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Story part VI

posted 2/8/2007 5:49:15 PM |
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Caesar must not have noticed because he was going to pour some milk in it for the child. Amy revolted told him what had happened and Caesar put the tainted bottle briefly under the tap water then resumed filling it up. It was a difficult task because the sink was full of dirty dishes. Caesar called for the girl and she came running blanket and all. Her thumb was soon replaced by the bottle and she resumed her vigil by the TV. Caesar told Amy to wait and he disappeared into his back room closing the door. He came back with two tiny bags filled with a black substance. It was the heroin. Amy grabbed them mashing them slightly with her fingers. “This shit better be better than last time.” Amy said with a hint of anger. Caesar seemed to be genuinely hurt by the accusation. “I assure you this is primo stuff from my own stash.” He then pointed to Amy’s hand the one with the heroin in it “This shit is going to make up for last time I swear.” Amy thought he was full of shit but there really was nothing she could do. It wasn’t like she could make a police complaint or anything. She opened her purse and put the horse at the bottom. In leaving she could hear the lock and the deadbolt being engaged.
(Keep out all trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law) the sign on the fence declared alarmingly. It was the last sentinel of the abandoned apartment complex. It was like a dead god everyone knew but none no longer feared. It might have had significance and meaning in the real world but not here in the dregs. This was a no man’s land of drugs, illicit sex, and a refuge for the homeless and the forgotten. The law here was like an appliance unplugged from the power source feeble and useless. Amy easily climbed through the gash torn into the fence. Walking down a gentle slope the warning notice was soon gone and forgotten.
The abandoned complex was a miniature ghost town. Everywhere there was signals of life that used to be but now no longer existed. Amy laugh at that think how that was an allegory for her own life. It was strange how the like called to the like. It seemed almost right that she should be here. It was a perfect mirror of her existence a burnt out shell of it’s previous self Amy thought creepily. The tall four story buildings were a landscape unto themselves. One did not walk amongst them but was rather absorbed by them. Broken windows and shattered doors bespoke of the desperation and angst that dwelt amongst the ruins. Everywhere were pools of darkness hiding the unknown and the strange. A sound frantic and demanding reached Amy’s ears startling her. It was hard to place where it was exactly because of the acoustics of the place. It was growing in tempo struggling to reach a crescendo. It seemed to pour from any and all openings. Looking around there was so many smashed windows and broken doors it was impossible for Amy to trace the source of the noise. The sound was half grunt half lunacy struggling to reach an mysterious climax. Amy turned a corner hoping this would put distance between her and the beseeching sound. It didn’t there was a long flat wall in which the sound had echoed and traveled booming across the right angle of the corner. Having rounded it she was now full face with the composer of the resonance. It was an naked man standing in an empty doorway, his body was pale and ragged. Dirt lines streaked down him from the sweat that dripped down his chest and legs. He was masturbating frantically. The man heard Amy approach and turned his head with one big jerk letting out a large animalistic roar. Amy looked shocked into his eyes, they were small and shiny like dimes. The man was flaccid but this did not stop him from his task. Amy walked by him keeping him in sight until finely she left the square in which the man continued to howl.
Looking up at the forth floor she saw the plywood covering the entrance was still intact. That was a good sign. Amy used the abandoned space as her own. It was the closest thing she had to a home. And like any home contained some of her personal belongings. Amy had even hung some pictures on the wall. It was one of the few places where the windows were not broke and the front door smashed in. For the time being it offered some serenity and protection against the hostile world. She was sure like all the rest though it would not last long and she would be on the go again. The plywood moved easily as Amy pushed open the front door. She gingerly placed the plywood back placing some empty bottles around the edges. If anyone attempted to move it the bottles would fall hopefully notifying Amy of trouble. The place was dark even though Amy had punctured some holes in the plywood covering the windows. On bright sunny days the light would stream through like bullets causing the space to radiate with light. Now though the place was just cold and dark. With a quick flick and a short spark a warm globe of illumination sprang from Amy’s lighter. She followed the light to the bedroom and lit some candles laying on the floor. A square not able to be seen in the dark emerged as the candles sprang to life. It was an old mattress Amy had drug into the abandoned bedroom and was now using as a bed. It was neatly made with covers and pillows resting nicely at the top. In the middle of the bed by the pillows was a brown teddy bear looking only slightly worse for wear. Amy fell heavily onto the mattress exhausted by the day and by life in general.

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Feb 8 @ 6:19PM  
Still hanging on, waiting for the next installment!! Excellant, descriptive work!

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Story part VI