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Swinging, Huh? Sweet Chair U Got!

posted 2/6/2007 6:13:08 PM |
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Well, this seems 2 be the subject of the day, so why the hell not. I, like most men I am sure, enjoy sex in its many different varieties. I find women of all shapes and sizes 2 be desirable and don’t get all freaked out by the idea of another cock being in my vicinity. Although I am not gay, I am old enough 2 realize I can be talked N2 just about anything after four Jack and Cokes (maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I have the feeling wtxman just ran out 2 buy a bottle of Jack Daniels).

My personal experiences with the swinging lifestyle have all been disappointments. The first couple we met wuz pretty much just gross. The second wuz way 2 fucking pushy. When combined with all the looky loos who aren’t sure they want 2 do this and the freaks that I’m not sure I want 2 do it really gets 2 the point that its just not fucking worth it.

What I would like 2 find, in a perfect world, iz a couple we both find attractive who would be down 4 partying on occasion, but would still be our friends otherwise. I know…it seems like a reasonable request, doesn’t it? The reality of the situation iz that no one like that exists. At least, not in my neck of the woods, they don’t.

Duz that mean we are done exploring the swinging lifestyle? I don’t know. We are always looking 2 have fun, and we have been 2gether long enough that we know how 2 have fun even when we happen 2 find ourselves in unpleasant situations. That’s cuz we like each other. We like being around each other and we both like seeing the other happy. Maybe there will come along someone or some ones we will feel that kind of attraction 4. If they do then we will cross that bridge at the time. Until then, we will continue 2 enjoy each other.

I am just thankful I have found some one who iz open enough 2 allow me 2 explore my fantasies without fear of reprisals and that I love her enough 2 allow her 2 do the same. That iz exceedingly rare these daze. I always try 2 remember that if someone else joins us it iz us who iz giving him or her this treat, not the other way around. My wife iz sexy as all hell and can fuck like a banshee when the mood strikes her. Any man would be lucky 2 get the chance 2 find that out first hand. As 4 myself, I may not bee that much 2 look at, but I have been known 2 make a thigh or two shake in my day, so I’m pretty confident any bitch who came our way would be glad she did by the time it wuz all said and done.

The bottom line iz this. When either of us iz fucking we both are, and when both of us are fucking U better look out! Cuz it’s about 2 get slippery up in this motherfucker!


Keeping U posted


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Feb 6 @ 6:24PM  
I'd do ya. I'd do her too.


I WANT DICK IN 2008!!!

*slaps a sticker on his ass*

Feb 6 @ 6:27PM  
This is a very nice blog....well spoken...good job not being in "character" and just being you....I like that a lot....LIKE A LOT! I think I like you alot too! You are a dam cool dude.....dude? R U a dude? Not sure about are two ways about it.....Does this make you Mr. Milf?

Feb 6 @ 6:29PM  
Oh Yea! I WANT DICK IN 2008!

Feb 6 @ 6:29PM  
is it just me or did anyone else pick up that he is a sweet guy!


sticks my ass up in the air hoping PK will put a sticker on it and take her time at it

Feb 6 @ 6:38PM  
I have always tought about doing a trio with a couple. But I am looking for a couple of females, preferably one of them not looking like John Wayne. It never pans out tho although I will pursue the plan.

Feb 6 @ 6:47PM  
Fuck! I'd better hurry up and get back N2 "character"...I'm running the risk of ruining my reputation as an insensitive prick!

Mr. MILF!!! U bitch!


Feb 6 @ 7:00PM  
Brother Slippery, you can read me like a book. Hells Bells man , you wrote the fucking book. I've got the Jackie D,and am ready, able and willing. Christ I'm lu cky you're such a cheap date. And of course another frigging worthless kudo for you.

Feb 6 @ 7:02PM  
Cum to okieland DS we will treat ya both right.

Feb 6 @ 7:04PM  
*caressingly applies a sticker to tlc's ass* Oh BABY!!



Feb 6 @ 7:08PM  
I am too innocent to know what swinging is

All i ll say is

Vote Whig Bitch


Feb 6 @ 7:12PM  
It has just come to my attention that DS "ripped off" one of our members idea for this blog aand didn't have the balls to give her credit for it. I'm talking about kimmies blog. I guess we will have to excuse his lazy ass because he ran out of original ideas long ago, and because of his slight problem with the Jackie D and all that other stuff. Hell he's even taken credit for some of my stuff for christsakes!. When will this madness end?

Feb 6 @ 7:20PM  
Well, this seems 2 be the subject of the day

U really are going 2 have 2 start reading these things, wtxman, and quit just scanning them hoping someone has figured out how 2 post naked pics!!!



Feb 6 @ 7:28PM  
What do you mean read em. I'm from west texas man,and sure don't know how to read ! Now pictures are an entirely different matter,by the way where are the naked pics; quit teasing me man, thats just not right,after all I did buy you that bottle of Jackie D.

Feb 6 @ 7:39PM  
Well, this seems 2 be the subject of the day

woohoo I set the subject for the day

Feb 6 @ 7:57PM  
First.. on topic.. I must say that this is very dejavu-ish for me.. seems like I have been down this road a few times m'self. Swinging and polywhatsit .. hard to find people who are appealing to both at the same time.

2nd.. and semi-on-topic

I Want Dick in 2008

Vote Whig Bitch!

Third and waaaaaaaaaay .. You me and kissy.. bring the wife.. what the hell.. the more the messier!

Feb 6 @ 8:12PM  
You me and kissy.. bring the wife.. what the hell.. the more the messier!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo there!!


I WANT DICK IN 2008!!!

Feb 6 @ 8:21PM  
You me and kissy.. bring the wife.. what the hell.. the more the messier!

It looks 2 me like what we are lacking here is coordination. Can U say Vegas, anybody? But if that ain't working 4 U...I'm flexible! Talk 2 me ladies...we can do this!




Feb 6 @ 9:22PM  
Ponme, did you forget about me already? Kissy you sexy thang you! **hoping for a sticker on the ass too**

DS, bring it on baybee!


I WANT DICK IN 2008!!!


Feb 6 @ 9:55PM  
Sure CUM to Vegas.... I'll get the room ready... we'll show you how to swing baby....

Feb 6 @ 10:02PM  
*sneaks up behind Belle, licks one cheek and slaps a sticker on the other*


I WANT DICK IN 2008!!!
(Can I get it now too, please? )

*calling travel agent to arrange tickets to VEGAS!*

Feb 7 @ 12:14AM  
"At least, not in my neck of the woods, they don't." Well maybe if you moved out of that unabomber shack and into town...

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Swinging, Huh? Sweet Chair U Got!