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A date with an 18 year old!

posted 2/4/2007 1:35:41 AM |
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tagged: date, teen, sleep

I admit it; yet in my 32 years of age I haven't outgrown my college "party" years. I'm always up to go somewhere (after my job's done, of course), even if I am tired. I just don't wanna miss a thing anywhere.
I know that a couple of beers will make me feel good. Yet, a little dancing, some headbangin' in a concert, etc, etc, will give me a bill the day after, and so on, but I still like to party until late.

Even when I was married, my ex couldn't understand how is it that I can get home at 4 am, kinda tipsy (I never get drunk; last time I did was about 8 years ago, and I promised I would never get wasted. I have kept my promise ), and be able to wake up at 6am, work the whole day, get back home, have dinner, watch a little TV and go out again if a friend called me or if my ex wanted to have a drink somewhere and go "girl hunting (yeap, she liked girls too )"

Usually my weekend starts on Wednesday; I found a neighbordhood bar around my home and work (I live and work in the same building), and my Wednesdays are kinda dedicated to check out any new metal bands playing in that bar. I usually get out of there by 2:00am, and hit the "underground world" until 4:00am or so; Thursday's, right next door to my business =P, Fridays and Saturdays, either salsa dancing, or a concert, or a pub. Sundays, back to Stoney's (the neighbordhood bar)

During the last few weeks I have noticed that the bartender at Stoney's started watching my every move while I was there. Every comment I made to Stoney (the owner) in regards to my partying habits were being spyed by her...

Last Thursday, I ended up at Stoney's, and this girl said hi, gave me my nice cold guiness and told me that she saw me the weekend prior, going to Assylum, another place around the city.

She also mentioned that she saw me at a friend's party (I did remember seen her there but I wasn't sure it was her). Anyhow, she asked me how old I was, and I told her my age: she asked me if I worked as an undercover cop during the graveyard hours or something, and I laugh.

She made a comment in regards to "having 32 y/o, and been everywhere she was being 18 years old." ...mmm, fake ID's... imma call Jackie Chang!!!!

We talked for a little while about what I do, etc, etc, and I started to notice her eyes looking at me with "smily expressions." I also noticed that she was touching her hair more often, bending over to get a beer in a provocative way, more body language, more laughter, and it made me wonder... mmmm

The next morning, I went to get my coffee downstairs at the coffee shop, and she passed by on her way to her College. She stop at the coffee shop, said "hi", got her coffee, and asked me how I could be up if I stayed there after she left (I stayed with Stoney talking about a new print project for me to do for him).

I finally asked her name: Kelly; very nice looking girl, kinda goth looking, very dark, black hair, blue eyes, palid, and a very nice butt! Never saw it before in Jeans and it looks great!.... I like big butts and I cannot lie!!!

I saw her again while she was coming back from her classes; she stopped at the shop, she brought me a coffee, and we started talking a little. She asked me if I had a woman, and after my reponse, she asked me if I wanted to go out with her to a concert nearby... mmmm I told her I may have some work, and that I would call her today to let her know for sure. She wrote her digits, draw a heart around it, smile menacely, and left.

After thinking about it today... analyzing the situation, and putting everything on the balance, I called her back and I told her that I would go. She replied telling me that she knew I was going out with her and giggle a little... an hour later, she passed by, told me that they were planning to stay for the concert after party which was going to be at a friend's house, and that "if we are too tired to drive back home, we can spend the night there... he's got a spare room..."

Now, I have never been out with a girl much younger than me... is it wrong (I asked Hugh Hefner and he said it was JUST FINE!!!... hehehe)?

Given all the facts above... what do you boys and girls think about this situation?

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Feb 4 @ 1:40AM  
I should have such problems...

Feb 4 @ 1:46AM  
there is probably only one thing the two of you will have in common, thats rather obvious...i have found that younger men are good, but MUCH younger men are hard to relate to...

