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The Dominant Model

posted 2/2/2007 2:50:23 PM |
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The Dominant Model

There are several types of Dominant Models. Ways and means to identify if and when an individual is dominant.

One of the more interesting of these models involves the revealment of this dominant aspect through physical traits or attributes. From the outside this type of 'identification' looks promising. In search of this elusive Dominant I was offered a 'list' of what to look for.

The Dominant must be:

‡ Male
‡ Of large, tall or greater than normal physical stature
‡ Conforming to the most supported standards of physical appeal or current standards of male/female attraction or sexual appeal
‡ Physically strong
‡ Agile etc...

When presented with these 'measures' a part of my female sense instantly piped up on how 'right' these sounded. I could easily visualize a big strong cave man knocking other people over the head and running off with their booty. And that image might be accurate, in some distant past where physical mass was the determining factor in survival. However, this model was historically surpassed by other less identifiable models. This Dominant was vanquished.

A 'man' who thunders through modern society using mass, muscle and brute force to 'dominate' those of lesser stature is not someone that is held in high esteem or regard by the society in which he lives. His physical attributes may have brought acclaim during adolescence when physical appearance is or appears to be of vital importance to immature adolescent females. His agility and physical excellence may have brought a level of domination in areas of sports or other physical activities where such excellence is still a true measure.
Most often when his 'arena' of dominance fades this male who has come to trust in or believe in this method or mode of dominance will become frustrated and angered by his diminishing authority in the world which he is now forced to enter. Some of the most gifted of these can 'extend' this dominance into continued arenas of physical domination such as professional sports, media or law enforcement. However, eventually the physical body fails. It ages and diminishes until it simply can no longer triumph. This is clearly a 'failed' dominant model.

Within the D/s community the above 'type' of Dominant who dominates through fear or intimidation using personal threat is what we call an abuser or a grossly inferior dominant.

The second type of Dominant that I went looking for was the 'intellectual' Dominant. I had no difficulty drawing up a nice tidy notebook of criteria for this Dominant too.

This Dominant must be:

An individual with an ability to focus and overcome difficult mental challenges. This intensity of focus is sufficient for them to think through and strategize solutions within their arena of choice.

Our traditional model for the intellectually superior Dominant is a person of insignificant physical stature or level of attraction sufficient to encourage this embracing of intellectual challenges in 'exchange' for Domination in the physical arena. In many ways this Dominant is created through propelling force upon them. They become or present a highly narrowed dominant presence through compelling circumstances. Often the intellectual dominant has severely limited physical or social skills. Quite literally they use their available tools to carve out a small arena of control, their primary tool being

This Dominant is, can and does dominate their chosen field or arena. It is not uncommon for them to become excessively competent or over informed to maintain their 'position' or ranking within this perceived structure. This Dominant may or can be or become quite mentally abusive to those around them, using their tool or 'gift' as a weapon to mentally bludgeon.

It is important to remember that the ability to dominate 'something' does not make the individual a Dominant. The intellectual dominant described above is virtually identical in many ways to the first dominant model. There is an acknowledgment of limited range, lack of personal efficacy and areas of easily defined weakness which allow the possibility of personal or ego destruction by the actions of a more 'competent' Dominant.

Throughout human history the third dominant model has proven itself to be the most successful.

This Dominant must be:

‡ Of at 'least' average physical stature and appearance.
‡ Of at 'least' average intellectual competence.
‡ Bearing natural abilities to interact or socialize and/or inspire the
confidence of other humans.
‡ Flexibility. The ability to rapidly adapt to changing circumstance.
‡ The ability to retain detachment or calm within increasingly difficult or angerous situations. This ability allowing them to act instead of react.

This Dominant has generally not had one significant 'gift' to overcome such as great physical beauty or superior intellect. Their field of interest will tend to be much broader and more varied. Achievements in the scientific or physical realms may be less 'remarkable' than those of the physical or intellectual dominant. These Dominants tend to express their expertise in the ability to dominate, control, direct or manage tens, hundreds, thousands
or even millions of other humans. Often this Dominant is not highly visible through lauded 'rewards' for their actions (such as trophies). They are generally not the preeminent physical or intellectual specimen. They are the individual who directs, manages and often controls the destiny of the physical or intellectual dominant.

When looking more closely at our near history it becomes easier to see
examples of the third dominant model in action. You see Napoleon who was reasonably physically appealing for his day and time though not a prime physical specimen. You see Hitler who was able to inspire the actions of millions through eloquent speech techniques, popular icons and by playing into the fears, hopes and desires of his people. You have Winston Churchill whose rotund figure in no way diminished his enormous reach and power. Then you have Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Each of these men fit the 'average' male model. None was overwhelmingly handsome or possessed of a vastly superior intellect. Each was intelligent enough to surround themselves and use the 'gifts' of the physical and intellectual dominants within their much larger arena.

Though I have focused this article upon the more 'visual' male Dominant model this does not mean that the criteria described above are not equally valid in many ways for the female Dominant. However, the female dominant is not the 'same' as the male dominant. Often the female dominant will amass a power base that is completely irrational or invisible to their male counterparts. A good example of this would be Evita Peron who literally dominated her
country through 'popular appeal', or Mother Theresa who inspired the adoration of millions of

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Feb 2 @ 3:38PM  
You make a good point, that a lot of people can't seem to get away from the idea that someone who is a dominant is anything more than a bully or a sadist. Unfortunately, most people have no idea of what their own sex roles are so I hardly expect they could relate to others.

Feb 2 @ 3:49PM  
I love playing both roles.

Jul 18 @ 2:01PM  
Mother Theresa? Who knew

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The Dominant Model