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What was your first word?

posted 2/9/2007 6:18:54 PM |
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tagged: pop, soda, cola, straddle

What was your first word when you first learned to speak? I wouldn't be surprised if my first word had been pepsi. But I don't think it was, and to be honest, I really don't know what my first word was. What about you?

Also, are you a pepsi or coke person? And do you refer to it as pop, soda, or cola?
I'm a pepsi person and we call it pop around where I live.

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Feb 9 @ 6:28PM  
My first word was mama.

Diet Coke, and though most call it pop where I live, I prefer soda.

Feb 9 @ 6:39PM  

Coke - as the other 1/2 of a brandy and coke

Pop or soda.


Feb 9 @ 6:42PM  
my first word was NO

diet coke is a soda

Feb 9 @ 6:44PM  
My first word was...Beer

Diet Coke

Most people here say Pop or Soda Pop

Feb 9 @ 6:57PM  
dont know mine, but my nephew's was pizza and my son's was Bubba (my brothers nickname)

Feb 9 @ 7:01PM  
I don't know what my first word was but I refer to Coke or Pepsi as Coke or Pepsi. I prefer Pepsi to Coke though only if it is the unflavoured (as in Coke and lime) kind then I like both. I would like to see the return of the real Coca-cola (minus the cocaine though) as the modern stuff just doesn't taste the same. Good god I am showing my age there too.

Feb 9 @ 7:06PM  
I have no clue what my first word was. I prefer coke zero, and refer to all generic as soda.

Feb 9 @ 7:09PM  
lol my first word was mine.

I'd have to say I'm a coke person and I call it by brand rather then soda or pop..

Feb 9 @ 7:31PM  
damned if I know, I'd call moms but my lick my dad would answer.... so I'll guess it was something like douchebaggery!

Feb 9 @ 8:08PM  

First word - yumyum

Drnk - Vernor's Ginger Ale

call it - good

Feb 9 @ 8:21PM  
Drink - Vernor's Ginger Ale

Ooooh, good stuff... Vernor's rocks!! Diet for me though!! Damned diabetes anyways

Feb 9 @ 9:25PM  
PK diabetes ? I knew you were toooo sweet.

Feb 9 @ 9:33PM  

Regular Coca Cola (Though doing the dew is a happy time for me)


Feb 9 @ 9:40PM  
no idea wha my first word was I'll have to ask my mom, and Coca Cola!! I am a coke addict!!!! and I call it pop, wonder where the term pop comes from????

Feb 9 @ 9:49PM  
I LOVE Pepsi..... and it is soda.... not damn pop...... soda!!!!... or at least in New York!!!!!.....

as far as my first word...... my husband says that it must of been COCK!!!!!!!!!

Feb 9 @ 10:26PM  
Think my first word was fuck! And I prefer Pepsi. And it's pop. When I lived in Florida I had to correct people all the time.

Feb 9 @ 10:30PM  
My first word was "indica". And, I drink Mt. Dew and calls it pop as well. But, I like Faygo pretty well too. I remember this song by ICP that says, "Send your moms out to the store and tell that bitch to bring back a Faygo"

Feb 9 @ 10:47PM  
SCOTCH - A Johnny Walker Black Please. On the rocks.

Feb 9 @ 10:59PM  
My First word was 'Coogog' - if you can call that a word. It was my attempt at saying 'Cookie'. I was a big fan of Vanilla Wafers from a very early age. That must be how I got my fat, round ass.

We say soda here, but where I come from in Eastern KY, we always said Pop.

And I like DIET PEPSI. Or Diet 7-Up.

If I am going to drink a soda or a pop with sugar in it though (I rarely do)
I like Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola.

I am odd.


Feb 9 @ 11:11PM  
first word "mama"

Pepsi, and whatever soda we call it Pepsi

I'm back shawn I do't know for how long

Feb 10 @ 12:05AM  
I don't know but I'm giving you a kudo because you keep coming up with these cool blog ideas.

Feb 10 @ 1:17AM  
I might have said alot of things that only I knew the meaning of, but my first legitimate word was Mom. Though I think my second word was much more entertaining. My mom says my brother tought me to say "shit". He found that very funny. He would point at everything and tell me "shit", so very soon everything became "shit" to me. It took my Mom several months to get me to stop saying it.
As far as SODA is concerned, I am a Dr. Pepper fan. If the choice is coke or pepsi, then I pick coke. Goes very well with whiskey, rum and also makes a great marinade for baby backs.

Feb 10 @ 6:20AM  
My first word actually was Pop. (As in soda pop.) And when I was still drinking it I like the highly acidic Pepsi.

Feb 10 @ 9:07PM  
I have no idea what my first word was,but give me rum and coke any day.

Feb 11 @ 7:01AM  
my first word? I think it was "POPO" (For pappa) LOL!
as for my pop? I love Mountain dew orange or a good Pepsi! hehe! Crow.

Feb 12 @ 2:19AM  
My first word, like my both my daughters, was Dada.
I prefer Mountain dew. Cola drinks play hell with my acid reflux
I say screw the establishment. i call it neither soda or pop. i call it by it's name, or in the case of generics, that generic shit

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What was your first word?