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What would you eat?

posted 1/31/2007 2:44:20 PM |
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tagged: game, eat, gross, straddle

I'm sure everyone knows that show "Fear Factor". Has anyone ever thought about being on that show? I have thought about it and I don't think I could ever eat most of the stuff I have seen people eat on that show. I think the worst things I saw people was when they were in New York City and out on the streets they blended up rats in a mixer along with some liquid. Another show I recall being gross was when I saw them try to eat maggots and rotted cheese. YUCK!!! And then there is some other shows where I saw them eat slugs. Oh man, that was gross. I could never eat anything alive, and not sure if I could even eat a dead bug, but I would think pretty hard on it since we're playing for $50,000. What was the one gross thing you remember seeing people eat on that show that made you sick, and what are some of the things you would try eating on that show for $50,000?

Oh yeah, I also remember people at a Las Vegas casino trying to eat live spiders. I could never do that.

And I would like to add that watching the women on that show eat things really turns me on.

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Jan 31 @ 2:49PM  
I could never eat the live bugs. For the $50,000 I would sure try to choke down the other stuff.

Jan 31 @ 2:49PM  
Never seen the show, but I'm currently eating spagetti-o's with crushed up nacho cheese Doritos in em.... and when I was pregnant with my daughter I ate a lot of peanut butter and quacamole sandwiches... both pretty gross!!

Jan 31 @ 2:49PM  
Fuck that money, I would never go for shit like that just for money.Ewwwe.

Jan 31 @ 2:55PM  
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !! Goes Spitting around!

Jan 31 @ 3:03PM  
I'd eat cock...and swallow more cum than any other opponent!!!

Jan 31 @ 3:05PM  
I remember one show that they had some nasty pizza made with that stinky cheese (don't remember the name of it) and on the pizza was some kind of eyeballs. How disgusting! I am with geena, no way 50K just isn't enough for me to eat any of that crap!

Jan 31 @ 3:05PM  
Okay, can eat my cock and swallow my cum.

Jan 31 @ 3:14PM  
str8n84u2, what you gonna do with 50K then die of dehydration, food poisoning, and ewwwwe, it'll never be out of your system for the rest of your life thank you and shawn, how can you let somebody do it when I just did

Jan 31 @ 3:30PM  
The worst thing I ever saw them try to eat was chicken guts...I mean all of fuckin gross .....depending on what it was I'd try to eat some of it for the money...but knowing me I'd just jack the money and run while everyone else was puking bro you come up with some stuff man...too funny

Peace and Love
DC The Rain King

Jan 31 @ 5:59PM  
I sometimes think you could get turned on watching worms mating

Jan 31 @ 6:20PM  
Argit you kill me my friend. Good reply.

But sunshine 's is more appealing.

As for the blog. Only if the money were for a loved one,
or or to help a family member. Not for myself. Np way.

Jan 31 @ 6:31PM  
Come on people.. worms are a bit chewy and they taste a lil bit like dirt.. but if you stretch em out before popping em in your mouth you get all the gunk out.. and they are nutritious.. plus wood ants taste like pepper.. but bite them dead before they bite you is the name of that game. Certain grubs are no grosser than Escargot. It's all relative.. if you are hungry enough.. or someone has cash in hand.. you could eat em.

Jan 31 @ 6:39PM  
OMfuckin'G!!!! The episode when they were in Vegas(freakin' out here!!)...and they had to eat those (cringing) black cave crickets (jesus!!) they looked like fucking aliens!! w/ their long antennae and twice as long legs like the legs on a katy-did !!!!They were hellaHUGE(goosebumps now)!! Did I mention they were alive??!! the nightmares are gonna start all over....gonna have to sleep with the nightlight on....

Jan 31 @ 7:46PM  
I'd eat cock...and swallow more cum than any other opponent!!!

And, Sunshine79 wins the big prize this week of $50,000!

Jan 31 @ 8:24PM  
fuck that noise....they can keep their 50 grand

Jan 31 @ 8:26PM  
I'm so glad I'm a Vegan

Jan 31 @ 10:39PM  
i could eat duck fetus,pig's brain,cow's testicles,boiled pig's blood-thats the "gross"foods ive seen from the show that i could actually eat.i cannot handle anything live especially worms,maggots,leeches or snails.bon appetit!!

Jan 31 @ 10:52PM  
I could eat about 5 dozen raw oysters and then pick up the phone and call Sunshine...

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