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What is your blood type?

posted 2/3/2007 11:51:43 PM |
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tagged: blood, straddle

This has interest me the last couple of years, because for one I had no idea what my blood type was till I finally decided to give blood back in late 2004. I asked what my blood type was and they told me "O positive". I have asked this to a few friends since and some knew while others didn't. I believe it's important to know what your blood type is in case there is some sort of accident you're involved in and need a blood transfusion on the scene or in a hospital. I have a friend named Mayra who is 26 years old that I asked this to about 4 months ago and she told me that she is "O negative". She has a lot of depression and some other mental health issues. So this got me thinking about how one's blood type can maybe in some way effect someone's mental health. Not sure if this holds water, but it would be intersting to test theory out for shit and giggels to where we can have fun with it.

I also have a few other friends that are considered a positive with their blood type that are pretty much happy type people. And a few other friends that are on the negative side with their blood type, and they too seem to have a lot of mental health issues. This is just an observation of mine, and like I stated already, this is just for fun to speculate and have fun with.

What I would like to know from everyone on here is, do you know your blood type? If so, do you consider yourself to be a happy go lucky person, or do you usually swing the other way to depression? Also, to all you "Vampires" (or people that loves out there, do you have a preference in someones blood type?

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Feb 3 @ 11:54PM  
My blood type is Folgers and I'm giving myself a transfusion right now.

Actually, I am B+ and very depressed, so that may blow your theory all to hell

Feb 3 @ 11:59PM  
Hmmm...maybe you're right. lol

I'm "O positive" and never have a problem with any depression at all.

1-1 so far at this point.

Feb 4 @ 12:25AM  
That reminds me, theres way to much blood in my alcohol stream...slurp...nothing a dozen beers won't cure!

Feb 4 @ 12:34AM  
Okay I just took a pole out of five girls. Two were positive blood and positve people. One was negative and a depressed type person. The other two are positive people but not sure of there blood type.

Feb 4 @ 12:57AM  
I'd like to put my pole in 5 girls...

Feb 4 @ 1:00AM  

"O" posative my friend and not depressed, just hormy

Feb 4 @ 1:17AM  
Actually, I am B+ and very depressed, so that may blow your theory all to hell

Well... that's better than a B- or a C.

Feb 4 @ 1:27AM  
Well... that's better than a B- or a C.

I guess I better not mention my "F's" then, huh?

Feb 4 @ 1:55AM  
ab+ and they call me wierdo

Feb 4 @ 2:59AM  
AB Negative with a large A antegen....
In my life span I have donated 8 gallons and 1 pint of blood so far...
OMG It's 3 am.. Where did the time go?

Feb 4 @ 6:04AM  
I'm B+ and have dealt with depression for years. The doctors said that I'd need anti-depressants for the rest of my life. In fact, they get pissed when I let my script run out.
Well, 6 months ago, I let the Ridoline run out. And have opted for a few beers and a lil smoke daily. Contrary to what they said, I feel fine! I have a few bad any normal person does. But, I handle them with a Valium or Zanex.

Feb 4 @ 7:33AM  
I really liked your theory on positive blood type positive people negative blood type negative people as you have seen by your responses it doesnt hold water tho very well could play a part in it since the type of person you are is mostly controlled by chemicals in your brain with the added things of what your life has been like, who you were around ect. I did want to correct you on one thing tho blood transfusions are never given at the scene of an accident or in the ambulance Thats why paramedics run fluids such as saline solution to replace the amt of blood until you get to the hospital and second of all in the hospital whether you know your blood type or not they do a blood type test to make sure you are getting the right kind of blood. BUT what you may not know is that the japanese believe somewhat on your theory well at least their horoscopes go by blood type and your personality traits.

Im not sure if i am allowed to post a web site here but i will go ahead and try it if it doesnt work and anyone wants to know what the japanese chart of personalities is for thier blood type feel free to email me.

But this is a very good blog i enjoy reading yours although some are shall we say from the far side i still enjoy them keep them coming!!

Feb 4 @ 7:39AM  
Oh, it's going to kill me to admit to having the same blood type as Straddle (O poss). Well, not really since it is the most common (and. FYI, also the 'universal recipient'). I'd say that your 'theory' about blood types and depression is bunk. Depression is a lot more complicated than that.

Feb 4 @ 11:23AM  
Hey straddle, I am also an O+ and hit the 9 gallon mark for donations earlier this week - donating both whole blood and apheresis. The people I work with just thing I am just plain weird.

Feb 4 @ 2:51PM  
You're right, Lovetolaughalot, I wasn't too sure if they gave blood transfushions out at the scene, and it would have been a little hard to believe if they had. Another thing you're also right about is the hospital checking the blood type you have before doing anything. I just thought that people could save a little time by knowing their blood type and then the hospital can verify it. Remember, this theory isn't really science, it's just a little entertainment on the side with somewhat observations with some of what I have noticed over a couple of years. I don't it may not hold water, but hey, it makes ya wonder though to some degree if it plays just a small role in our mental frame of mind. lol

Feb 4 @ 4:47PM  
I'm type O+ and pretty upbeat about life. If I ever feel blue I can just put on some Type O Negative in the CD player and then I don't feel so bad about my situation. It could be worse!

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What is your blood type?