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The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech

posted 2/2/2007 1:18:58 PM |
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tagged: first amendment, free speech

Bill of Rights
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This subject has come up over and over here. I ask you...where in this particular paragraph does it say that anyone has to tolerate insulting or rude behavior? Where in this paragraph does it state that we as a community have to post comments on our blog that are meant to be abusive? Or even just downright annoying?
The block and delete options are there for us to use. Any member also has the option to post thier own blog stating thier own opinions regarding any other member's blog. Blocking and deleting comments does not infringe on anyones right to express is not censoring...and it does not take away anyone's right to free speech.
I'll repeat that for you...

Blocking and deleting comments does not infringe on anyones right to express is not censoring...and it does not take away anyone's right to free speech.

I honestly do not know anyone who blocks comments simply because the commenter does not agree with the blogger. I have blocked members because they have been insulting to me...or have left comments on my blog that have been abusive or rude, and had little or nothing to do with the actual blog.

I will remove some people from my block list...if you think you've been blocked, try commenting on this. Keep in mind, if you insult me...I'll block you again. I don't make nice with people who insult me in public...why should I do it here?

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Feb 2 @ 1:23PM  
what more could i say?

Feb 2 @ 1:24PM  
You tell 'em girlfriend!! It's a privelege, not a right!

Feb 2 @ 1:32PM is a "right" guaranteed by the constitution. This does not mean that everyone has to listen. If you don't like what a person is saying, you can walk away. If a person is insulting you or verbally attacking can walk away. In the virtual world...we call that 'blocking'.

Feb 2 @ 1:33PM  

Feb 2 @ 1:44PM  

The other thing that people need to stop and think about is that while I have the right to say something it doesn't necessarily mean that I should say it.

For instance: there is someone running around here whose blogs I can't read without itchin to send them an email that says "You know, you really come across as a bragadocious troll". I choose NOT to send that email because it would be feeding the troll and Lord knows we have enough people feeding them.

The other thing that people forget is that their individual rights END where the rights of the person standing next to them begin. My right to say something is no more or less important than the right of someone else to NOT hear what I have to say and it doesn't matter if we are talking about the spoken word or the written word.


Feb 2 @ 1:48PM  
Yeah, ok. Well *snaps fingers* should be all better now. I hope i said what you wanted to hear..

Feb 2 @ 1:48PM  
sisssssssta ........

Feb 2 @ 1:55PM  
How many people can still sing the preamble to the Constitution?


Feb 2 @ 2:08PM  
No need to start fights. If there are enough people blocking users that are rude, then they will just be edged out...hopefully they will get the idea and amend their behavior, or, failing that just go away.

Feb 2 @ 2:24PM  
I'm compelled, as a Vet, as I know you are as well dear. to comment in support of this post. You have certainly covered the topic and I see lil constructive I can add.

Well... OK, maybe one lil thing To state the obvious:

"Freedom of Speech" dose not give one the right to spew vindictive or attacks others in any form or mode. and I consider the squandering of these rights in such a frivolous manor an insult... to me as a Vet personally and to all of those that came before us, who sacrificed so dearly to secure our first Amendment rights to begin with.

As we all set here... debating, exchanging our well considered re butts, Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, your mates...Take a moment, look into your heart, tell me, what should the reward for such sacrifice be?

I say... The most powerful tribute we can offer, is that you and I conduct our affairs as a civil, moral, nation, as a community of spirit, discovery and compassion, As a people, seeking Justice, returning mercy. That you and I recognize the ethereal power of the spoken word. This power is neither Benevolent nor Malevolent, those traits are born in the human heart. It all starts with the next thing you say... cus... Ive just had my say.


Master Gry

Feb 2 @ 2:29PM  
How many people can still sing the preamble to the Constitution?

I can!!! In fact, I was just playing that very episode of America Rock (from the Schoolhouse Rock series :) 2 nights ago!


Feb 2 @ 3:31PM  
My Girl! I hope this gets thru to the trolls!

Feb 2 @ 4:02PM  
Rude or insulting behavior is merely an opinion.

For example- I, as a nudist rights advocate, would like to see nudists able to freely visit local parks without persecution (sort of like they are doing in Berkeley, Eugene, Portland, and parts of Vermont). But of course people are offended.

On the flip note, I'm also an athiest and I have to endure people preaching the bible out in public on the streets. It's rude and insulting in my opinion, but someone else may want to hear more of it.

So I'm a big supporter of the first amendment and I understand that with that right you have to take the good with the bad. It's a strange way to live, but so is the whole freedom concept that this country was founded upon.

Feb 2 @ 5:01PM  
You don't have freedom of speech. If you think you do, try yelling "FIRE" in a crowded movie theatre and watch as they haul your ass to jail.

Feb 2 @ 7:16PM  
Ok I really like the way grygoast put it, as usual very well said.

Feb 2 @ 8:56PM  
Rude or insulting behavior is merely an opinion.

The difference of opinion usually between the rude person not believing they are rude, and the person they insulted calling them rude. Just an observation.

Feb 2 @ 11:59PM  
The things about the constitutional right to free speech is that it only applies to laws that might infringe upon speech. CONGRESS cannot make such laws. Private places can do whatever they want regarding speech. There is no right to free speech in private places. As a community that people must join, Adultmatchdoctor is NOT a public place, and there is no consitutional right to free speech here whatsoever.

Feb 3 @ 3:28PM  
I suspect that I need to work more with the "Right's" as given us by our founding fathers as I am weak in the complete understanding, But I know this, much of those rights are(or have been) ebbing away for quite sometime. I have be conservative in my thinking if not politics for most of my adult life, and I fear now those feelings and beliefs are used to usurp our ability to enjoy our rights and freedoms. I further believe that the left is no less guilty of taking from us the recipeints of these gifts of our fore fathers.

I'm pleased to see someone raise such words here...something all of us must way and consider as each day passes and we wander thru our lives.

Thanks for a eye opening "blog" and it's lovely that your a woman with sincere passion.

Lusty huggz,


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The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech