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Well, no fucking wonder...

posted 2/5/2007 4:22:26 AM |
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So I'm half-ass watching Super Bowl XLI, right? I don't really give a fuck about either one of these teams anyway, but I don't mind a good game. Still, I have 2 admit I wuz paying a lot more attention 2 getting loaded than I wuz 2 the game, right?

So, I walk out in the living room just as the halftime show began. Now, I knew Prince wuz going 2 be this year's performer (as a matter of fact, if U would like 2 see video of him at the Media Day press conference on 2/1/2007 then go 2 The video iz a little over ten minutes and worth every fucking second!), so that wuzn't any suprise. What suprised me wuz 2 hear Let's Go Crazy!!! WTF?

Here's his set:

Let's Go Crazy
Baby...I'm a Star!
Proud Mary
All Along the Watchtower

Some song I didn't recognize but wuz cool
Purple Rain

Ok...he actually sang like two thirds of Let's Go Crazy, just a little bit of Baby...I'm a Star!, quite a bit of Proud Mary, maybe just the chorus of All Along the Watchtower, again...a little bit of the one I didn't recognize and then basically the whole fucking song Purple Rain.

I have actually seen Prince in concert...twice. Once on his Lovesexy tour (1987)and once on his Emancipation tour (1996). Neither time did this motherfucker sing Baby...I'm a Star! and at the fucking most he sang maybe twenty seconds of Purple Rain...maybe...and that's both shows fucking combined. He did, however, kick fucking ass both times!

By now I'm sure U are sitting there thinking...yeah, so fucking what? The thing about it iz this. I have been a fucking Prince fan ever since the Eleventh fucking Grade when I would sing Let's Pretend We're Married 2 Felicia Holmes in the hallway B4 fifth period US History. I have never stopped being a fan. I have every fucking CD this motherfucker has ever put out. I know my Prince music, trust that! He has consistently put out great fucking shit 4 thirty fucking years! Yet everytime I mention that Prince iz the fucking BOMB 2 someone I hear the same shit. If they are white they say, "Prince wuz ok in that one..what wuz it? Oh, yeah...Purple Rain! Yeah...that wuz good. But he pretty much sucks other than that." or...if they are black I hear, "Yeah, Prince wuz cool back in the day, but ever since Purple Rain that shit has sucked." Every fucking time.

I can say this much 4 certain. Regardless of whether U agree with me that the music is good...we'll go ahead and set that one aside...U can pick any Prince album U would like, and I can say two things about it that I am sure of. First - it doesn't sound like any other Prince album. Second - U will hear sounds on the album and if U do the research, U will find that right around six months or so after that album wuz released those same elements will have crept N2 Pop music in general. It usually takes six 2 eight months or so.

Anyway, as a Prince fan I wuz really glad 2 see him kick ass in front of what wuz probably his biggest audience ever. I would imagine it wuz, anyway. I just wish he would have played some newer shit! He played songs that are almost twenty-five years old, fer crying out loud! And although I will agree that those songs are great songs...they are not even close 2 being his best! Not by a long shot!

I don't know...I'm just ranting. He has been a fucking superstar 4 three fucking decades. Maybe he knows what he's doing.

If U don't know what I am talking about when I say this motherfucker iz great, what U need 2 do iz go out 2 Ur local Video Store, and U need 2 rent the DVD Sign of the Times. It iz a concert video that wuz shot in France in the 1980s, and it will give U some idea of how good he really iz. OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN!!! I am done. I had 2 say that shit.

(Fuck U BelAir789, U bastard! I can only imagine what U have 2 say about this! Actually...U might like Prince...just 4 the picking up bitches angle...U score a lot of pussy listening 2 Prince...well, allow me 2 rephrase...I score a lot of pussy listening 2 Prince...U? I'm guessing not so much...)

Keeping U posted


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Feb 5 @ 5:22AM  
"I don't know...I'm just ranting." REALLY?!?! I never would have guessed.

Feb 5 @ 8:01AM  
MMMM, Prince .....helped some of the best garage bands around...

Feb 5 @ 8:58AM  
DS Nothing compares 2 U.

Feb 5 @ 9:01AM  
I love Prince!!! I thought it was a good show, a helluva lot better than last years that's for damn sure!!!!

Feb 5 @ 9:01AM  
Yes,,,,,prince is great,,,,since you are such a great fan,,,,do you still have the live size poster of him that came out in his his black bikini underwear?????

Feb 5 @ 10:14AM  
DS I love Prince too!! He ROCKED!! I have to agree though, nothing new! However, the old stuff is still GREAT!!

Feb 5 @ 11:16AM  
Hafta admit that I've always been a big Prince fan too. He rocks! Especially his seldom played songs like "Horny Toad" and "Erotic City".

Feb 5 @ 11:21AM  
One of my faves was "Cream"...LOL! Great song!

Feb 5 @ 12:05PM  
I grew up in the burbs of minniapolis... Prince was on the scene long before 1st avenue made it to the movies!! but i'll point ya at something DS if you can find it... It's true he's got alot of great music that is better than the Purple Rain album... but Purple Rain the song is a classic guitar ballad that is incredible performed live in its entirety. There was a video of a live show from the Purple Rain Tour recorded in Minneapolis and release by Warner Bros. on video cassette... (This pre-dates DVD kiddos) I have not seen it around in years, check some used media stores... It has a 20MIN version of Purple Rain live that will make your leg feel better. I think the tape was called "Purple Rain Live" catchy title huh...

Feb 5 @ 1:05PM  
I love Prince's old stuff, from the Purple Rain era. I like some of his newer stuff, but prefer the older stuff from him.

Feb 5 @ 2:26PM  
Prince is da BOMB!! I've been a fan since I was in like 9th or 10th grade, loved Purple Rain, thought he got a little eccentric with the whole symbol thing til I found out why he did it and I love his new stuff! I think he's one of the most talented and versatile musicians ever! "Darling Nicky" is the best fucking song ever!

Feb 5 @ 11:05PM  
Pudge knows his shit.....I used to talk to Prince before he was even famous in the Bridgman's Ice Cream Parlour on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis when I was 10 yrs old.....he was very quiet and shy. He would read books a lot.....(in the Bridgeman's) it all started when he asked us to please quiet down. I used to walk there every day in the summer with my two best friends.....we were always silly in the bridgeman's....He's a local doubt about it...we love him here at home!

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Well, no fucking wonder...