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Random Thoughts and Scattered Ideas Vol. V

posted 2/4/2007 2:00:04 AM |
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Nothing 2 worry about…just my weekly peek N2 the mind of a madman…

U know Ur life iz officially over when U lay awake at nights hoping 2 Christ U can make some cat named BelAir789 fucking laugh. Somebody just fucking shoot me and get it over with…

Well…I finished that fucking FINAL interview, U fucking fickle freaks! (say that fast three times…belle1010!) Yeah…I know, it fucking sucked. Oh well…like I said in the comments, the whole fucking thing wuz worth doing just 4 the Birkenau: The Musical joke. That just kills me! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!

I just wanted 2 give a shout-out 2 GoDiva, sexyblackgirl and Erica4You. Welcome aboard. Hope U have some fun while here! And don’t worry…the trolls wont hurt U. If they did Dominus would do something none of us wants 2 think about. This motherfucker iz crazy, yo! The motherfucker iz named Dominus, U troll motherfuckers! U think he gives a fuck about U? That's what I thought...

2 any newbie guys…its not that I don’t welcome U, I do. Its just that having been burned B4 I prefer 2 determine whether or not Ur a fucking troll B4 I put forth any energy in Ur direction. Once Uve been here a minute U will understand. If U don’t stay that long, who gives a fuck what U think anyway?

I have learned that I can’t please all of the people all of the time. When I am at my best I’m probably shooting sixty-five, maybe seventy percent. However, I can please myself (without requiring a later confession 2 get N2 heaven) somewhere up in the high nineties. Like ninety-eight or ninety-nine percent of the time I can do some shit I think iz funny, regardless of what the fuck U motherfuckers think about it. Just something 4 U 2 talk about over the water cooler…

wtxman can expect 2 receive an injunction that requires him 2 add the following whenever he uses the term “worthless Kudo”. Effective immediately ©2007 by DickSlippery will be prominently displayed after said usage I.E. A worthless kudo©2007 by DickSlippery 4 U!

A worthless kudo©2007 by DickSlippery 4 U, 2 SxzeBBW 4 the plastic wrap pic she now has on her profile! WTF? Why U trying 2 bite my shit, bitch? I thought we wuz working 2gether, but NOOOOO. I guess U had 2 go off all on Ur own, huh? And what a fantastic job U did, baby! I loved it!

Welcome 2 Bad Movie of the Week Theater. This week’s movie iz Josie and the Pussycats…my all-time favorite bad movie. Here’s the assignment kiddies! Go down 2 the video store and rent this bad boy. Trust me…it will be in stock. On the way home stop at the liquor store and pick up a fifth of Ur favorite spirits. When U get home pop the movie N2 the DVD player and then take turns doing shots every time someone sees intentional product placement. B4 it iz all over and done with U will be so fucking SMASHED that Josie and the Pussycats will become one of Ur all-time favorite flicks. I’m fucking talking like up there with Song Remains the Same and Rocky Horror and shit man. Trust me...I would never lie about some shit like this. I am not evil 4 Christ's sake! U gotta fucking try this!!! If U live I expect an oral report (especially U tlc0766!) ASAP!!!!

I purposely did not mention Pudge2you in this blog…fuck!

Keeping U posted,


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Feb 4 @ 2:19AM  
*sighs dramatically* Some day, I will be named in a DS blog.. then I will know I have TRULY made it on AMD!! <~little suck up kiss

Feb 4 @ 2:25AM  
U know, PK? U stand in the road long enough, Ur bound 2 get hit by a truck. As if I know what that means!


Feb 4 @ 2:26AM  
Usually I reserve my compliments for the women so I can try to get in their pants, but I'll make a rare exception here and tell ya that your talent is wasted here
although much appreciated by many. You're in Cali, so look into writing for television....

Feb 4 @ 2:33AM  
DS? Darlin? I already have tire marks on several body parts!!!

Feb 4 @ 2:36AM  
Kissy, does that mean i've made it here? I've been mentioned in a few, but i think it's cuz i'm a big-tittied nympho!

Feb 4 @ 2:36AM  

I love a woman who can give as good as she gets!


Feb 4 @ 2:37AM  
Wow...deja vu...

I'm always going 2 be down 4 a big titty nympho like U, belle my love!


Feb 4 @ 3:01AM  
Awwww DS you say the sweetest things

Feb 4 @ 3:04AM  
Oddly enough, belle, only when I'm trying 2 get N2 Ur pants. The rest of the time I'm a cold-hearted bastard who puts old ladies out 4 not paying the rent! Good thing 4 U that U got big tits, huh?



Feb 4 @ 3:06AM  
I'm throwing you A Worthless Kudo ©2007 !

Feb 4 @ 3:16AM  
Like wildfire it fucking spreads...first the countyside...then the towns...the the cities and finally...the fucking WORLD !!!


Feb 4 @ 6:11AM  
Hope your legs better DS, we miss you at the cellar too

Feb 4 @ 8:34AM  
Injuction my ass brother slippery ! If you know whats good for you. you will not fuck with the Almighty(U.S.Dollar) So I won't give you a worthless kudo; but I will give you a "fucking worthless kudo".

Feb 4 @ 8:44AM  
Aw, DS baby...I wasn't trying to bite your ass, I was trying to kiss it!


Feb 4 @ 9:55AM  
Ummmm working on my oral report been a while since I've had to give an "oral" report.
how many tongue pushups can I do??

Feb 5 @ 9:18AM  
I puposely did not notice that I was not mentioned in this blog... and I'm am not thankful nor impressed by this ALL talent hack! There will not be a single kudo given for they have far too much value.

Feb 5 @ 11:09PM  

Don't tell too....another ALL TALK AND NO ACTION??????

WTF DUDE???? I'm hurt!

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Random Thoughts and Scattered Ideas Vol. V