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erotic story 27

posted 1/28/2007 2:00:44 AM |
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27 “New Years in New York City” Part 1 of 2

The crowds seem to be closing in all around you slowly but surely as the night progresses. You decided that this year would not be watched starting off through the glow of your television screen. So now the noise seems to intensify as more and more strangers gather to watch a symbol drop to start the New Year. The trip to New York City was a very enjoyable event in your life. A chance to actual witness the ball dropping has your mind and body tingling with excitement. The minutes seem to tick by slower and slower as the moment of truth is closing in.
Suddenly! A surge of people moves to make way for another large group that wants a spot up close. The group of people you came with seems to be filtered into individuals trying to stay close together. The minute finally arrives as all the people in the crowd look up to witness the event in time. You also look up to take in the bright lights and the crowd starts to erupt. The increased noise and the bright lights place you into a slight daze as your senses try to take in every fraction of a second. Looking up you fail to notice a small group of guys coming closer to you. No one else in the crowd has noticed the guys either as they position themselves around you. The surge and noise takes you by surprise as a hand moves over your face to place a soft cloth saturated with a liquid to put you quickly to sleep. Your eyes grow dim as you feel yourself falling back into the arms of one of the guys. I suppose you think the people in your party would have noticed you being abducted. They were still looking up and the rest of the guys had moved in around them to shroud the actions being done to you. Only after a few minutes did any of them even realize you were not standing next to them. They also just figured that you may have gotten separated from the groups from the constant surges from the crowds. They soon realize that’s not the truth when you’re no where to be found after they look for you for an entire 30 minutes.
You’re already riding away in a vehicle by the time an officer is contacted 30 minutes after you go missing. The officer tells your friends to be patient and you will show up. He has no idea that you actually were abducted.
The actual ride is never known by you until the new car slowly comes to a stop. The slight haze still in your head is starting to lift as you breathe in deeply and smell the new leather smell of the seat your head is resting in. You open your eyes to find that a soft cloth blindfold has been placed over them. A slight tugging at your wrist also informs you that your hands have been bound in front of you. A noise to your rear also tells you that a man is sitting just beside you in the backseat. The fabric of the guys’ pants rubs coarsely against the back of your bare thigh. The knee length shear dress you decided to wear has been pushed up to mid thigh now. The heat from the material causes your leg to slightly itch. You dare not try to move and alert the guy you’re slowly coming out of the daze.
The numerous sounds of the city seem to filter into your mind as you make out whistles, cars, horns, and numerous other city sounds. The overwhelming noises slowly ease as you fill the car come to a stop. The driver lowers his window to talk to another man standing outside the car. A sound like an electric motor is heard as you realize it must be some type of gate raising to allow the car to enter.
The car seems to be angled slightly as you feel it go around and around in gradual circles. You soon realize that the car is going up in some type of building. This tells you that you still must be somewhere downtown in one of the numerous buildings.
Suddenly! The car comes to a stop as you feel yourself almost roll off the seat into the floor boards. The driver gets out along with the front seat passenger. He says a few words to the guy sitting next to you. He says to wait in the car until they return to retrieve the package. The seconds tick by one by one as you continue to come out of your slight daze. The guy sits making no noises watching you from behind.
The guy looks at you laying on the seat apparently still drugged. He admires your long, firm legs that have become bare as your dress inched upwards. You shutter as you feel his finger tip touch the outside of your bare thigh. His finger contacts the edge of your dress as you feel him trace the fabric slowly. You resist the urge to move as you feel him slide his finger up under the edge of the dress to inch it even higher. The finger turns into two as he slides it all the way up to the edge of your panties. The warmth of his palm sends shivers through your body. He looks at you and thinks you’re still drugged before he traces the edge of your panties. His fingers trace down towards the soft crease between your legs. Each motion draws his fingers closer to your mound of heat. The contact of his fingers on your lips sends waves of pleasure through your body. You decide to stay perfectly still until you feel the haze has lifted enough for you to think straight. The guy has now moved his fingers between the material and your lips. Slowly he rubs your lips causing them to be set on fire. You can’t help but allow him to feel the moisture your body is creating. His fingers trace your lips until you feel the tips contact your clit. He rubs your clit in small circles as you lay motionless. When his finger slides into you a wave of pleasure causes you to jerk. He quickly pulls his hand away thinking you may actually be awake. The cell phone in his pocket goes off and you take a deep breathe. You hear him speak quickly a few words saying he understands and will watch over the package until they return.
The voice you hear is of a man in his late 30’s. He has a slight Spanish accent and a very deep voice. You can feel him turn to look at you again as you try to stay completely still. Slowly you feel his hand return to your leg. This time you do move slightly as he touches you. The voice booms out at you as he asks if you’re awake. I wonder what you will say.
He says that if you don’t answer me I’ll have to get rough with you. I actually wonder if you would like him to get rough with you. Just kidding!
You decide to actually answer him with a question. You ask in a very timid voice what’s going on. He tells you not to worry. This entire affair will be over before the sun comes up in the morning. He also asked if you enjoyed being touched earlier. You soon realize that this guy actually I very attracted to you. I wonder if you’re smart enough to use this to your advantage. I bet you’re.
You start to ask him numerous questions and he says to you. Why should I give you any answers as to why you’re being abducted tonight? I bet you decide to use your secret weapon to get the guy to talk. You ask him how long the guys are supposed to be before they will return. He starts to not say another word when he feels

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erotic story 27