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why women dont answer e-mails...

posted 1/26/2007 8:50:39 PM |
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i have seen blogs by men asking this question...i started this account on 1/21, less than one week ago...i immediately started getting e-mails, winks and friend requests(friendly bunch here...), this increased after my pic was posted a few days later...mind you, i am not bragging or complaining, but passing along some information...

in 5 days, i have received about 550 e-mails, 22 pages of winks, and around 50 friend requests......of the e-mails,some were photo comments notices(does not warrant a response)...i have read all of the e-mails and replied to very few for these reasons...

1) a comment, "nice ass" doesnt warrant a response cause its merely a comment, not a QUESTION...
2) many were along the lines of "wanna fuck", with variations (lick, suck, ram, bang, cum, etc)..some more crude and graphic than others...mind you, i am neither shocked nor angered by these, but not going to respond
3) some were erotic stories, and although to varying degrees entertaining, unsoliticited and again, not asking me anything...
4) many were quite honestly, thoughtful, sincere inquiries, but from men who obviously did not pay attention to what i am looking for as stated in profile
5) some actually gave me their phone number and asked me to e-mail and i am going to call you????
6) many were short, polite messages, saying "id like to get to know you"...I initially tried to respond to that kind, but my i reached my mail limit and couldnt reply..

so, thats what has happened...i never even looked at winks and friend requests...just food for thought..

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why women dont answer e-mails...


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Jan 26 @ 8:54PM  
Excellent points, all. With a little thoughtful foresight, maybe people would start acting like human beings instead of HNG's

Jan 26 @ 8:55PM  
hey blonde cut and paste the really good bad ones in our forum thread in dating and romance under stupid email, we love reading them they are always good for a laugh

Jan 26 @ 9:01PM  
you can use my e-mails to let the annoying ones know what you think.....i don't use them.....

another thought on that....the annoying ones make it hard on a guy just trying to make friends with maybe a chance of it going further.....

Jan 26 @ 9:13PM  
Well, I can't blame you at all...and I didn't expect a response, just could not keep my comment too myself...LOL But, on the positive side, at least you have a great variety to chose from? I was just looking for a positive!!

Jan 26 @ 9:23PM  
You sure can tell which head most of the guys are using lol..... It is a shame, why cant people try and be normal and just say hi and try to be friendly?

Jan 26 @ 9:28PM  
just to clarify...many WERE nice and freindly...i wasnt trying to blast was just a bit overwhelming...

Jan 26 @ 9:31PM  
Yes I know just what you are talking about....
When I got on here and posted my pic..
I had to hire a secretary to take care of
all my correspondence------->NOT<-------

Jan 26 @ 9:39PM  
thats awesome.. i think the same thing and i dont even have graphic pics on here and on one from my area.. waht they think i am goin to do fuck them over the internet..i think that is kind of hard and somethin i dont want to do bc its pointless... have a great night

Jan 26 @ 9:49PM  
ive been sending a lot of emails giving some basic info about myself, response to their profile, and then say if they want we can talk more, more pics, more details, more talk, etc, if theyre one least a paragraph. no responses. of however many filter through to those youd consider responding to, what makes the difference of the ones you actually choose to respond to? random? order that they are in your inbox, first come first serve? ive even gotten winks from some that clearly are not bots and are women i am very much interested in talking to and then still get no response from sending an email.

Jan 26 @ 9:57PM  
good thread and yes it is overwhelming sometimes.... however I have yet to reach an email limit .......... what is the limit anyway ?

Jan 26 @ 10:07PM  
a rather insightfull blog
some of us have been here long enough to know n understand your plight n even warn new women that we meet in the forums to EXPECT this....why? ummm more blood in the little head ..??? sorry to say its about the only explaination OR their parents gave them NO concept of manners....neither are good answers but might well be true non the less....just smile........weed thru the shit n find the mushrooms

oh..maggiemae.........75 is the limit for a fee member in 24hrs

Jan 26 @ 10:09PM  
Thanks for the insight....Kudo to you....Oh and nice ass.....

Jan 26 @ 10:22PM  
if i needed reaffirming that i have a nice ass...i got it...about 300 times!!!!


Jan 26 @ 10:30PM  
i'm sure the rest of you is nice too? any more tats?


Jan 26 @ 10:30PM  
i'm sure the rest of you is nice too? any more tats?


Jan 26 @ 10:33PM  
if i needed reaffirming that i have a nice ass...i got it...about 300 times!!!!

Just had to give you that 301....Reassurance.....

