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This is what women get here...

posted 2/7/2007 8:09:54 PM |
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Just for the record, this is the type of response i got from a 51 yo man when I told him that I do not need this site to get laid...anyone wonder why women dont reply to e-mail???

FYI, I don't need a fuckin' date site to get laid. You DO, you wrinkled old fuckin' wornout cunt!

Actually, I just noticed your age. NO FUCKIN' WAY THAT I WOULD FUCK A 'ALL FUCKED OUT" 50 YO.

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This is what women get here...
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Feb 7 @ 8:14PM  
who the hell sent this to you? what a fuckin' douche bag. i hate men like this...they need to drop of the one will miss them. sorry you had to deal with that.

Feb 7 @ 8:19PM  
report him, best you can do and well what is he doing on here.

Feb 7 @ 8:34PM  
Wrinkles? What wrinkles? Obviously this guy needs not only to have his head examined, but perhaps needs to investigate coke-bottle bottom glasses!
B-L-O-C-K !

Feb 7 @ 8:34PM  
BTW...i did report him...

Feb 7 @ 8:37PM  
I don't know, but I really like your undies...

Feb 7 @ 8:37PM  
Um... is he looking at the same booty I'm looking at? Time for him to get those cataracts dealt with.

Feb 7 @ 8:53PM  
Just another little boy with serious rejection issues.

Looking at your photo, I would be happy to be next to you with your lovely shape that you have (what I can see anyway)!!

I know he pissed you off but hell, he's not EVEN worth a second thought!

Feb 7 @ 8:54PM  
To the guy who wrote that awful e-mail...
I’m getting close to 50...Watch your backside buddy...
I would love to put my size 7 boot .up your ass..

Feb 7 @ 8:57PM  
keep trying BelAir with that one liner you keep feeding her- you just might succeed!

Feb 7 @ 9:03PM  
That is one fine 50 year old ass....

Feb 7 @ 9:04PM  
What an asshole. I'm glad U found that out with so little effort on Ur part. What a shame (4 him) that he will now never get 2 find out what a bright, articulate and BEAUTIFUL woman U are. I'm sure glad I did.



Feb 7 @ 9:05PM  
seems just ONE MORE FUCK BOY has joined .........ya gota wonder how much long hard cock went up his ass to make him have such a hatefull attitude now??? hmm wait!?!? THAT'S why he's mad at ya dumblond!! he was hoping you were transgender n were lay bout 9'' of pipe up his dumbass.........*ponders...''isn't there a law against someone like that to waste our air?*

Feb 7 @ 9:06PM  
and they wonder why we get testy with them in our e-mail responses

Feb 7 @ 9:22PM  
Hmmmmm bet i can guess who you got that from. Is it the same man (and i use that term loosly) that likes to post multiple blogs per day, and post negative comments on everyone elses?

Feb 7 @ 9:33PM  
Tell ya what, i'd kill to have an ass like that when i'm 50. Oh lets be honest here, i'd kill to have an ass like that now!

Feb 7 @ 10:00PM  
WHAT A DICK ........AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 7 @ 10:03PM  

Feb 7 @ 10:43PM  
he is 51 and calling you wrinkled and worn out ????? Do men age differntly than the ladies? Perhaps a reality check is in store for him ....

Sorry people are mean to ya though .... thats why I took that auto response off my blogs...... someone has to be ugly I dont care if you post about something as silly as chewing gum ...... some f'n NUT has got to be mean .......

Feb 7 @ 10:55PM  
I agree with Belle I would kill to have an ass like yours!!!

Feb 7 @ 11:01PM  
FTR, women are not the only ones on here that get negative messages like that. I've had a couple of women send me some very vitriolic emails. One was because I didn't want to enter into any sort of email (or more) relationship with her as she didn't meet who I was looking for on here. The second situation was because I called someone out as a spammer in the forums. (She ended up being just that and a mod must have nuked her as she's gone now.)

Feb 7 @ 11:19PM  
I love my gender. Like george bush loves gays.
I think there are a few good men out there, but don't look at me, I get told all the time I am an asshole.

Feb 7 @ 11:20PM  
Now that is one dumbass for saying that stuff.......

Feb 8 @ 2:05AM  
I'm sure that you'll sign my petition for.....
[B]Retroactive Abortion . . .


Feb 8 @ 3:11AM  
_I_'m 51.....!!!
MY response to you is . . .
. . . Sit On My Face And I'll Follow You ANYwhere...!!! . . .
. . . . !!!

Feb 8 @ 7:13AM  
It is best to ignore the undesirables and focus on the cool folks as they matter and jerks (and bitches) come with territory.
Next time you encounter one like that, get their phone number. Then about an hour of gorging at Taco Bell, you can call him and rip a big fart into phone so there can be an asshole to asshole conversation.

Feb 8 @ 7:33AM  
Next time you encounter one like that, get their phone number.

ahhh but a better idea would be once you have that number....send it to ME .......unlimited long distance n no sleep pattern....lordy can i be a pest.....

Feb 8 @ 8:09AM  
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a bra and wear it.....a simple un-fuck you would've been enough

Feb 8 @ 9:12AM  
Is this "dirt bag" looking at the same pic as me? Sorry you and the other fine women of AMD have to deal with this crap all the time. Remeber that there are many of us men here that love and respect you ; and enjoy your presence here. I don't think age has anything to do with this guys problem; I suspect that he has been like this for a long time, and the only sex he is getting is from himself.

Feb 8 @ 10:53AM  
That guy must have been looking at his private parts when he called u wrinkled.
Some older men can't handle the pressure of being alone and just crack up sooner or later. I'm over 50 and have not had to deal with these kind of nuts cause I am very careful about who i talk to . BE CAREFUL GIRLS

Feb 8 @ 1:27PM  
Well........might not have even been a "51 y/o male" with anything internet profiles can be made to look anyway. I'm sorry though for the biatch that couldn't show you some courtesy and respect. Oh..and please respond to us fellows that message you! Your delicious......


Feb 8 @ 5:18PM  
chestfever.........yet ANOTHER bitch boy heard of....if he writes the women the dopy shit he writes me...i REALY feel for the women on this stie and i'm damn glad there are some good men here to make up for for that little bitch.......he's gone as far as to threaten...and here i wait....but....fuckboys just talk bout it.......they never can find their balls to do something bout it..........but it was pointed out in an email.......i'm pretty easy to find....and i'm prepared to get LOTS easier to find....

Feb 8 @ 7:20PM  
Dang..hit the wrong key...I'm 54

Hang gurl,


Feb 10 @ 7:20AM  
DAMN! hey u see any pics of his cock? I heard before that some men that have bad attitutes... have small dicks.

Feb 22 @ 1:23PM  
An idiot like him,gives us decent guys(I do hope I fit thatbill) a bad name, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest his hair while the camels are fucking him,with sand in the lube. Such ignorance and rudeness is intolerable for anyone and am sorry you received such evil crap.

Mar 12 @ 12:33AM  
to top it off the needs glass's ... very thich one's ....worn out.. he's 51 ?????


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This is what women get here...