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It's Nice 2 Know Some Things Never Change (Part 1)

posted 2/3/2007 3:39:15 PM |
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At a time when what it seems 2 me that what this fragile world of ours needs is a leader with the balls 2 do whatever iz necessary 2 protect this great nation of ours, I regret 2 have 2 inform U that it iz business as usual in Washington. It appears that the Powers That Be up on Capitol Hill have but one agenda in this election season. That iz 2 remain the Powers That Be.

Perhaps I got this wrong, but I wuz under the impression that the purpose of the press iz 2 provide us voters access 2 the candidates and 2 provide us with an unbiased (yeah, right) examination of their platforms. So, in this political three-ring circus with its plethora of important issues, not the least of which are the war, domestic security and global warming 2 name a few, what does the press seem 2 want 2 focus on? Does Senator Joseph Biden think disparagingly of black folk or iz he just another fucking moron who doesn’t think at all B4 he speaks?

The comment which iz causing all of this uproar seemed innocuous enough 2 me, but what the fuck do I know? When asked what he thought of Illinois senator and rival 4 the Democratic nomination Barack Obama, Senator Biden responded, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." Apparently the part of this statement that pissed everybody off wuz when he said the word “clean”. Never mind the fact that in the same breath he implied that every black candidate B4 Mr. Obama wuz not only uneducated, but also dim and ugly. I suspect that had he not been so focused on getting his forty acres and a mule, Al Sharpton might have had something 2 say about that. I look at it this way…at least Joe Biden knows who Barack Obama iz. When asked what he thought of Barack Obama’s chances, President Bush replied, “While the mountains of Afghanistan are the perfect hiding place 4 these terrorists and their supporters, coalition forces are tightening the noose even as we speak. Barack Obama can run and hide only so long. We will eventually capture him and the rest of his illegal terrorist network. At this point, it iz only a matter of time B4 victory iz ours.”

I think it iz important 2 point out Senator Biden iz friends with Senator Obama. The statement which has been causing him so much grief wuz actually a compliment that he made the mistake of making 2 a reporter rather than 2 Obama himself. But, just 4 the sake of argument, let’s go ahead and assume the worse. Let’s say Senator Biden does feel that B4 Senator Obama came on2 the scene, the democrats were full 2 the brim with nothing but inarticulate, ugly, filthy niggers. Do U really think he would be the first Presidential candidate 2 feel that way? I don’t. Well…maybe only in the sense that he feels Senator Obama does not fit N2 this category.

Throughout history our political landscape has been littered with racism and racists. The problems our country faced in the 1960’s over civil rights and racial prejudice were actually the same problems our country ignored 4 the previous one hundred years. U see, when Lincoln wuz up 4 re-election in 1864, he chose Tennessee senator Andrew Johnson as his running mate in an attempt 2 bridge some of the gap between the northern and southern states. While true that unlike many of his southern contemporaries Johnson wuz not a separatist, that did not belay the fact that he wuz still a racist and a white supremacist, and upon his succession 2 the Presidency after Lincoln’s assassination the unenviable task of reconstructing our shattered nation fell squarely upon his shoulders. He made it clear through his actions that the plight of the recently freed slaves wuz very low on his list of priorities. This remained the unspoken position of every administration 2 make its way N2 the White House over the next one hundred years, despite extremely vocal and sometimes violent protest by black Americans all over the South. Had the advent of television not brought this inequity N2 the living rooms of white Americans already sick and tired of watching their sons die a half a world away, who can say what might have become of the civil rights movement? It iz exceedingly difficult 2 make a nation’s people care about that which they do not see, and the racists who wished 2 keep things as they were, were also quite adept at hiding both their motives and their actions from those who really didn’t want 2 see them anyway. Fortunately, those actually being persecuted were more than willing 2 set the entire fucking nation ablaze if that wuz what it wuz going 2 take 2 bring attention 2 their plight. Faced with watching their cities burn on The Six O’clock News, "White America" decided it could not stand 4 this shit any longer…at least, not when the effects could be felt in our own backyards. I suspect it wuz this, rather than the fact that it wuz the right thing 2 do, that actually facilitated change first in public opinion, and then eventually in official policy.



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Feb 3 @ 3:50PM  
I can relate to what you are saying. I am often discriminated against because my penis is too large...

Feb 3 @ 9:22PM  
As a student of history all I can say is it's all happened before and it will happen again and again.

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It's Nice 2 Know Some Things Never Change (Part 1)