Jan 26 @ 11:29PM  
oh you have an ass....i didn't notice......

Jan 27 @ 12:37AM  
when you come down from your high horse, maybe you could take the time to put your clothes on and get real. People come to this site to meet women and men, get over it! You obviously think you are "all That", I think the reason you don't answer emails is so you can bragg to everyone about how much attention you and your "s0-so" ass has gotten. Go figure, you join a site where people hope to meet someone real to have sex with, That's all", no one wants to get to know you better, you are just a tease with a flair for tooting your own horn. Maybe you should quit this site, get some new batteries, and leave the harmless flirting to those who don't get pages of winks at the first showing of their asses. I think the real reason you don't answer your emails is that you are just lazy, inconsiderate and stuck on yourself. If you truly had all of the sex you need in your life, we wouldn't have to see your middle-aged ass and that tatoo ( probably put there to convince yourself you still have what it takes to be attractive). Real women don't have to tatoo flowers on their asses to look good. Maybe when you get real and see that no one gives a shit about your personality (or lack thereof), and are only interested in whether or not you swallow, put out ,etc...
If you spent half of the time you spent telling everyone how your ass is so popular, and spent time answering the email people have taken the time to write to you, maybe you'd have a more luck doing what this site is meant to do... meet new people to hook-up with.

No one cares what you think, get over it, you a'int shit. I see now why you chose you name here. Why don't you answer your emails? Because you are too good to reply to those who find your ass inviting. I dare you to reply to your mail, tell the guys off if they are rude, but to simply ignore those who have written or winked is only a reflection of your conceited nature and your childish vanity.
Dave Adam


Jan 27 @ 1:23AM  
Far and away the best explanation to guys who don't understand what works and what doesn't. and without being rude in return. HUZZAH and a Kudos

So does this mean you don't want to fuck?

Jan 27 @ 1:47AM  
im guessing that DaveAdam is not getting laid any time soon with comments like that.

Jan 27 @ 1:54AM  
Dave your a dumb ass. read it again and use your brain. she wasn't bashing
Damn some people are thick

Jan 27 @ 2:04AM  
nice ass, wanna fuck... or bang, i'll make you cum, and lick or ram you... would you like to cyber and exchange photos or phone sex... my number is 661-***-****

did I do everything right?


Jan 27 @ 2:20AM  
well sometimes people much rather act like animals then humans I guess, but in all honesty, di you think putting a pic up like that wouldn't warrant every pervert coming out of hiding? just a thought

Jan 27 @ 3:20AM  
I'm really hoping the two guys above me are your friends and joking.. no really I am.

Jan 27 @ 3:23AM  
c'mon people!! I mean...haven't we gone over this already? Just because a woman puts up a matter what type it is...doesn't mean she has to lower her standards or answer to anyone! Leave the lady alone!!
Blonde...I'm talking to the guys leaving the stupid rude comments on your know you have the right to block these people...right? I personally like to leave comments like this up on my people who see them will know the dumbfucks from the nice people on here.
And by the way...kudos to you! You're pics are fine...and you're right about the emails. Good blog!

Jan 27 @ 4:07AM  
After seeing your blog again and seeing what one or two guys said on here, i want to apologize and hope you took my comments as nothing more than a smartass comment in a fun way. A few guys must have nothing better to do then be rude on here for no reason and then wonder why they are sitting at home jacking off instead of being with someone or why they cannot get a response to their e-mail. Fuckem, fuckem all.

Jan 27 @ 4:18AM  
Sundance is right!!!

I can hardly believe what I have read here tonight...
daveadam and Belair789 how can you be so cruel?
Dumblonde didn’t write such an awful Blog to warrant such venomous remarks aimed at her.
And she has the right to respond or not to the e-mails that are sent to her.
The percentage of men to women in here I would think you guys would be smart enough not to run the women off..

Great Blog dumblonde!!!

Jan 27 @ 5:02AM  
You REAP what you SOW! What the hell kind of comments did you think a beautiful photo like that would yield?Trying walking past a construction site dressed like that and( human nature mind you) brings the Wolves out! Oh yeah! OH yeah! I said it!! You did not post a photo like that to get nooo responce. What if you got negative replys. That wouldn't make you feel so good . Would it? Or worst yet NO comments! I'm sorry but the photo is provacative! (At it's finest)