Feb 4 @ 1:56AM  
Dumblonde is right. If it's just straight-up sex, definitely go for it! But if you want to date her, the age difference could be a problem. In the end it's all about being able to connect and be comfortable with one another.

Feb 4 @ 2:30AM  
Go for it I mean seriously what do you have to lose?

Feb 4 @ 4:24AM  
I'm the other side of the coin... a guy who goes for older women... one thing you should be concerned with... no matter how much of shape you've kept yourself in... the youngin's usually are more hyper. hahaha...

Feb 4 @ 4:34AM  
Find out exactly what she want...and if it up your alley why waste time?

Feb 4 @ 5:28AM  
Dude, if you don't take her up on her offer, you are insane. But don't go through with a commitment unless you can relate to her age group and can deal with it being said that you are robbing the cradle. Oh, and you must be able to deal with the 18 y.o. drama scenes. Anyway, have a blast and remember your Trojans.

Feb 4 @ 7:27AM  
I wont date anyone that I cold have donated the sperm to create, BUT if it's just hit it and quit it, Ladies and gentelman please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, we are NOT responcible for lost items such as panties, bras, jewlery or virginity

Feb 4 @ 7:27AM  
I wont date anyone that I colud have donated the sperm to create, BUT if it's just hit it and quit it, Ladies and gentelman please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, we are NOT responcible for lost items such as panties, bras, jewlery or virginity

Feb 4 @ 7:47AM  
I've been dating a younger guy...but he's only 5 years younger...we were born in the same decade. I never dated some one 10 or more years younger than me. I think that would end up more as a fling.

Feb 4 @ 10:34AM  
I have no clue....however, when you find out the answer let me know. Let me know if it is any different if the lady is the older one! I have guys hitting me up that are my sons age!

Feb 4 @ 11:07AM  
Enjoy and have a great time. I have an uncle who was 80 and married a woman who was 35 years younger then himself. Everybody I told about the marriage, said, un-huh, married him for his money. Nope, she had more than he does and she's a RN to boot. Its been 5 years now, they've traveled all over the world and I'm happy for him. He was always a world traveler and most women his age have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave. Grim Reaper better have his track shoes on when he goes for him.

Feb 4 @ 12:12PM  

As for is it "WRONG"???????? fuck no...

quicky for ya..I'm 54 now ..but back when I was 49 I started a new and such..class held about 10-12 others all female including instructor..anyway, a young darlin(at that time about maybe 19-20y/o apparently noticed me-(LUCKY ME) .. anywhoo I'm online a few years later and guess what? up pops a email from this same hot ass Latina darlin. The usual conversation, you know who this is etc....get a pic, she's fine and now 22y/o-no longer working for the company..sweet. long story short..she wanted Daddy..oh fuck..went thru that and all I can tell you is life is to fucking short to say no. She wanted and needed a "older MAN" to show her she was happenin...Never will I regret those pleasant times..and hope to do a few more and have. Never have I sought nor will I children..but a young woman that thinks your hot..FUCK YA..

No bigger compliment can be handed you Man..



p.s. The instructor hit on me (I suspect the single Daddy thing gets em all).

Fire on it bro..

Feb 4 @ 12:13PM  
Hey this is the male from demifactor Im 21 and my fiance soon to be wife on valentines is 40 dispite our age difference were so much alike its scary and we have lots in common. If its not worth being with her you will know imediately within the first date, nothing ventured nothing gained. You can always say hey sorry but this just isnt going anywhere sorry, or if youre just looking for that good time say so upfront. Thats all I can tell you.

Feb 4 @ 12:26PM  
go for it...nothing to lose

Feb 4 @ 12:49PM  
Hit her up man. Don’t get attached, she’s only 18. I’m 25 and I usually don’t look that way for a serious relationship, but if she’s into you, you know you should make her cum and everything-I would.... However….don’t get attached straight sex hell yes. There’s nothing wrong, you’ll get plenty of haters, but you know what? Fuck them.

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A date with an 18 year old!