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Blog Hogs!

posted 2/7/2007 4:51:36 AM |
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tagged: straddle, sex, scammers

Usually people on here are pretty good, respectful to others, and considerate for the most part. But every now and then you have people who abuse blogging with posting so many at once on here who are spammers, scammers, and oneliner blogs from some of the same people as of late trying to broadcast searching for sex and looking to trade pics who have never blogged before up until recently.

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Feb 7 @ 5:06AM  
Blog hogs

Feb 7 @ 6:57AM  
Have to agree with ya Strad! especially when they Crappie! notice all the comments!

Feb 7 @ 7:00AM  
OH YEAH, and the VIEWS???????????????

Feb 7 @ 7:03AM  
Blog Hogs are rude....but personaly I just get really tired of looking at the same annoying pic several times in a row.

Feb 7 @ 7:07AM  
KSK, ya mean that shlongy look

Feb 7 @ 7:42AM  
I can see where they might start to limit how many blogs a person can post in a day or within a certain time frame...might not be such a bad idea, ya know?

Feb 7 @ 7:43AM  

Feb 7 @ 7:44AM  
Sxze.....I agree, 3 should be the daily limit!

Feb 7 @ 7:47AM  
That is a very good idea.

Feb 7 @ 9:00AM  
It maybe wouldn't be so bad if they had something important to say....I am also tired of seeing a certain Male posting negative remarks on every blog he reads,,,,I really find Negative Remarks towards the blogger RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to all that read it.....If you don't have anything nice to say go to the next blog,,,,or better yet,,,,stay off the blogs until you can play nice.....Just my opinion...Good one Shawn...Kudo goes out to you

Feb 7 @ 9:45AM  
GOOD ONE.......and pretty much one of my thoughts...some of that is what's making reading the blogs every day starting to be boaring...or as Lena says.............

really find Negative Remarks towards the blogger RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to all that read it.....If you don't have anything nice to say go to the next blog

or to put it in MY own words....''if ya got nothing to say....SHUT THE FUCK UP !"
damn one liners......or useless drivel........

Feb 7 @ 9:47AM  
Sxze you are sexy! that makes me feel the intimacy( new photo) Wow! and Wowee! but back to HOG Blogs!! Wait a minute where was I !!!!!! Ah Ah!! Strad you always have to pick up on something! OH yeah!! Back to Hog Blogs They're just HOGS boss!!!!! ( ) for SXZE( ) for you!!!

Feb 7 @ 10:12AM  
( Always gets scared when Master Straddle is mad ....runs and hides under the bed shaking) ......Seriously though.....yeah bro I know what you mean...totaly agree......dey oughtta be a law

Feb 7 @ 10:16AM  
I wonder why the BlogHog has not yet commented on this Post.

Feb 7 @ 11:32AM  
I enjoy reading what people have to say. I really do. But, like Straddle points out, when you see multiple blogs from the same person on the same day, makes you wonder, "Does this person really have a life?"
I've been a member here for over six years now, and just a couple days ago posted my first blog. It was about something that actually happened to me, not something I sat in front of the computer and search for on the 'net.
I personally like the blogs that have a personal overtone, as well as some of the jokes. But even the joke posting gets pretty old after a while....
Just sunshine's 2 cents (oh god, I used DS's number 2 instead of typing out the word for the number two! What does that mean? )

Feb 7 @ 1:08PM  
exactly!!!! doesn't people ever know etiquettes or maybe common sense mothefuckkah I forgot there's just a dick with a head

Feb 7 @ 1:38PM  
So I guess everyone is calling me a blog hog huh lol................

Feb 7 @ 2:53PM  
I felt a slight twinge of paranoia and then I realized that there are TEN blogs preceding yours by the same idiot. I'm more of a "comment" hog meself!

Feb 7 @ 5:06PM  
yeah...ill go with you on this one...fucking hogs! lol. Seriously though, it is kind of rude.

Feb 7 @ 5:19PM  
I agree, tired of the blog hogs, if its the one I think it is I personally stopped reading him and wouldn't be surprised if others do to.

Feb 7 @ 5:34PM  
Hmmmmm well i guess i'll just sit back and ummmm shut the fuck up

Feb 7 @ 6:44PM  
hallefreakingluia... obviously, I agree!

Feb 7 @ 7:53PM  
aint that the FUCKING truth.....

Feb 8 @ 11:14PM  
yah i have notice a few.. and what they have to blog about i find kind of dull...
sometimes i think they just want to put any thing out there not really knowing what to say.. and if you notice they dont have much feed back in the comment department either....

Feb 1 @ 2:25PM  
espicaly the people who critize the 1 or 2 blogs 1 person posts then goes on to critize the friends and amount of blogging done. had that happen to me last night and the lady took my blog completly out of context. i am trying to get info NOT host a party yet and she thinks i am.

Feb 1 @ 5:08PM  
If a person is advertising for personal gratification, i.e. hook-ups in a certain city or area, the forum is the place to do it. With these you can and should report as abuse.

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