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erotic story 26

posted 1/28/2007 2:01:19 AM |
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26 “Restraints of Passion” Part 1 of 2

The blind fold smells of male cologne as your senses start to return to you. All you remember is going to sleep in your warm bed surrounded by the safety of your known surroundings. The muffled noises alert your ears to sounds that are not familiar. A slight humming is still present in your head. Each second passes as you start to re-gain control of your mind. The soft cloth wrapped around your wrist stops you from trying to remove the blindfold. As you lay there helpless additional sounds filter into your mind. A male voice and a female voice take you by surprise. They seem to be within only a few feet from where you’re restrained on the bed. You speak out to ask what they want. No response is given as you hear them seem to walk away and close the door. The brisk air being circulated by the over head ceiling fan causes your bare abdomen to quiver. Each movement to free your body from the bindings ends in failure. Both wrists and ankles have been wrapped with soft clothes to keep you from moving.
What seems like an hour passes before you hear the door opening. A single female voice is heard from a short distance away. She asks if you need to use the bathroom to keep from soiling yourself. She has already removed both the leg restraints before you get a chance to say yes. She also tells you that the wrist restraints will be removed, but handcuffs must be put on while you’re in the bathroom. She says that you must behave or she will have to restrain you again. A soft yes comes out of your mouth as you start to ask why you have been restrained. She says in due time you will be told what’s going on.
The next thing you feel is finger tips running along your leg from your knee to your panty line. The wrist restraints have not been removed yet and you can only see the dark fabric over your eyes. The gentle touches take you by surprise as two hands pull down your panties to your ankles. The urge to resist to gentle touches causes you to close your legs firmly and say please stop. Instead of stopping the hands grab your ankles and pull them apart. You’re told if you resist then I’ll have to place the leg restraints back on you. The female voice sounds very stern this time. You ask what happened to the trip to the bathroom. She says that if you be good I’ll certainly make sure you’re taken care of very nicely. Slowly you allow your legs to relax as they are spread wide apart. Each leg is bent at the knee so that your mound of pleasure is completely exposed.
The finger tips return running along your inner legs and up to almost touching your dry lips. The finger seems to be avoiding giving you direct pleasure on your clit. Each slight touch brings chills to your body as you actually spread your legs wider apart. I bet you actually want your now swollen lips and throbbing clit to be touched. Finally you feel one finger tip slide slowly being dragged along your now damp lip as it traces the lip down towards your tight ass. Each slow pass of the finger causes you to get wetter and wetter. You can now feel your clit starting to throb with each heart beat. A small droplet of your sweet juices has slowly run down out of your mound of pleasure down towards your ass. You can feel it as it slowly runs along your body before it disappears into your crease of your ass. You can’t help from moaning as your wet lips are spread apart so that more of your juices can flow from your pulsating pussy. A rubbing on your clit almost causes you to scream out with pleasure. You decide to bite your lip instead to make sure to pleasure doesn’t stop. Each muscle in your pussy trembles as you feel a finger slightly dipping in and out of your quivering hole of heat. You raise your ass off the bed when two fingers are slid deep inside you over and over. A tongue flicking along your clit causes you to moan un-controllably. Each flicking brings you closer and closer to erupting and spraying cum all over the bed sheets. The instant pleasure from the orgasm has you breathless and very sensitive. You jerk as you feel your already hard nipples being touched gently by the same fingers that just brought you to an amazing orgasm. A few seconds pass before you hear the same female voice a few inches from your ear. She says that if you behave this whole experience will be over soon. I wonder if you actually would like to have the same fun over and over until you pass out.
Slowly the left wrist restraint is removed and you feel a handcuff being placed on your wrist. The other wrist is also un-tied but the handcuff is placed on it also.
You’re surprised when the blindfold is not removed. You feel a soft hand on your wrist as you’re lead to the corner of the room. You feel cold tile on your feet and assume that you’re now in the bathroom. She leads you over to a spot and tells you to stand very still while she lowers your panties to allow you to use the toilet. Gently she helps you to sit down and relax while you relieve your bladder.
When done she helps you up and asks if you would like to rinse off in the shower. You certainly hesitate and ask her again what’s happening to me. She says that if you behave this will be over shortly and you will be back to your safe environment. She also says that this may be the only opportunity you get to shower in the near future. You start to ask how long will this go on and decide not to push the situation.
You do decide to take her up on the offer to shower. You ask her if the cuffs will be removed. She says that under no circumstances is she allowed to leave your wrist free. You’re told that the shower will be assisted. You assume that she will actually be helping you to wash off. You agree since her touch has already brought you great pleasure once. You figure that she has no intentions of hurting you since she just pleasured you. I bet you actually would like for her to bath you.
A male voice is heard in the other room. She tells you to sit in the vanity chair until she returns to bath you. She also says that if you decide to be bad I’ll get in trouble. I wonder if you will behave or try to escape. You certainly have no idea where you’re and still have the blindfold and handcuffs on. I hope you decide to sit and be good until you can determine what’s actually going on.
The door is eased open and you hear a person enter the room. A hand reaches out and grabs the chain between the cuffs to pull you to your feet. You stand in only panties and a t-shirt on the cold tile. A metallic noise is heard as you feel one of the cuffs loosening on your left wrist. You start to ask another question and a finger is put to your lips. The gesture tells you that no words are to be spoken. You take the hint to remove your t-shirt when a slight tug is felt at the bottom of the shirt. You raise your arms and slide the t-shirt off over your head and arms. I bet the urge to pull down the blindfold has run through your mind a thousand times alr

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erotic story 26