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Are you KIDDING me?

posted 1/25/2007 9:05:24 PM |
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I was crusing around on the "who's online" spot... and I came across an interesting looking fellow. So I checked out his profile. While viewing his cock pics I thought "wow, that's not much to be proud of." and while viewing his body and face shots I thought "nore is that..." Then I went on to read his essays, why? I'm not sure. Under describe your physique he has "athletic, attractive, and well endowed." Uhm... how many other penises have you seen in your life buddy? B/c in my world, thats small.
Obviously everyone has their version of size, normalcy, and the like. I personally think anything under six is small, six to seven is average, and over seven is large. Well endowed is the ten inch wopper I had when I was sixteen. Oh, those were the days. LoL.
I remember loosing my virginity (if you could call it that) to a three and a half (four on a good day) cock and thinking... thats IT? THAT was sex? However I made do (knowing no better) and shortly I learned to enjoy it and orgasm from him. The next guy Iwas with was the ten incher. Imagine my shock and horror (ok... maybe a LITTLE pleasure) to see THAT pop out of his pants!!! I cried when he was all the way in, I would have sworn that I was going to bust in half. No orgasm that time, it hurt too bad. But shortly there after... Maybe that's why I'm a "bigger is better" kinda girl?

Whats your version of small, medium, and large? Best and worst experiences based on size?

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Jan 25 @ 9:17PM  
well not sure bout small med or large BUY.......mines' been the best size for me
LDK i just HAD popped into my mind n well it got typed out KNOW who typed it too right??

Jan 25 @ 9:17PM  
I think 5-7 is average for guys in my opinion...

Jan 25 @ 9:32PM  
Yeah I have seen many a profile pic (dicks mostly) that just shouldn't be posted its not good advertising if you dont have the stuff

Jan 25 @ 9:41PM  
Ill hang on to my 6in because its all I got!! and never had a problem with it at all. But damn I am proud of my tongue, LOL IT ROCKS!! LOL

Jan 25 @ 9:45PM  
I just prefer smaller... to me, 7" is huge

Jan 25 @ 9:57PM  
I could not even tell ya what mine is. I have had woman tell me it is just right. Do not know what that means because they all have different tastes. I have No reason to compare. I just usually put average if a question asks about it. I guess it is average cuz not been told it is small lol........

Jan 25 @ 10:05PM  
i agree wit ur measuring system

Jan 25 @ 10:18PM  
I consider myself to be just above average at 8.5 inches, and that is based on my experiences with group activity and couples that I have been with. I do have a good biker friend that I make films with and he is considerably shorter in hieght than myself, but OMG, the guy is packing a good 10". His wife is very petite and the look on her face when he drives that monster home is confusing to me. It looks as if she enjoys it, but at the same time painful. So, at the end of the day, I would consider 5-7 average, 8-10 large, over 10 huge and less than 5 needs some professional enhancement. I guess most guys feel comfortable with what they have though, 'cause thats what they have become accustomed to.

Jan 25 @ 10:22PM  
I want to test out Muffdivers42's tongue!!

Jan 25 @ 10:45PM  
My penis is three inches long, but a full eight inches in diameter. Plus it has a purple toupee.


Like I'd really tell you what is lurking behind the kilt. You want to know? You gotta find out yourself.

Jan 25 @ 10:57PM  
I figure why lie or hide it.... its what I have for better or worse. If they don't like it, then they don't have to look. LOL I'm well aware some women prefer bigger.... and some prefer smaller.... you can't keep everyone happy all the time. That I suppose its why they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors in the first place. To each their own. I'm well aware of the fact that certain people have strong opinions about things, but the one thing that confuses me is when some of those people act like all people either do think like they do, or should think as they do. Not meaning to rant here or anything, but I think people shouldn't be so shallow minded. And yes, I am aware I do not have much to advertise in the eyes of size queens, but as some people prefer a compact car over a massive SUV, I offer them an alternative. While it might not be much, its all i have.... so i'm damn sure proud of it! Even if some women laugh at it, I'm not that sensitive about it, nor do I assume I have a big one like some probably do. I know its not big, but if you can get off with a finger.... then you can get off with a small guy that knows what he is doing. P.S. You can stop laughing at it now LadieDarkStar. LOL I have not seen many posts about what men think about small breasts? I know men tend to obcess over penis size, but think its more cause they see a few women post about how they like big ones, and not many at all about how they like small ones. I think women are just to freaking picky these days! LOL But this is all just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Just a side note. The most destructive thing on earth, capable of destroying entire cities, and altering the very fabric of society as we once knew it, is so small you can not even see it. An atom. So its not the size of the atom, but how you use it. Sorry, I just had to. I'll stop now

Jan 25 @ 11:39PM  
With my belief in reincarnation ....
I don’t say anything about size...especially the size of a guy’s cock..

