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erotic story 28

posted 1/28/2007 2:00:10 AM |
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28 “The Morning Frost” Part 1 of 2

This morning a chill takes your breath away as you open your eyes. While you lay in the bed a thought crosses your mind. You start to dread another winter day just outside your humble abode. The chill can still be felt in the air as you try to pull warm air into your lungs. The heater is doing all it’s capable of to keep you warm from the elements. Even the thought of a morning shower sends chills up and down your body. Sliding out of bed seems harder than any climb up MT. Everest could ever be. Lucky for you a thick terry cloth robe was left at the foot of your bed for you to find this morning. I wonder if you actually left it there or a thoughtful mate might have left it. The first smile of the day crosses your lips as the warmth of the thick robe greats your shoulders and back. The haze in your eyes makes it difficult to stagger to the bathroom. I wonder if you will be taking the dreaded shower. Sure enough you decide no matter how cold it’s you will be clean as a whistle.
The water is turned on as the ice crystals make their way from the supply lines down into the drain. Shortly, you can see the ice turn to steam as the warm water floods the shower to rinse the ice further into the drain. The thought of a warm shower now caresses your mind. You watch as the steam billows out into the rest of the room to create a pillow of warmth that tells you the warm robe can be removed. Slowly but surely you slide the robe off your shoulders and place it on the edge of the vanity. You want to make sure it’s not damp when you decide to put it back on before dressing. The steam contacts your skin and you close your eyes to enjoy the warmth just prior to slipping out of your sleep attire. The warm water hitting you on the face and body slowly wakes up even the toughest muscles to allow you to move with ease. The shower is now worth the effort as you feel your mind also start to erupt with new thoughts. The dreaded end of the shower starts to make you feel sad now. I bet you would like to stay in the warm, safe shower all day or at least until all the warm water is used up.
Getting dressed doesn’t seem so bad after you spend the 15 minutes allowing the warm water to coat your body and mind. You Dry off and put on the warm robe quickly when you feel the chill just outside the shower. Quickly you blow dry your hair and put on make-up. The delay in the shower has already put you behind schedule. Decided what clothes to wear has always been an issue also. Lucky for you, the narrator has laid an outfit on the bed for you to wear. A simple pair of black slacks and a nice ivory blouse should be acceptable. I bet you were hoping that the narrator would have been actually waiting in the bed for you to return from the shower. No such luck you dirty minded girl.
The narrator would have laid out a sexy set of under garments, but he certainly would not have been able to write the rest of this story if he had handled any female garments this morning. The thoughts of what would soon be in them would cause a major train wreck in the creative department. This harmless story would have turned into a day full of passion that would have probably gotten you fired from work. So to be on the safe side and get you to work on time I decided to stay away from your garments drawer.
A thick coat, hat and gloves are soon covering your body just before you venture out into the cold morning. The chill takes your breath away again as you make your way to an ice cube of a vehicle. The entire landscape starts to depress as you notice a thick layer of frost has settled on the windows of your vehicle. I bet you decide to start the vehicle and run back inside to the warmth. That’s exactly what you do after turning the heater on full blast to melt the frost. A major knot forms in your stomach when you notice the frost has not melted upon returning to your vehicle. Soon you realize why. The vehicle engine had stalled just as you close the front door. So now you’re really going to be late to work. First you must get the vehicle started again and then scrape the ice off the windows. Looking up into the clouds asking him why this is happening to you certainly will not get the windows scraped. The funny thing is you can’t even find your scrapper this morning. I think you may need to say a few more words up into the clouds about now. I don’t think cuss words will get the windows scraped either.
You close your eyes and start to figure out what to do next and hear a noise. Opening your eyes you notice a man standing on the other side of your vehicle. The guy is actually starting to scrape off the window for you. All you can see is part of his red nose and square jaw jutting out from the thick hood attached to his coat. He has on gloves also and a large scraper in his hands. The window is scraped clean within seconds and he has already moved to the other windows.
Bye the time he gets to the driver side all the windows have already defrosted. He tells you to get in and have a safe ride to work. I bet you would like to know who this man was that saved you this morning.
Lucky for you David was out and about today. He just happened to notice you were having trouble and decided to help like any good natured man would. I bet you have not even realized that he has been watching you for awhile now. Yes, you have been to busy in your own little world to realize that guys have been admiring you from afar. I bet you were not aware of the guy named Jason that was shadowing you in the super market yesterday either. He was the tall handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes. You glanced at him once while leaning over to retrieve some beagles. I bet you didn’t notice him admiring your curves. I bet if you had, he might have gotten more of a show to enjoy. Even the guy at the other store was checking you out. Remember, he was the dark haired Latino man dressed in the nice slacks and button down shirt. He was admiring how your lips parted softly as you spoke to the other lady in the line just in front of him. I wonder if you will take notice today instead of being in your own little world. Numerous guys admire you without your knowledge daily.
The long day ends with you parking your vehicle in the same place. I wonder if you remembered to purchase a new scraper. I bet it slipped your mind right after you started thinking about David. I bet you were thinking clean thoughts as usual. Right!!!!
The next morning you repeat the same routine and go to your vehicle to start it. The windows are iced over again and you remember the scraper you had forgotten to purchase. A quick glance into the clouds to say a few choice words will still not get the windows scraped. This time you decide to suffer in the cold vehicle while the heater defrosts the ice. You want to make sure the engine stays running until they’re clear of ice. The next thing you see is the ice being scraped away and a gray figure jus

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erotic story 28