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It’s All Crap Anyway

posted 2/3/2007 1:58:43 AM |
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That pretty much sums it up 4 me at the moment. I’m pissed off. Well, maybe not pissed of…but I’m angry. Ok…maybe not so much angry as irritated. My fucking leg hurts, and I don’t know why. When I say it hurts, I mean it fucking hurts. I can’t even put weight on it. It’s a fucking trip. I have 2 use my hands 2 move it becuz it hurts so bad sometimes.

Here’s the thing that iz fucking with me about this whole fucked up ordeal. I didn’t do anything 2 it. I didn’t fall down. I didn’t bump N2 anything. Nada…zip…nothing…there iz no logical reason 4 my leg 2 hurt at all, let alone hurt this bad. I went 2 sleep I wuz fine. I woke up…Holy Shit! I wuz like…what the fuck iz that about? Kinda expecting it 2 go away, y’know? But it didn’t go away, it got worse. Now, we’re talking about going N2 a third fucking day of this shit, and that kinda pisses me off.

Becuz that brings us 2 a whole new fucking ballgame. Now we have 2 involve doctors. I fucking hate doctors. Doctors never have shit 2 say I want 2 hear. They have all kinds of shit 2 say, but its all either bad news or some shit I don’t fucking understand. So 2 combat this, and prevent myself from possibly catching a case 4 beating the shit out of one of these assholes, I avoid doctors altogether.

And I already know going N2 it that the motherfucker iz going 2 treat me like a fucking drug addict seeking pain killers, which I am. But, that’s becuz MY FUCKING LEG HURTS! If I wanted fucking Ibuprofin I would have spent seven dollars 4 a bottle of Advil, not eight hundred on a fucking Emergency Room visit, dickhead! But, if 4 some reason I happen 2 get a doctor that iz fresh out of med school or something and hasn’t yet become completely jaded 2 the feelings of us mere mortals and he does some extra tests or something it can’t be good news. Whenever the body feels pain, it’s usually 4 a bad reason.

So that’s why I haven’t been writing so much lately. Kinda hard 2 be funny under the circumstances. And besides…it really iz all crap anyway.

Keeping U posted,


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Feb 3 @ 2:08AM  
I think I can help, DS. What happened was, you smoked three joints and drank seventeen beers while you had the Pink Floyd album on "repeat" and then you smacked your knee on the TV when you were trying to walk back to the kitchen for another cold one. That's why you woke up on the carpet feeling like you got hit by a bus. The solution is obvious. Hair of the dog...

Feb 3 @ 2:15AM  
I'm sorry to hear this friend. If the pain is lasting that long you best see a doctor.
they are not all bad and something serious may be wrong. I hope you get it taken care of and get to feeling better soon.

Feb 3 @ 2:31AM  
Sorry to hear of your problem!
I get the same thing but in both legs at times. The last real Doctor I saw said it might have something to do with my degenerating lower back or the osteoporosis which is causeing all kinds of damage to my body.
Good luck and God Speed

Feb 3 @ 2:37AM  
Hope you feel better soon bro.

Feb 3 @ 3:02AM  
The nurse in me wants to ask all kinds of questions. I do hope it feels better soon.

Feb 3 @ 4:18AM  
If your leg is swollen you could have thrombosis and if that is the case it could be serious, I hope not though. I hate doctors too as they talk to you as if you are a moron. Take care DS and I hope your leg gets better soon.

Feb 3 @ 6:09AM  
Mystery pain? Hope it passes, I'm feeling you, I still hurt from tryin to cut in half!

Feb 3 @ 8:33AM  
In a couple months, I'll be a doctor. Don't hate.

Whenever the body feels pain, it’s usually 4 a bad reason

In chronic pain patients, sometimes the pain serves no purpose at all. If you've been fully worked up and no one has figured out anything, then find a pain management center. Pain specialists are cool. Seriously.

Hope you feel better. But see a doctor and insist on a plan of action. Don't wallow.

Feb 3 @ 9:48AM  
Sorry to hear of your pain DS. The mommy in me says--get your ass to the doctor!

Feb 3 @ 9:53AM  
DS don't be a puss go to the damn Dr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 3 @ 10:02AM  
Please see a doctor, DS! I was having pains in my knee and didn't know why. Turns out that I had torn my disc. Cortizone shots are not fun!

Feb 3 @ 10:12AM  
Canu has a Skilsaw. And, I hear he's very good at leg operations. J/K

Whatever you do, DON'T tell the doc you're a pothead! Otherwise, it will become the source of everything that ails you.

Good luck with it, bro! We need your warped sense of humor to keep us all laughing!

Feb 3 @ 10:45AM  
Totally different diagnosis.. go see a quackopractor.. see if you got a sciatic nerve all pinched and pissing you off.. had it happen several times myself and yeah.. your back is misaligned but your fuckin legs hurt.

Feb 3 @ 1:43PM  
You know Pon I never understood, that connection, back to knees, of course I still don't undesrstand why I turn my head and cough while the doctor fondles my sack either, lungs nads, lungs, nads I don't get it! lol

Feb 3 @ 3:21PM  
You should go to the Dr. Could be a blood clot...they're painful.

Feb 3 @ 9:05PM  
Sorry Brother Slippery; It may comfort you to know that these Doctors also worship the Almighty(U.S.Dollar)

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