Jan 26 @ 1:02AM  
I seriously, in all honesty...don't know who is more obsessed with the size of a man's cock. Women, or the men themselves?!

Personally I've NEVER understood it, same goes with women's breasts! Seems women who have small breasts wish they were bigger, women with big breasts wish they were smaller. Same goes with men, men with small cocks wish they were bigger, and believe it or not...there really are some men with big cocks, wishing it were smaller.

I personally have never cared, nor have I ever been concerned with the size of my cock. When I'm asked, I tell women my cock is small to average. The reason I've never cared, (even though I do know the size in length and circumference) nor have I ever been concerned with it.

It's quite simple...if it's not enough to make a woman happy, she can go buy herself a damn dildo. And I'll find a woman who is happy with the size of my cock.

And remember this ladies...99.99% of men who brag about what they have...either don't have it...or they can't use it for shit anyhow. At least this is what I hear women say quite often...

Jan 26 @ 1:04AM  
Oh shit, and I thought 3 inches was well hung ;) lol.

Jan 26 @ 2:25AM  
7 to 8 inches....yep....I was very selective in choosing the right cock substitute...I have named him PINKY...and I will love him and pet him.....just kidding...its from a old bugs bunny cartoon...but once I was with a guy..on older man...told me he was French...who the hell knows...he was from Gary, IN...had a dick so small it was almost strange...barely a mouthful...and tried so hard...pardon the pun...took some sort of male enhancement pill...two at a time...and ya know I never told him how I looked at his manhood...but I did tell him how I looked at him...he was a DICK


Jan 26 @ 2:46AM  
This is just my opinion,,,,size does not matter if a man knows how to use it,,,,If a women knows her body,,,,she could come over and over without it ever being put in....just with Clit stimulation....But I do perfer Medium size.....just my point of view

Jan 26 @ 4:30AM  
Penis size is all in the mind.

I happen to own a 9 incher that is quite thick but i manage to make woman have multiple orgasms just using my tongue and a couple of fingers inserted in the right place at the correct angle.
I am by no means large as far as i am concerned but actual penetration the last part of having sex/making love anyways, the foreplay should last much longer than the actual sex , that way no matter what size a male is if he has done the foreplay right the woman should be so worked up or had enough orgasms already that it really doesnt matter if she comes whilst he is inside her with his cock.

For men generally they get off direct cock stimulation but for most woman its a combination of situation,mood,person they with ,how much foreplay,there feelings towards the man and lots more men are a simple animal to please woman take a lot more effort and a lot more factors contribute towards there satisfaction.

So in my opinoin and yes this is just my opinoin size does not matter it is how you DO IT not how you use it as the saying goes


Jan 26 @ 5:13AM  
I sure am glad i dont have a small dick. 7 1/2 incher

A little bigger would be nice but i'm happy with my size and get lots of compliments on my pics

Jan 26 @ 6:47AM  
This blog got me curious, I got out the tape measure and at the appropriate momenta few moments later, I measured that sucker, I could not believe it, so I measured it again, and still the same,just a little over 15.Thats right ladies !!! I went about the day strutting like a rooster in a hen house untill my soon to be ex called me on the phone wanting to know if she had left her metric ruler at the house................whoever invented metric I hate you.

Jan 26 @ 8:32AM  
wtxman....I just rolled laughing..that was funny...metric...hmmm...damn now I will have to convert....where the hell is the conversation table?...damn I hate metric too...probably not as much as you....hahahahahah


Jan 26 @ 1:27PM  
I'm an average (6.5) so I guess I would be considered neutral!

Jan 26 @ 3:49PM  
I am not sure about this size thing.... but I refuse to tie my pecker to the porch handrail and jump off for anyone.... if my whopper (ok whopper JR - a huge "2" ) does not work I guess I can always get out the old "shoulder massager" for you..... Hmmmm... thats just discrimination on yet another level...... geeeeesh

Jan 28 @ 11:50PM  
Size really isn't an issue for me. "Huge" is nice if you wanna feel like your uterus is going to be split in half with the orgasm...but I really have no preference as long as the guy knows how to work it!

Mar 22 @ 12:36AM  
wtxman....I just rolled laughing..that was funny...metric...hmmm...damn now I will have to convert....where the hell is the conversation table?...damn I hate metric too...probably not as much as you....hahahahahah

It converts to 5.8 evening.... just in case you needed to know... lol Yea i was bored. Mine converts to about 10.5 in metric or about 4"

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