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What do women want in a profile?

posted 2/9/2007 2:53:04 AM |
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I have actually been thinking about asking this question for a few days now. I have read many blogs and even posted to a few. I see lots of women complaining about different email they get from guys. My question is When a woman looks at a guys profile, what is it that makes her want to contact the guy? Is it the pictures that are posted or is it really the words the guy writes? Many women say that want a guy to be honest, but I have to ask, How honest is too honest? Is it really honesty a woman wants or do you really want the guy that looks like he could pose for Playgirl? Is an average looking guy that takes his time to get to know more about you and do the things required to ensure you are satisfied in the bedroom or where ever it happens worth your time more so than the Playgirl poser that looks good but just wants to slam it to you so he can get off and go to sleep. When you see an average looking guys profile, what is it that you look for to spark your interest to send an email or even reply back to one that was sent to you? Are there women that even make contact with an average guy or are all the Playgirl posers getting all the attention?
This is not meant to offend anyone, just an average guy looking for answers to an honest question? Are there any women that are willing to give an honest answer as to what they look for in a profile that sparks thier interest enough to make contact?

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What do women want in a profile?


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Feb 9 @ 3:10AM  
I am curious about the same thing. I am always honest in my profiles on sites and hardly ever get any attention. Maybe i just smell bad.

Feb 9 @ 3:27AM  
if women told us what they wanted they would have to kill us lol its a matter of national security.good luck and if you find out what women want please let me know .

Feb 9 @ 4:19AM  
We want a glimpse at the real YOU... c'mon guys, how hard is this? We want the same things you want!! Do you really wanna read a bunch of crap that isn't true about us in our profiles? Nope. We don't either!

Feb 9 @ 5:50AM  
Kissy, is right...we want to read about you. Don't brag about your (supposed) sexual prowress. *yawn* Write something that grabs our attention...something that makes you YOU. Spell check, for heaven's sake! Don't write in text slang. I'm sure there's more...and, no, it really isn't about the picture (for me), though having something other than a cock shot for your main picture improves the odds of me bothering to read any further.

Feb 9 @ 9:22AM  
FREE AMD is fading fast. It costs money to start a free interactive website and can be paid for thru advertising. When advertising doesn't pay they pull their adds. Because of the lack of honest women here,the ones that bitch and moan,play games,want tell you what it takes to catch interest are the ones that are the least interested in what you are looking for,dating. Even the costly pay sites are very questionable about that....E Harmony/AFF are just two of too many./// Look around at the # of blogs they post,subject matter,# of posts and a pattern emerges. Same old boring houswives,same old faces,same old crap just worded differently male/female. Flatter me,kiss my big ass,tell me how sexy,witty,funny,beautiful,etc,etc,etc,,etc,etc,etc,etc, truely borrrringinging.

Feb 9 @ 10:00AM  
First of all a Current photo to start with so you really know who you are chatting with,,,,Looks are not everything, Looks will diminish,,,,,,,A profile that is complete and essay telling you about himself instead of it being blank,,,,Or I will tell you when we meet....When they make contact,,,,"instead of saying I like your Breast" "Your bedroom eyes" or telling me what they would like to do to me,,,,,Maybe start out by saying Good Morning,,,, or asking how are day went,,,,the same as when you meet on the Street, Grocery Store or a Club,,,,A man would not approach a women in this manner if they were face to face.....Thanks for asking....

Feb 9 @ 10:29AM  
Well I think you are a nice man and your profile is good!! Ladies in the Atlanta area if you reading this, this one is a good guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 9 @ 10:39AM  
They dont care about your silly profile, what they really want is a VIRTUAL GIFT!!!

Feb 9 @ 11:45AM  
How honest is too honest? Well women don't seem to like it when you let them know they are plain janes.

Feb 9 @ 12:50PM  
It's not in how you look. That may spark general interest. But, look at me, I'm nothin special to look at. I'm simple, average at best. Yet, I find no trouble in picking up women.
It's how you LOOK at them. Eye contact. Not looking at tits and ass so much as the person inside. You have to look at them in a certain way. Even if it's only sexually. You have to be able to 'connect' with them.
To women, sex is a lot differant than to men. It needs meaning, depth and a gratification to them as a person. The whole person. I.E.- you have to make love to their mind before you ever get to the body. Otherwise, you'll go home alone.
It's not in how you look. It's how you carry yourself.

Feb 9 @ 1:16PM  
The fact is that every woman's answer is going to be different. At least a little.

Yes, there are going to be some who want the model/movie star good looks. There are going to be some who want to know what your dick looks like right off the bat. There are some who are going to be looking to see if there is even a glimmer of a real person behind the profile. Still others will look for a sense of humor. We are all different in what we are looking for and you can't please everyone.

For me... I want to see at least a glimmer of the real person behind the profile and I want to see a sense of humor. I don't care what you look like. I don't care what ya dick looks like either.

Feb 9 @ 2:16PM  
I just want to Thank everyone that has posted a comment to this blog. Most of you have given some really good comments and I truely appreciate each and every one of them. At least I know that they is at least a glimmer of a chance that there is someone out here that will actually send me a response someday. You folks are great and even if I don't find someone to hang out with in real life, at least I have all your wonderful blogs and the forums to look forward to. Again Thank you very all your comments.. AMD rocks.....

Feb 9 @ 2:22PM  
I actually get pretty good feedback from mine, bro. Ur welcome 2 check it out



May 24 @ 9:18PM  
I can't speak for "all" women, but i can speak for myself as a woman. When i look at the profile, a big no go for me is a picture of a mans penis That is NOT who a man is, and i don't want that to be the first thing or the second or third i see, i also dont want to hear all about how "wonderful" you are in bed, or how great you look.....what i want is to know the real you, if you like star wars say so, if you like shrek say so, if you like to watch cartoons, etc.etc. just be real....let me know what You like, and what you want....and i want to be able to read through your words that you are open minded.....i dunno if that made sense, but good luck in your searches

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What do women want in a profile?