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Got a gun??? Do me a favor.. . just shoot me

posted 2/6/2007 10:34:35 AM |
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alright mom, dad, bros and sistahs, time for mystery. . .I woke up to find this e-mail. . . please tell me what this is?

I'd like to go on record as a big proponent of Internet dating. It gives me a chance to wisely wordsmith creative conversation with a vivacious vixen, rather than shamefully stammering for the cleverest comeback at the lounge line, exercise emporium or (horrors!) bucolic bar. I'm creative (yeah I know alliteration is dead as a literary device, but wasn't that fun?), passionate, and like to experience life to the fullest. I try to focus on the present moment. I think I'm a compassionate listener, but like most people I could still improve in that area. I'm a risk taker; I'd rather try to change something than complain about it. I've got a great sense of humor and try not to take myself too seriously. I'm shy at first (that stammering thing described above), but I enjoy flirting and interaction once I open up. I'm not much for casual conversation. I prefer talking about others' passions and religion and politics rather than work and the weather. I'm looking for someone who has a strong personality, intellect, and soul. A person who is also not afraid to be vulnerable, and is not afraid of risk. Someone who takes pride in her appearance, exercises regularly, but doesn't need to look like a super model, but then, you have a beautiful face and i sense more beauty in you,lol,. i think whoever says sunshine brings happiness hasnt danced in the rain,. so many golden fishes out here,lol. i wouldnt think it is a good idea to find a partner online but then i had to do the rethink when my best friend and personal asst , nelson, just got married
and only to a very wonderful woman he met on here,lol. then to say the gospel truth, after a good research, you may want to accept that the best way to love is to meet people in a way that your feelings will be without sentiments , and also not getting attracted to looks until you have the hearts opened to a good level of understanding, and yours sincerely, this is the only way to find such person. forgive me for my rude way of introduction,lol,. my name is Harry, you can call me ME, i am also a good christian, and i am an engineer/artist, you may want to check out my profile before saying a thing , cos after going thru yours,. i wouldnt go further,lol ,. lets give this a trial, i actually got a funny feeling looking into your beautiful picture and i think we may get to talk and see what that feeling is,. who knows, could be love,lol. but sincerely speaking i think at my age , i am not afraid of loving again, i really want a happy life now,. i want someone to take care of me and my daughter, and i need a woman who will not only be the wife, but also my best friend, do you mind to laugh more and fall in love with me? dont be scared, loving is beautiful, there is no better living,lol. i look forward to hearing more from you,.. my personal email is {email address removed} dont worry,.. I'm talking about fate here - when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams.because, Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end and love is not a journey, but a destination,.. it takes two to walk i can keep writing you as much as i can until i hear from you, lol.


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Feb 6 @ 10:40AM  
Cut and Paste job, he probably sent it to several, and he wants someone to "take care of him and his daughter"???? tell him to hire a housekeeper!!!

Feb 6 @ 10:55AM  
I'm with tlc--get a nanny!

Feb 6 @ 10:57AM  
Not many original statements and too much contridiction, he's going to try to wooo you then take your money. Another thing of interest is I am written by many many women that say they are american's but through some misshap have ended up in Nigeria, they all end up asking for money, often send poems and profesionally writen stuff, they all use the term COS.

By the way you are a beautiful woman

Feb 6 @ 11:13AM  
my opinion, it's a scam. were i u, i'd delete and block. B T W; some men wink out of courtesy, rather than barging in, uninvited.

Feb 6 @ 11:17AM  
SPAM SPAM SPAM. Probably he sent it to quite a few women. I got something like this from russia years back. Delete is the best option.

Feb 6 @ 11:18AM  
Nigerian,,,,,nothing else needs to be said Geena baby DELETE and BLOCK

Feb 6 @ 11:19AM  
I say we all copy and paste it...change it accordingly (i.e. wife to husband) and send it back to him!!

Feb 6 @ 11:20AM  
I agree with all the others............

Feb 6 @ 11:22AM  
Run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Or, take the advice of previous folks...just hit delete and move on!
Think about your average guy. Your average guy does not talk like this. Not flowery. I would be turned off by such an email.

Feb 6 @ 11:35AM  
my reply was this :

let me guess, you do construction and you work in Nigeria, I know I got it right.
****** ORIGINAL MESSAGE ******

did this before and would you guys believe he came back to me and said

"how did you know?"


Feb 6 @ 11:48AM  
let me guess, you do construction and you work in Nigeria, I know I got it right.
****** ORIGINAL MESSAGE ******

did this before and would you guys believe he came back to me and said

"how did you know?"

hmmm maybe they have their brains removed THEN are taught to write scam letters........ now me i'm bad...i let em talk n talk n talk on yahoo TILL they get to the money part THEN i git rid of em.........fuck it i want them to get excited thinkin they ' got a live one' when they talk to me lol....
btw..sry deserve MUCH better...

Feb 6 @ 11:54AM  
I delete every unsolicited email that asks me to go to a separate email service other than the one provided by the service to which I have subscribed. I'm not taking any chances with my safety or my money. Hey, just cuz I'm paranoid doesn't mean that they are NOT out to get me.


Feb 6 @ 12:18PM  
just shoot him instead - it is humane to put an animal out of it's misery

Feb 6 @ 4:08PM  
We guys get the female version of this occasionally.

Feb 7 @ 12:24AM  
Your average guy does not talk like this. Not flowery.
but, but, but , I do????

Feb 7 @ 10:42AM  
Geena, I agree with MeMeMe, I am not in any way prejudice but for some reason there has been a shitload of improproyies by Nigerians of late! The biggest Credit Card Frauds! Bank Frauds, Loan Frauds and the big one! Identity fraud! I had two cards in the last week that my banks wrote me and said they were victims of fraud and my cards were cancelled immediately! I have new ones now! Delete/Block

Canu, I agree, Men don't write flowery like that except me! What does that make us? Damn I have a run in my stocking again!

Feb 11 @ 10:42AM  
LOL! Yep, this was exactly what I'm talking about all right! That one is a hell of a lot more wordy than what I get most often, but still pretty obvious. Good thing the nicer folks (mostly) make up for the real asshats...

Feb 11 @ 11:28AM  
Yup, can tell by the language in the letter....had one myself. Makes you wonder how many he's fooled!!

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Got a gun??? Do me a favor.. . just shoot me