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Virtual gifts.

posted 2/8/2007 8:57:46 PM |
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What in the world!? Lol, these things are so silly and pointless, yet the mindless rabble of newbies is going to buy into it, literally, and feed the machine. I'm just hoping that AMD lets us keep our free stuff (that they haven't already taken away). If you want to give me a virtual gift, just write me a sweet message, don't buy "virtual gift credits" to send me a clip art picture of something that is just going to annoy me. But whatever, ya know. AMD is just trying to make money to keep everything running smoothly, so I guess its not a bad thing, just a silly thing. I'm not even sure why I'm writing about this at all....maybe its because I subconsciouly want to get back into the bloggin swing or some shit like that.'s my virtual gift to all of you out there in blog land..... and, just kidding..... .

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Feb 8 @ 9:06PM  
This is what happens when ya let accountants steer the boat.... the internet .... as I know it ... a place for the grass roots... to meet ... to share... to exchange ideas in a free form fourm is dead .... any one who has been on-linefor any time will know this ... and btw ... al gore did not invent the internet ... milions of ppl across this planet did. Now ... its only another great vast waistland to provide a platform to deliver advertising. And we have to pay for that service too.


Master Gry

Feb 8 @ 9:16PM  
I just looked at those and that has to be the silliest thing I have ever seen!!!!

Feb 8 @ 9:22PM  
I see it as nothing more or less than concessions at a event - novelty stuff. I don't see the big deal. Why complain they're there? Just walk by if you're not interested, you know what I mean?

Feb 8 @ 9:24PM  
Oh - I didn't mean YOU carrie..I mean you in a collective sense! Sorry for any confusion!!!

Feb 8 @ 9:31PM  
axy dear ... the big deal is ... its not one event... isolated and complete unto its self ... its one step in a series of steps ... and its not the last dear.

"Eaither we hang together ... or we are going to "hang" together" - Ben Franklin


Master Gry

Feb 8 @ 9:47PM  
i probably don't have alotta room to talk till i go gold but it's hard to complain bout all the things these folks are doing to try and make the place soooo many of us come to play n have far as i know its' NOT a bad word yet in like SxzeBBW said...we don't have to buy em' hell i gota figure out where it is so i can even SEE EM'
where they at?

ohhh and GryGoast.....i understand your comment/idea...problem i see with it as much as i'm for stickin up for rights is they have the right to feed their families n if they don't figure out a way to make a good profit either a) ALL free shit will go away or b) the whole site will go down the tubes.............just simple math........i know NOBODY here (including me) goes to work for free..i'm pretty sure the 'bear' n 'beachball' (who approved my new pic in a thank you from me is in order to amd) they gota make money here..

IF that sounded like bitching or be it....i DO have an bout all our collective ideas focase on ideas on how they CAN be profitable without us HAVING to go gold?
just a i'm gona go look for the gift shop lol

Feb 8 @ 10:11PM  
eh, i can take it or leave all that stuff

Feb 8 @ 10:13PM  
it'd be cooler if the site actually shipped the stuff to ya....

Feb 8 @ 11:22PM  
Think of it as a "wink" that they spent money to send you. you were worth more then a freebie?

Feb 8 @ 11:28PM  
Boat!!! Where is the boat?! oh.... eh there are still a few completely free sites out there so it isn't so bad yet. hehe.
Here have a virtual rose.

Feb 8 @ 11:31PM  
Looks like silly stuff to me. Probably women will just get offended if you send some of these as the first thing. Hope they don't take away any free stuff we have now.

Feb 9 @ 12:50AM  
The problem with AMD is they're using the wrong architecture. If they went with a LAMP solution, I bet they wouldn't have half the trouble they have now. Currently AMD is running on a Microsoft platform (IIS 6.0 to be exact). As everyone knows, Windows is a resource hog, and they're probably running it on SBS2003 too. You have to pay for SBS2003 so there is a cost right there that they have an overhead on, plus the maintenance of a Windows system is much more than a Linux system, IMHO. Anyway, you don't want to discuss that...well, if you do tell them and I will start a discussion blog.

Feb 9 @ 6:10AM  
I think the virtual gift idea is crap. Other sites use this and it seems so pointless, maybe I am just being grumpy too.

Feb 9 @ 11:05AM  
I'd have to agree w/ FWP... It's a step up from the "freebie" but it also keeps our site as free as it is right now... not a big problem i suppose, and a helpful feature to the lot of us, AND keeps us still doing what we are all doing now, and can cherish doing now. I know I'm still pretty new to this site, but I gotta say, it really doesn't hurt my experience...

Heck, maybe I'll get a virtual gift one day and finally not run into a spam trap... That'd be sweet! Porn companies put out money for spam? If they're droppin' some bucks they must be hurtin' for cash! And we'll figure it out before we hit that "purchase" button anyways... So it's going to be easier to spot real people this way too

And also, like Sxze said, ya can just ignore it too, if ya don't like it. It's not like there's some nasty sweaty carnival guy yellin' at ya sayin' "Hey there you look like you got a nice throwin' arm, wanna knock down these bottles & win a prize for ya lady???"--Frankly I'm a twig, but yes, I can throw a ball... but who is that sweaty hairy guy to judge? I'm sure he's not blind, but damn man, I'm not made of money!!!

... Ok tangent anybody?

Feb 9 @ 12:50PM  
I want everyone in this blog to send me a virtual gift so I can decide whether or not they are a good feature...

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