Jan 27 @ 5:23AM  
We didn't take this blog as a complaint, as obviously many did. We just considered it thoughtful data compiled and listed to show how brainless many men can be. We found it thought provoking, and it is interesting the response from a couple of them...guilty maybe? LOL I personally, as the male half here, have occasionally sent comments on the pictures, but never really expected a reply from any of them, and my comments usually weren't of a graphic sexual nature...usually...LOL We enjoyed the blog, and the breakdown of contacts. Laughed, in a sad way. lol Oh, and btw, nice ass!! LOL

Jan 27 @ 5:31AM  
I don't think he read the blog correctly. All dumblonde was trying to say was that the women on this site get far more e-mail than the men do.What she should have added, and probably didn't know, was that free members only get a certain number of e-mails a day (75 to be exact) and so she can not answer all her mail.
Wanna fuck me e-mails are not the type of message any woman, would answer no matter how horny and desperate for sex they happen to be.
Yes it is an adult dating site with the emphasis on ADULT. This does not mean that the women on this site do not have the right to choose as the would do in the real world.

Jan 27 @ 6:27AM  
Ok ok ok! Tactfullness I understand! But being a normal Hetrosexual , testesrone filled male, You can't help to comment on that( again I said beautiful photo)!! Isn't that like saying I buy playboy mag. for the dialogue??? I'm not bashing . I fully understood the blog. Why do women dress sexy? Answer- to get attention! why else? But What I don't know is why DOM wears a KILT! LOL!!!!!!!
Maybe women should only dress like they do in the mid east to avoid those compliments and comments?

Jan 27 @ 6:33AM  
Keep in mind as has been said many times before..."Adult" refers to content as well as age limit...but not always maturity level.
From a woman's perspective...being new to this site can be overwhelming. Ask any woman who has been here for just a couple of days...she'll most likely tell you she was inundated with emails the first 24 hours...most of which were probably of the 'wannafuck' variety. Yes...a few men do take the time to read profiles and act accordingly...most of them you will find also write blogs and play in the forums. And some of the men who write and play don't read profiles...they get to know the women who write blogs and play in the forums. Then...if they're interested...they send an email.
I'm not saying this is the only way to meet people here...but there are alot of features on this site that are free...not just email. Make use of all of them and you may have better luck.
**this was directed at the general population...not at you Blonde**

Jan 27 @ 6:37AM's not the compliments we object to! It's the crude and rude comments we are continually subjected matter what type of picture we have. I've deleted more than half of the comments I've had posted on my pics...just because they were crude and offensive!

As to why Dom wears a kilt?? Simple...because he can!

Jan 27 @ 6:59AM  
Sundance-Thats why dogs lick themselves also!LOL
But back to those oneliners I just assumed that crap turned into a inside joke and was here long enough to understand that! Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seemed to me to almost duplicate some of adverse feelings oneliners had. DB musthave read the old blogs. I see some people having fun with the wanna fuck one! Am I just a little right????????

Jan 27 @ 8:23AM  
as TLC stated bring you stupid mail on over!! but you can leave daveadam where ever he is... we don't want him either

Jan 27 @ 8:36AM  
i havent reached email limt either ty for blog, it can get a little overwhelming sometimes

Jan 27 @ 12:28PM  

some of these comments are not even worth responding to...and certainly not going to upset me...but i will say one thing...if my ass is offensive...DON"T LOOK!

Jan 27 @ 12:31PM  
Lisa 46, NOW an only now I see what stupid comments can be made(DAve adam) I sinercerely now saw it for the first time! What cruelty can be out there .Now I see What angry people are like? There is a site for that aggression WWW. anger mangement .com OR PAXIL.

Jan 27 @ 2:34PM  
Guilty, I post erotic stories of how I would treat a lover but I guess that is the wrong approach. Guess it would be better to let the woman know how beautiful she is to my sight and if we can meet at some opportune time over a cup of java and see if things click. Would that be a better response?

Jan 27 @ 4:08PM  
I had a temporary very provacative photo on here, over the holidays. I got so many emails, I couldn't keep up on it, and became grounded trying to respond to them all. I loved even the crudest compliments, but if you tire of trying to keep up, take the pic off. I now get about one tenth of the mail. If I get bored, I will put it back up.

Jan 27 @ 4:42PM  
ok, I find it offensive, so I won't look......I'm not looking....really...I'm not looking at all....(squirt)..Damn it!! Oh well..I did look... but just for an hour or so. JR

Jan 27 @ 6:53PM  

new douchebag ALERT....!!!!!

they're apparently attracted by sxy pictures then when shunned for their fuckin stupidity they become full blown fuck boys.......all good men...quick..get your cork baseball bats n lets go hunt em' down n wack their fuckin little pee pee's!!!!!

