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posted 2/10/2007 1:13:18 AM |
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What are the requirements for "hooking up? I was chatting with a man from a "dating" site, not even this one...and after a very short time, he wanted to make a date to meet...and he wanted to know if i was really up for some"action"....well, I am a healthy, adult woman, with adult desires, however, we have not even talked on the phone...i dont know much about him and certainly cannot make a promise to have sex with someone i have only seen one pic might think this is a sexy idea (to "hook up" with a virtual stranger), however, there are legimate concerns...he might be crazy, who knows (and i might be crazy too..wait...hmm)...and to me, male or female, if you are that quick to bed someone that you dont know, the health risks are great...i told him, just go and pick someone else up...he siad "i will"...whew...glad i didnt agree to meet him...

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Feb 10 @ 1:19AM  
thats the world of online dating. most people dont want to take the time to get to know someone foirst . its like lets screw then get to know each other

Feb 10 @ 1:19AM  
I have had an experience like that, not on this site, but the guy also had the nerve to tell me " you will NEVER find anyone if you are not willing to put out on the first date"

Wow, there are some real winners out there, and its better to be safe than sorry! Everyone should stick with their gut instincts, and someone pressuring you to do anything you dont want isnt worth it!

Feb 10 @ 1:20AM  
Yeah, why meet him when he was too cheap to buy you a virtual gift!!

Feb 10 @ 2:25AM  
I agree with ya, I would want to know that person a little more over time before doing anything sexual with them.

Feb 10 @ 2:31AM  
I agree, you have to take chances, otherwise this internet encounter stuff just won't work. I have met several women online and enjoyed great encounters with them. Sometimes there was sex on the first date, sometimes there was just a lot of nude intimacy (prolonged foreplay without leading to sex).

The key seems to be in at least getting a good intro dialogue going online. After a month or so of chatting, then you make a judgement as to weather the person is worth going out to meet. Good luck to you.

Feb 10 @ 2:35AM  
I have seen that many times. First I never meet without a phone call. Second ALWAYS always meet in a public place. The only way they even get to think about sex on a first actual date (public meets dont always count as a date) is after I have known them and talked with them for a long time and he has proven himself not to be a complete dumb ass.

Feb 10 @ 2:56AM  
Good for you lil!

Nothin worse than a maggot looking to feed.

Feb 10 @ 2:58AM  
I met a girl on reg Match Dr. I wasn't having much luck here. I sent a message and she never thought much of it. it was a simple "let you know I exist" message.
next day (or was it the next hour) I wrote her again. she responded and after a few exchanges we decided to meet at a near by park. we have since become best friends.

Feb 10 @ 5:24AM  
I have never meet anyone online then in person yet. under my naked profiles... guess i am just here for the fun of it - to release some tension, solo/phone/cyber sex... but a real meet would be good - would have to at least talk on the phone first.

got to be careful hon - yes there are crazys... out there

Feb 10 @ 6:46AM  
I don't blame you for not wanting to meet up. Like you I have to get to know a person first and do not expect to have sex on a first, or even a second date. If practicably possible I would want to talk on the phone first too and arrange to meet on neutral territory. I always advise my prospective dates to tell some one close where they are going and advise them to check in with the person not only when they arrive but also during the date too. That way they can feel safe knowing that no harm will come to them.

Feb 10 @ 9:29AM  
Amen to that! I want loads of personal information before I offer to meet up with someone. LOADS... I've watched too many episodes of cop shows..

Feb 10 @ 10:13AM  
smart woman!! and passing the risks...just HOW GOOD could it be without SOME knowledge of eachother??

i told him, just go and pick someone else up...he siad "i will"...whew...glad i didnt agree to meet him...

i'm sure he will and when his thing drops off peein one day......mabye he'll remember YOUR common sense?

Feb 10 @ 11:28AM  
Lil I get that all the time wanting to meet up and you have just met them online....If he had met you in the grocery store and liked you upon meeting you,,, do you think he would have asked you for a dinner date or a quickie......Just because we are women on the web does not always mean sex..especially on the first date and let there be a first date then proceed.....see where that takes you.....Good Blog...Kudo goes out to you not that it's worth anything....but worth the mention of the Good Blog....

Feb 11 @ 12:36AM  
I work for a dating service!!!! you would flip if you herd the stories of the dangerous stuff that has happend to some of the women that tried to meet someone online....Some of the poor women will never speek again.....RIP!!!!

Feb 11 @ 3:49AM  
Well, I understand your concern on this, because you do have to be extremely careful in this day and age indeed.

Now, let's get down to the good stuff:

There are NO rules. Except, the ones YOU make! Wow, not hard at all. For this type of thing, cover the bases and set not only the tone but the gameplan, and SAY IT. Send that gameplan out to prospective males, and if they no likey, they can hit the damn virtual road. I know in less than 5 minutes whether I will meet with the other person or not. It is that easy.

Why people make this more complicated than it is will forever be beyond me. I have had 3 meetings from here, and 35 in the last 2 years (different sites). It is always the same, I say what I got, send my stats, and pics if they want.

They say what they want, send me their stats, and pics if they like, and we go from there. I have met women with no photos at all, and do the initial meet and greet followed by sex and everything went just fine and we have fun. I work ONLY on the expectation of sex at the first meeting. And I am happy to say it works just fine. I have met them at motels, in cars, you name it.

It boils down to what YOU say YOU want, and how verbal you are right off the top on it. You have to know what a male wants when he speaks to you on one of these sites: sex. Not difficult, not hard, but what YOU want to get out of it is up to YOU.

Health risks: I get myself checked regularly. Safe sex is a MUST. If you have doubts about any of this, simply don't do it. Trust your gut, it never fails. BE SPECIFIC on everything you want or do NOT want. The when, where, how and why. Leave NOTHING to the imagination, or you will get exactly what you do not want.

Specify you want "meet and greets" in public places. Literally meet, greet, and kick them to the curb if you do not like them. I am happy to say I have never had a "walker" yet. I am extremely detailed about myself, and that is exactly why.

Above all, remember WHERE you are, a "hook-up NSA" site. Expect the unexpected, and try to learn and enjoy it. That is how I see it.

So, go have fun!

King and Mr. Wang

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