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Are you happy with your cable company?

posted 2/3/2007 4:59:06 PM |
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I'm curious to know who your cable company is and are you happy with them? Back in August last year Time Warner took over here and it seems like they haven't done a whole lot of anything. I know Cincinnati has always had Time Warner Cable and they have always seemed like a good cable company. Maybe it's just my area to where nothing seems to ever take off with any cable franchise or business. No one seems to take pride in the cable situation here or does anything right in this area. Who is your cable company, and are you happy with them. If not, what are your gripes about them?

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Feb 3 @ 5:01PM  
We have Comcast... over priced as ALL hell!!!

Feb 3 @ 5:04PM  
Yeah Time Warner Kinda sucks. I had Comcast before they took over and the only reason why I got ComCast was for the Free Guitar Lessons on OnDemand. Now Time Warner took that off and now my Cable sucks. Im thinking about switching to Dish Network and getting DVR with Movie Channels.

Feb 3 @ 5:05PM  
I would have to watch tv first to bother with cable. I used to have Dish Network they were fine and the tv was nice enough to remind me to pay the bill every month

Feb 3 @ 5:06PM  
I have WOW and am quite satisfied with it. Basic cable as I don't watch TV much and 400mbps .net connect. Price is good, too.

Feb 3 @ 5:08PM  
I have no choice but to accept COX CABLE as it is included in my rent, I am really beginning to wonder about it. They run the exact same movies every weekend, the A and E channel in my opinion now stands for Anal and Excrement, and since I am basically a nightowl I am bombarded with millions of infomercials. However, I do watch the Mexican channels with the sound turned off since I dont speak Spanish and they have some of the sexiest women around.

Feb 3 @ 5:12PM  
I have direct tv and would not get anything else.

Feb 3 @ 5:16PM  
I'm still holding out for the package where they show nothing but porno 24/7

Feb 3 @ 5:17PM  
I don't have cable or satellite TV. I work for the UK's largest communications company and design fibre optic networks which provide Voice, TV and data. I have to deal with all the cellular operators and cable companies too and while they all claim to be cheaper (which they are to a degree) they are all basically the same. I can't comment as to how good or bad they may be not because I use their services but because I am not allowed to make negative comments about the competition and if I did and my bosses got to find out I would face disciplinary action. That's if I did think anything negative about them that is.

online now!
Feb 3 @ 5:24PM  
I have always wanted to have my own cable company and run it here in my area. But the costs would be too much and I would have to pay Time Warner to use their lines to get my services to people. I would have named my company "Shawnee Cable". Haha I would have offered on my cable system more Cincinnati tv stations too if I could agree with a contract to carry them.

Feb 3 @ 5:26PM  
i have comcast, here, dish network in fl. little known fact: comcast captures the direct tv signal by satellite, then sells it as cable. i saw four huge direct tv dishes outside the Marathon, fl. comcast office. that's why the cable feed sometimes breaks up, when the transponders are switching reception. cable is such a non competitive scam, in my humble opinion. there is no competition in my's segmented off, like the maffia or gangs. and you can't negotiate on the packages. the golf channel is basic cable, here, and a premium option in florida. i think comcast is the Yahoo, of cable. and yahoo sucks.

Feb 3 @ 5:36PM  
I'm like PK- I have Comcast! They're over priced, I get pixal tear occasionally and when it starts, I just know in a day or two most channels will freeze frame, sometimes for hours. Pisses me off big time! Also, the audio will randomly drop out for about 10 seconds, usually right in the middle of a good documentary.

What REALLY hacks me off, is that WOW is all around me except in my zip code! My daughter has WOW for a 1/3 less than what I'm paying for Comcast! That by itself tends to bring my homicidal tendencies out of me!!

And just TRY to get hold of tech support, to find out ANYTHING of what's going on!

Soon as I move otta here- cable is history- dish is next!!

Feb 3 @ 6:00PM  
ive had direct tv since 99 when cox took over.....LOVE IT.....

Feb 3 @ 6:20PM  
Directv here I really prefer sattelite and its cheaper.

Feb 3 @ 6:21PM  
We have a new company that took over so time will tell..Be real happy if they lower there cost

Feb 3 @ 8:57PM  
cox cable for tv and internet and they gave me free on cable tv because a technician mess up my internet the first few months of service and I said it was a rip off on my side so the next technician that fixed it gave it to me for free.

Feb 3 @ 9:19PM  
My cable company bites Alantic Broadband you don't get much for your money, I used to think they were average but while visiting some friends in hamilton ohio I noticed that their cable was a lot beter for $20 a month they got like 600 channels plus on demand stuff I have 70 channels and my bill is almost triple that I can't help but feel riped off here and i don't have a choice of cable companies

Feb 3 @ 10:26PM  
argit, you're frickin' awesome dude. lol. you would get in trouble..only if you thought negative of them and I agree with tetons, comcast sux majourly. I'm 100% with Dish Network and never been dissapointed. Here in Battle Creek, well basically a lot of Michigan is only carried by Comcast, which I myself feel is a monoply in cablevision itself. The mob owns it..just like the waste management, gas company, and mortgage companies.

Feb 3 @ 10:47PM  
fuck it...lets go back to rabbit ears with tin foil....

Feb 3 @ 11:48PM  
Insight Communications here. Overpriced, but it usually works. I just wish you could buy what you want and be done with all the rest. Let me subscribe to the channels I want and screw subsidizing the rest of the garbage.

Feb 8 @ 11:23PM  
hay BigFlirt i like porno too... can i come over when you get it and watch it with you...

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Are you happy with your cable company?