*back to normal programing*

Feb 4 @ 8:10AM  
WTF did DB say to warrant some of the rude responses she got to this post? It seems like some guys have this impression that they are the only man in the world and the only one who is sending a message to a particular woman on here and demand a response.

I think the explanation of what women contend with on here was nice but it wasn't really necessary because we should know what is acceptable behavior in our messages regardless of the photo. Plus if you are attracted to a woman on here, so is every other guy. I could not even imagine what it's like to login and have 100 messages waiting for you.

DB, you showed us that you are strong and intelligent plus won't put up with the BS. Power to you!

Feb 18 @ 10:14AM  
must be nice.if i dont send out I get nothing .if u go on a site that list how many of each gender you will see 60,000 men to 2000 women.i'm sorry but thats the how do we as men get your attention!!!!!!!will someone tell me.and do u ladies really want to meet people or just chat.wish it would turn around I'd love to see my boxes stuffed full.myself i like chating just fine.I got one lady to respond and thats is great. I try to be nice .wink(now gone)post a comment,something to say hey I,m here and I'm interested in you.if I get no reponse I leave you alone.if you thank me for a comment I'll send a thank you(mahalo)but I don't do rude or mean shit and I don't keep how does a guy shine in the sea of reponses.I don't know.this is suppose to be fun and enjoying.lets have fun. I would like to say that we are not all rude or all you ladies and keep the photos coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 18 @ 11:26AM  
Yes there is an unfair amount of men to women ratio, but to meet and talk to somoeone its a great idea to go into the forums, you really do get to talk to alot of great people. That is how I started talking to someone who is now very special to me. We started off bantering on the forums then started emailing back and forth to one another. Then gradually it grew to talking on the phone. Now in a few months he will be coming down to visit me, and god knows what will happen after that. Your not always going to find someone who lives in your vicinity so you have to be willing to look outside your area. Good luck


Feb 19 @ 8:17AM  
i know that there ain't a magic trick to shine.its just us guys have a mountian of responses to raise above.I do get some responses back.I do alright but I know competion is thick.I 'm here for fun so I just do what I can and I always be nice.never rude or mean.some response some don't.I don,t get mad cause some pretty lady with a sweet ass didn't responsed and I ain't no bug-a-booo.ITS FOR FUN!!!!!!!now it would be fun if the ladies did some of the winking first.that would be exciting.and by the way your ass is nice,sorry but what is your first thought when you see your mail and its that full.i get excited if there is one in my box.

Mar 5 @ 7:51PM  
ya know i just got to read this blog but it should be reposted is soooooooooo fucken true

Mar 20 @ 4:41PM  
i chose to beive that its only because there too busy to answer them althought with
some people it's because they are ignorant

Jun 10 @ 1:47PM  
Initially, I must say that I e-mail women to get their attention. If I didn't use every means at my disposal to get in contact with women, then I surely would never have reason to visit the site.
I would randomly guess that the ratio of men to women on this site is 4 to 1, perhaps more lopsided.
However, I have three criteria for contacting a woman, and they are not elaborate. I consider the geographical separation between myself and the woman. Then, I consider her profile, whether she appears healthy and normal. I usually read women's profiles with care and educe whether she is likely to actually ever consider meeting with me. (I must note, when I seek out to persuade a woman to get to know me, I don't have a steaming-hot pile of f***ing in mind.) I appreciate that women must be inundated with e-mails, and there is no denying the unfortunate surfeit of lonely, frustrated, adulterous, perverted, and/or sexist men. When I write an e-mail to a woman, I try to tailor it to her expectations. I want my e-mails to provoke a positive reaction. I am sorry to say that I get a response to only about 1 out of every 7 or 8 e-mails which I send to women.
I generally do NOT send e-mails to women who say they are looking for an older man. Likewise, I never send e-mails to women who describe themselves as lesbians or "seeking women". I have only contacted one couple, and that was to express my perplexity at the man's decision to seek out women for threesomes where I would have been just happy to be with a girlfriend as pretty as his. When I contact a woman with complete sincerity is when I remotely foresee a POSSIBILITY of ever meeting, that is, when I contact Minnesotan, Iwegian, or Wisconian women.

Well, that's all I have to say, thanks for reading my comments.
Contact me if you wish to continue this conversation or to begin new ones.

~ Dubleyu

Jun 26 @ 1:29PM  
Hahaha. I feel the same as you do. Most people on here are pretty annoying... And if you dont answer them back they send about 4 more msgs asking why. Quite pathetic..

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why women dont answer e-mails...