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posted 2/2/2007 4:35:08 PM |
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Love is a funny thing, it can lift you up, or send you hurtling to the pavement. I'm in love with a man that i'm probably going to lose. I've said things i didn't really mean. I feel like i'm losing control, and i don't like that feeling. I make mistakes, i'm human. I'm only sticking around this site for another day or so, and i'm cancelling my account. I'm not having fun with it anymore, i'm not enjoying the time i spend here anymore. I log on out of sheer boredom. I'm not real thrilled at the person i am right now, and it's time to make some changes.

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Feb 2 @ 4:39PM  
aww belle.......I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you well, and hope that everything gets better for you. Good luck and keep your chin up! Things will get better.


Feb 2 @ 4:41PM  
We're here for ya. But if you leave... we WILL hunt you down. You're not getting away from us that easily.

Take some time off, regroup if you need, talk with friends and family, get yourself grounded and do what you need to do. Everyone has rough periods in their life, and it's obvious you are having one yourself right now. I would hate to think that unsubbing from here would be the total answer, just don't come on for any other reason than that you want to be here. We'll hold the fort down till you're ready.

Your humor, and sense of honesty and decency will surely be missed if you leave, but we will all understand.

Just remember you are loved.

Feb 2 @ 4:48PM  

I know how you feel Belle. there isgetting to be a lot of negativity on here lately.
I also am thinking of taking a break from AMD for a while. As I know a couple others are too. I wish you all the very best belle. Hope things look up for you.

Feb 2 @ 4:55PM  
I have enjoyed your company! The very best to you!


Feb 2 @ 4:55PM  
Belle, I know I don't know you, but I am so sorry to hear that. Your right though most times love does suck, and we sometimes say things we don't mean. I hope you can work things out, and I wish you both the best of luck.


Feb 2 @ 5:03PM  
wow........well..what could i say that's not been said? IF you think this place is the problem OR not a positve in your life..then you should go.......but don't make the mistake people make of blaming something that realy has nothing to do with the problem......just use your'll be fine i have faith...

Feb 2 @ 5:07PM  
gosh.. i can't think of anything to say that's gonna help.. so Ima shut the heck up.. love you ma'belle

Feb 2 @ 5:11PM  
"In the dead of night, love bites.." -Judas Priest Try to cheer up a bit, ok?
If it makes any difference at all, I also log on out of sheer boredom.

Feb 2 @ 5:27PM  
Belle. whatever you have to do go do it but we will all miss you if you leave.
Must be a bad case of the winter blues as I feel like leaving too

Feb 2 @ 5:34PM  
sounds to me like you have alot of people supporting and caring about you here...

Feb 2 @ 5:42PM  
well, young lady, we are all a "work - in - progress" as they say. you wear your heart on your sleeve, and that can be a double edged sword. so your plan to step back, take stock, is possibly a good one. but turn away, don't run away. and come back soon.

Feb 2 @ 6:38PM  
We all have to do what we think is right..... but if you decide to come back, I'm sure you will be welcomed back with open arms! Mine will be!

Feb 2 @ 6:39PM  
We all say things we don't mean, but if he really loves you, he'll forgive you and you two can then work out any problems you have. Don't give up, Belle! Love sometimes drives you crazy, but in the long is worth every minute!

Feb 2 @ 6:57PM  
i'll bake you come cookies!

Feb 2 @ 7:12PM  
Belle, damn gal I'm gonna really miss you especially in the forums, but you get yourself together and as far as your man goes talk it out. That is one of the biggest problems in relationships is communicating, if you don't feel you can communicate in a productive manner then both of you go see a therapist, sometimes we don't always know how to air out the problems without sounding critical or without getting defensive, that's why it is good to find a moderator. I really like you, you are a vibrant beautiful woman, but you do what is best for you and know you're always gonna have friends here on this little corner of the planet.
Love you!!!!!

Feb 2 @ 7:28PM  
I'm sorry you're having a rough time. Hang in there.

Feb 2 @ 7:51PM  
I hope all goes well for ya belle. And all i can say is that PK said it all! Her advice sounds very sound to me. Good luck Belle

Feb 2 @ 9:05PM  
Hey Belle you fooled me with your title....I was ready to tell you about my love bites.....Kidding aside I am gonna miss you,,,,hope to come back and visit....

Feb 2 @ 9:07PM  
G'luck and god speed to your happiness.

Feb 2 @ 11:59PM  
I can't add any better advice than the others have.......but I will really miss you if you decide to leave. I love reading your blogs and what you have to say in the forums. When you get everything straightened out with your man drop back by and give us another chance. I know I've been MIA for the last few days, but I've had the flu and working too. Not an easy thing to do. If you need someone to talk to let me know. I always have a shoulder for a friend. Best of luck to you girl. Dana

Feb 3 @ 12:09AM  
Wow, What can I say that has not already been said?? You will be missed very very much. You are a very great asset to AMD. You have many friends here that love and care about you.. My only wish for you is that you get what it is you are looking for and that the GODS give you all the things that you deserve.. We hope that your departure will be a short one.. Take care.......

Feb 3 @ 6:40AM  
After a little sleep and a pot of coffee, I'm more able to articulate myself. I think what you are experiencing here is typical of long distance relationships. My understanding of your situation is that there are no plans to bridge the distance. LDR only works a short time, regardless of intentions. That is why one way or another Sunny and I are going to be together.

The double egded knife of the web, you meet people from around the globe, but physical relationships with someone half a country away is impossible.

If you are no longer happy here, just stop logging in awhile, don't unsub, you know you'll be back, you just need to clear your head a little bit.

Feb 3 @ 12:57PM  
I agree with canu, a LDR is difficult to keep going. Especially when you really want to be with someone, and you know that your not going to see them for months, then meet, then know its going to be months again before you see one another. That is whats difficult.

Feb 3 @ 8:30PM  
You know that I am very sorry to hear this. You are a wonderful person, and you have a lot to offer to all of us here. We all love you and will miss you dearly. Take care of yourself and I hope that you are in a good place very soon.

Feb 4 @ 3:29AM  
Belle, do what you have to do. I wish you the best and hope for your quick return.

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