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Busy Busy!!

posted 2/5/2007 10:45:28 PM |
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I've been a busy girl the last week or so! I mentioned a little while ago that I was gonna be slowing down here, got alot to do and very little time to do it. So, I'm thinking this may be my last blog for awhile.

First, I'm going back to NC for a few days. Canu and I are going to be looking at homes and hopefully will find one while I'm there. I also have some job interviews lined up while I'm there, so everyone wish me luck on that end.

I'm planning on moving the end of this month...THIS MONTH!!! OMG...can you believe it?? I feel like everything is finally starting to come together for us...even though it's only been a few months since we first started making these plans. I finally just got some boxes to start doing some packing...but after looking at all the crap I have I realize I have to do some spring-cleaning! I cleaned out a cabinet I have in my kitchen and threw away 1 1/2 garbage bags of crap! I didn't realize I was such a fuckin packrat!
And clothes?? I have clothes I haven't worn in 10 years! I have two pairs of "mom" know the ones, with the waist band that comes up to your tits? Why did I keep those? the garbage! I'm having a hard time with some blouses and sweaters that my mom gave well as some clothes that PK's mom gave me when I first moved back up here. They still fit, sort of...but just really aren't in style. It's not really alot, a couple of blouses, some sweaters and sweatshirts, and two really cute suits. I just can't seem to be able to let them go, even though I don't wear them anymore.
Shoes are another problem. I have about 50 or 60 pairs of shoes. Now...the problem is not that I buy alot of's that I don't get rid of them...ever. Consequently I have about 12 pairs of tennis shoes, 4 pairs of black pumps, I don't know how many pairs of sandles...and a great pair of red fmp's that I would probably break my neck in if I tried to walk in them today! I only have three or four pairs of shoes I actually wear on a regular basis, and that doesn't include my riding boots.
I did, however, manage to go thru this huge box of pictures and get rid of any pics I had of people I'll never see again and no one else knows. Also pics of places that aresn't really identifiable by anyone but me. That cut my pics down almost in half, and they still fill up a decent size box.
The subject of furniture was brought up the other my ex of all people. (Did I mention he's getting married?) He's telling me I just need to throw everything away and start over! Why the fuck is he so worried about what I bring with me? son asked what were we bringing as far as furniture...I told him a couple of mattresses, the coffee maker and my computer. Hell, I won't even need to rent a moving van if I put the mattresses on top of my Neon! Just hope we don't run into any rain! Or high winds...we'd end up in fucking Arkansas!
So...that's what's going on for now. I know...kinda boring for AMD, but I was bored and needed a break from looking at houses on the MLS website. Maybe next week when I get back from NC I'll post some 'details' about my trip...or not!

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Feb 5 @ 10:49PM  
Best wishes!

Feb 5 @ 10:49PM  
You wear those riding boot when your with Canu??

Hey, I moved from Florida to Cali once....I packed lightly....but I believe I UPS'd my 80-100 shoes!!! Can't live without them!!!

Feb 5 @ 10:53PM  
Hey, if you don't want to keep my Mom's stuff, pass it here... My sisters threw or gave everything of hers away without asking if I wanted anything... so I have almost no keepsakes

Feb 5 @ 10:54PM  
I wish you and canu all the very best.

Feb 5 @ 10:55PM  
Thanks for sharing, Imelda Marcos! Seriously, you seem really happy and if you end up in Arkansas, say hi to Str8 for me.

Feb 5 @ 10:56PM  
Wishing you the very best............

Feb 5 @ 10:56PM  
where abouts in NC?

Feb 5 @ 10:58PM  
Hey! What's wrong with Arkansas? Have you thought of taking stuff with you this trip and leaving it? Just a thought! In any case, be safe and have fun! I know what it is like to move cross country. I know the anxiety and excitement. What a rush!! Good luck to you both!!

Feb 5 @ 11:30PM  
I am really happy for you Sunny. I can understand how overwhelming packing up and moving is.
I was lucky in a way when I left australia to move to be with Ed I only had two suitcases in which to pack anything I wanted to bring with me. Amazing how you fit your life into two cases.
I am so glad you are not faced with the same decisions........ Hugs and best wishes to you both.... Kimmie.

Feb 5 @ 11:43PM  

yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! ya'lll do your thing!!!!!

wishin ya'll the VERY VERY BEST!!!!!!

Feb 5 @ 11:43PM  
Hey lady, take your cast aways to a local women's shelter. What you never wear someone else may be happy to have. Besides taking things to a shelter or Goodwill or the Salvation Army feels so much better than throwing it away!

Feb 6 @ 12:03AM  
Sunshine, nope she hasn' t YET

Hopon Around Winston maybe Lewisville is whee we will form our dysfunctional Brady Bunch

BBW that was really great advice.

ALL our friends, well wishers and supporter, thank you

the few negative idiots out there, fuck off

Feb 6 @ 12:17AM  
wish you luck sunny

Feb 6 @ 3:58AM  
I am very happy for you and billy. take good care of eachother.

Feb 6 @ 5:00AM  
Don't envy the packing but do envy that you found each other and are able to make it happen. SO right on!

Feb 6 @ 10:37AM  
Sunny donate the clothes and shoes you don't want to Goodwill or The Salvation Army and get a tax deduction for them!!! I hope you can still drop by on your way back to MI. I can't wait to see you girl!!!!!!!!

Feb 6 @ 11:32AM  
Best Wishes for everything !

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