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erotic story 25

posted 1/28/2007 2:01:54 AM |
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25 “Secret Admirer” Part 1 of 2

The lights on the tree sparkle and glimmer as you glare into the ornaments wondering what life has in store for you next year. You just happen to notice a small crimson envelope wedged in between two branches of the tree. The only letters on the envelope were your initials. Numerous thoughts run through your mind as you wonder who placed the envelope on the tree. Your body starts to tingle as you slowly rotate the envelope in your hand. Quickly you open the envelope to discover a plain piece of white paper with a few words on it. The words say that if you would like to have a wonderful weekend call this number.
Signed at the bottom of the note is a signature that resembles a guys’ handwriting. Your heart starts to pound as you realize the signature only says
Your Secret Admirer
Who could it be runs through your mind. I wonder if you are brave enough to call the admirer. The funny thing is you only think you know who it’s that left the note. Remember the gathering you had at your place a few days ago. I wonder if you can tell me everyone that was there. I certainly don’t think you would have remembered the brother of one of the ladies you had cater the event.
Maybe you did when you smiled so big and almost fell over the gifts next to the tree. The secret admirer certainly was taken by your beauty and wanted to speak to you more. The only problem was his sister insisted that he not speak to the customers. I wonder if you will take the leap and call the number. I bet the warming sensations deep in your body will take control and insist that you call the number.
You watch your hands tremble as you type in the numbers on the phone. After three rings a voice comes on the line. The voice is deep and husky from a man in his early 30’s. You can tell that he has a southern accent and it calms your nerves. Slowly the conversation starts to form as the tension slowly eases. The guy introduces himself as Carlos and he asks your name. You gulp deeply as you realize this is not the guy you thought left the note. Carlos re-assures you that he certainly is not the guy that left you any note. He says that he is only a middle man that was hired to arrange a meeting between you too. Your mind starts to do flips again while you try to figure out who the secret admirer is in your mind.
Carlos says that the admirer has arranged for a car to pick you up take you to a pre-designated location. I bet you ask ten times what the secret admirers name is before you hang up the phone with Carlos. The funny thing is Carlos never revealed the name of the admirer and you must call him back to confirm what time you would like to be picked up on Friday morning. The only things you have been told is a car will be by to pick you up and to leave the rest of the day open.
Butterflies start to swarm in your stomach as you dial the number again to confirm the time you would like to be picked up. Carlos says not to worry about dressing up too much. He laughs when you try to ask another hundred questions about what the night has in store for you.
Friday finally arrives as you look out the window waiting to catch a glance of the car coming to get you for the date. You can’t believe your eyes when a stretch limousine pulls up and stops in front of your place. A man dressed in a black suit comes to your door and rings the chimes. I wonder if you’re tingling now. Upon opening the door you’re greeted by a man named John from the limousine service. He says that he is to take you to a few stops before the final destination. You start to ask your notorious hundred questions and he says that the contract states he must not revel anything to you. I bet your jaw has dropped now. I suppose you think the guy is legitimate since he works for the limousine service. This is the first leap of many you will have to take tonight to find out who is the secret admirer. John opens the door and you slide in hoping to see someone inside. The car is well lit inside and no one is inside. The short ride to the local saloon catches you by surprise. John opens the door and you can see two ladies standing just inside the doors to the saloon. John tells you he will wait while the ladies tend to you. Slowly you walk up to the doors and the ladies open one of them to let you in. The first girl introduces herself as Sara and says this is Monica. She says we’re here to first of all help you pick out numerous outfits and then get your hair and make-up fixed for a night on the night.
The question of who is going to pay for everything is quickly answered by Monica. She says that the secret admirer has arranged to pay for everything.
They lead you through the saloon to another set of doors that open up to a high scale clothing store. They assist you in picking out a dress and some other fun items. When you hair is fixed and the new sexy clothes are on you proceed back to the car. John drives slowly away from downtown and you start to wonder and actually worry some when he pulls up to the local airport. The worries are confirmed when he stops in front of a private jet. John helps you to get your newly purchased things. He can see the worry in your eyes as you look towards the jet. John says that he was instructed to give you another crimson envelope when arriving at the plane. With trembling fingers you reach out and grab the envelope. The only words on the paper are: Please enjoy this short ride to paradise and all will be revealed to you shortly. The short note is signed the secret admirer. I bet your desire to discover the secret identity has gotten the best of you. If you decide not to board the jet, you may never know the rest of the story. Slowly your legs start to move and carry you up the stairs to an awaiting stewardess. She says her name is Samantha and she will take very good care of you. The inside of the jet is tan and maple wood trim with large, dark leather recliners.
Samantha hands you another note when you finally have sit down in the recliner. The note only says that you will not be spending the next couple days in the states. It also says that I hope you picked up a bikini to wear on the beach.
Your mind really starts to whirl as you can’t imagine who is behind this little adventure. The plane takes off with you is sort of a daze. The next thing you remember is Samantha touching you on the arm asking if you would like something to eat or drink. I bet you decide to ask for the biggest mixed drink you can get your hands on.

Secret Admirer Part 2 of 2

The plane starts to descend down out of the clouds early in the evening. I wonder if you managed to get yourself drunk enough not to care. You can only make a few lights as the plane touches down on a small runway. Samantha greets you and hands you a few items. You look down and discover she had given you a room scan card for the Atlantis. You can’t believe your eyes and actually glance back at her. She just

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erotic story 25