..

Feb 11 @ 2:13AM  
Thank You Natasha.

Feb 11 @ 2:29AM  
15 years ago, 45 acp springfield. gov. issue when you're one of the vip entourage. I turn it over everytime I go home, it scares me. It's like honey for flies. It was when NPA almost ruled our countryside.

Feb 11 @ 5:54AM  
Well Strad,
Too many! Don't really want to volunteer that info online! But was trained to use them for the ultimate of accuracy. Roger that!!

Feb 11 @ 6:49AM  
I have a love for my colt .45, in pc sims like medal of honor I have found it to be far superior to a 9mm any day and has that knockdown power! But I'm a red belt now in Kung Fu and learning Chinese broadsword with my training in hand to hand and I use it alot now being taught, but if my life was in danger, most certainly my colt .45!

Feb 11 @ 7:38AM  
Have to agree the Crow! Those .45's are kick ass!

Feb 12 @ 3:59AM  
Don't own a gun. If someone breaks int my house one of the posts on my bed comes off and will make a very nice bludgeoning weapon

Feb 12 @ 4:33PM  
The gun that always likes to stay on top.

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What Type of Gun Do You Own?