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Hideous Freakin CHUD!!!

posted 1/26/2007 9:29:46 PM |
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Ok...I guess I'm some kind of Hideous Freakin Chud! Either that or 95% of the women out there aren't interested unless a guy posts a pic of his schlong on here and it hangs to his knees! I've had about 6 women email me and of the 6 I've responded to 4, the other two unfortunately didn't hit the spark. Of the 4 I responded to...Not one responded back. So what gives? Are the majority of the women on AMD just looking to see how many emails they can collect, or am I just a Hideous Freakin CHUD? ( For those that have no idea what a CHUD is it stands for Chilling Human Underground Dweller, check out the movie. Grade B but entertaining.) Ok, Ok, so I'm on a soap box, if I wasn't I'd drag the ground

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Hideous Freakin CHUD!!!


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Jan 26 @ 9:42PM  
It's a male/female ratio thing! Far more females than males- look at the "view new" users, photos pages- page after page of males with a few females sprinkled around!

Prepare to hang... gonna be awhile before things begin to roll a bit!! Just keep sending emails!

Jan 26 @ 9:54PM  
actually I think the majority of women on here do not prefer dic pics, nothing worthwhile is easy, send polite interesting emails ans someone will het you back eventually, read sundances lates blog that might give you an ides how the site works.

Jan 26 @ 9:55PM  
Here is my view on the women here. First you need to see things from their eyes. Go read "why women dont answer e-mails..." Blog. Even if you are sending e-mails that are respectful i think they wonder what your angle is. I believe they have their guards up until they get to know you. Take your time, get into the blogs, write comments where you wish, and get into the forums, let these women see who you are and what you are about. They will get comfortable with you and respond. And a hint, even if a woman trys to chat with you that you are not interested in try getting to know her make some friends. There is a bunch of nice people here men and women, make some friend. Thats just my opinion.

Jan 26 @ 10:58PM  
welcome to adultmatchdoctor or is it adultmatchdoctor...what your feeling is very commonplace here among real men. If you want to make it here you must first surrender your NUTSACK...then tell'em how sexy they are,you jack-off to their photo's AND how kind,witty,beautiful,(even when they're not) etc..etc..etc..and you're more likely to be struck by lightening or win the lottery.

Jan 26 @ 11:24PM  
I’ll make this short so I don’t repeat the same things everyone else has been saying on here over and over again. Get out from behind your username and communicate a little and let them find you not the other way around.

Jan 26 @ 11:38PM  
ROFLMAO....BigFlirt, I did read that blog, lol, and amazingly I have to wonder too sometimes. Aber, not hiding behind the name, just still fairly new here and startin to blog, good advice. TLC, sundance does have good advice, but then your blogs do too. Jump, , surrender my nutsack, hmmmm, not likely but I can think of a few women might agree with that Ok I realize I'm not a CHUD, probably far from it, just gotta start poken out a bit, lol, no pun intended!

Jan 26 @ 11:49PM  
Thats the idea, get out there and talk.
Gain their trust and you will do fine and have fun, just be patient....Good luck...

Jan 27 @ 1:28AM  
Ok, I tried to post this last night... but since I was grounded from sending too maney emails, I'm not sure if you got it or not.....

Anyways... you... and soooo NOT a CHUD.... You're freaking HAWT!! Schmooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwkin' HAWT at that.

Like some of these people have said, enjoy all the site has to offer, blogging, forums, etc... there are some truly incredible people on this site, funny, compassionate, intelligent... if nothing else happens.... you'll make some great friends. Good luck... welcome to the site and we hope to see ya around more!

Jan 27 @ 1:52AM  
I feal your pain brother, i never get any replys my self so what the fu@# !!!

Jan 27 @ 3:07AM anewbie too and what theyre saying is so true.write blogs,comment on someone's and put urself out there as much as u can.i never understand why some people who joines sites like this (supposedly to meet people and gain new friends) dont reply to emails.i believe its more polite and desirable even just to acknowledge ur email and if there's no connection of any sort,just email back and say so.this way,we wouldnt be wondering what the heck is wrong with us(for not getting any replies)..dont give up..i wish u all the luck and dont stop loking for whatever it is that u want to find.
ps.i havent heard of CHUD before bit im pretty sure ure not one

Jan 27 @ 3:58AM  
zfrom least effective to most effective at drawing the women's here attention.

being a bitter little troll.
complaining (takes up turn)

start at hunor and work your way to erotica, you'll get gals

Jan 27 @ 4:06AM  
yea...what everyone else said...except the troll. You may have noticed that it was pretty much ignored...there's a reason for that.


Jan 27 @ 5:37AM  
maybe surrender was a tad gentle...neutered/castrated is another way of describing what it takes....the lightening bolts and lottery are a better'll see. Depends on the local area and are you willing to drive for a blind just might get....naaaaw...lightening bolts and lottery again..sigh..

Jan 27 @ 10:00AM  
man this subject has already been covered pretty much, but i just want to say, each individual is here for something different, and the law of averages, pretty much says if you stick to it long enough, and your patient enough, youll meet poeple looking for the same thing, i think you have to be honest, in your approach to poeple , here, from there pictures, and profiles, try to figure what you feel,, each person is after, and do your best to try to give it to them, and be quick to opoligize when your wrong, i dont think this is a place where, we should have one patent intro for everyone we meet, intuitiveness,and imagination, make your responses, and intros to poeple not only original, but genuine on some level, also to try to turn it into a science, takes the adventure out of it, and youll soon be bored, and probly , she will be as well,

Jan 29 @ 6:41AM  
Yes, this has been done before butt the same question time and again. WTF? well, the click,clack,clunk core of AMD'S chronic bloggers motto is "Do As We Say,Not As WE Do...when we clog the blogs with the same ole crap day in and out,powder our butts,give us kudo's and you will be approved. Another one of their motto's: "You Will Goddamn Respect Me/Us"....I suggest keep on as you're doing..keep contacting those that interest you and don't be disappointed that you get little response..beware of smiling faces,headless bods,lying eyes,crab bitten crotch shots,princess',goddess',angels and ever mindful of lightening bolts,earthquakes,hurricanes,killer bee's,large falling tree's,road rage,meteorites,space junk,etc,etc,etc...also check out the no photo profiles and read their essay's..ya just never really know...

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Hideous Freakin CHUD!!!