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Obama intent on forcing home inspections upon public

posted 7/31/2014 9:54:14 AM |
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As you are no doubt aware, ObamaCare is a huge package of seemingly incoherent rules, regulations, and mandates. But the bottom line is that the overall goal of the program is not to improve health care, or to make health care more affordable, or to extend coverage to those previously uncovered. Think what you want, but the facts clearly show that ObamaCare actually accomplishes none of these things, all of which were stated goals given by Obama and his merry band of liberal cronies.

There are now new reports that show another insidious tactic that Obama and the liberals will use to further gain control over nearly every American citizen once ObamaCare finally goes into effect. How about giving the government an almost unlimited right to force home “inspections” upon whomever they want, for nearly any reason that you could dream up? Indeed.

Much of these details have been laid out on King Obama’s Health and Human Services (HHS) website under the “Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program.” Don’t you just love how these liberals label the most nasty and evil programs with such sweet and innocent sounding names and acronyms? I do, too. This one almost gives you a down-home ‘Andy Griffith’ type of feel, doesn’t it? After all, the government is just coming for a short little visit. All they want to do is make sure that the mothers and children are being taken of. Golly, Andy, I wonder if there will be pie?

Instead, what this plan actually does is give the government, and its minions, the right to essentially invade any home that they consider to be “high-risk.” Of course, the definition of high-risk could be twisted and contorted to fit almost any purpose they wish.

According to a manual the HHS published in 2006, one of the factors that determines a high-risk home is the presence of firearms. So, now I suppose the government is going to look over records of gun registrations and then target these evil people who keep guns in their homes. Other factors include families where the mother is under the age of 21, where someone is a tobacco user, where children have low student achievement, developmental delays, or even disabilities. Hmmm…I wonder how many millions of Americans already fall under this blanket definition? But we are not done. Families who have people that served or are serving in the armed forces are also considered to be high risk. Wow. And, those who have had multiple deployments outside of the US are considered to be even higher risk. Perhaps they actually got a chance to see what REAL freedom was like and grew accustomed to living in a situation where the government did not hound and harass their own people?

I am sure that you can already begin to see how the Obama Regime is starting to foam at the mouth over the endless possibilities of how they can grab even more control over the average citizen. Maybe a home schooling family is targeted for some type of ‘intervention’ on the basis of school readiness or to ‘help’ them meet certain standards. Maybe a farming family is targeted in order to help them prevent child injuries.

Lest you think that this does not apply to you, dear reader, I urge you to think again. This is not a ‘voluntary’ program. It does not only apply to those on Medicaid; the statute actually has no such limitation. Nor are there really any limitations upon what type of actions might be taken as ‘corrective’ measures should a family be found lacking. Maybe the children might be required to attend certain schools, take specific classes, be given certain vaccines or medications, or possibly even be taken away from their parents?

Get this, there will be other parties or entities receiving government grants to conduct these home inspections. They will even be responsible for identifying the people to visit! How is that for the fox watching the hen house? I mean, the people who will actually be getting money to perform the service will be identifying those upon which to perform this ‘service.’

Does this sound like a terrifically bad idea to anyone else? Still think ObamaCare is a harmless little health care plan? I hope you are preparing yourselves for what is to come.


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Jul 31 @ 9:04PM

Home Visiting

The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program facilitates collaboration and partnership at the federal, state, and community levels to improve the health of at-risk children through evidence-based home visiting programs. The home visiting programs reach pregnant women, expectant fathers, and parents and caregivers of children under the age of 5. MIECHV is administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in collaboration with ACF.

MIECHV is designed to:

Strengthen and improve the programs and activities carried out under Title V of the Social Security Act;
Improve coordination of services for at-risk communities;
Identify and provide comprehensive services to improve outcomes for families who reside in at-risk communities.
Tribal MIECHV Program
ACF’s Offices of Early Childhood Development and Child Care manage the Tribal MIECHV program. This program provides grants to tribes, tribal organizations, and urban Indian organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate home visiting programs in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

State MIECHV Program
HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) oversees the State MIECHV program, which includes grants to states, jurisdictions, and eligible non-profit organizations to develop and implement statewide home visiting programs.

Home Visiting Research and Evaluation
In collaboration with HRSA, ACF’s Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation manages and partners on several evaluation activities related to MIECHV and home visiting.

Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation (DOHVE) Technical Assistance
Home Visiting: Approaches to Father Engagement and Fathers’ Experiences
Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE)
Home Visiting Research Network
Mother and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation (MIHOPE)
MIHOPE – Strong Start
Tribal Early Childhood Research Center
Tribal Home Visiting Evaluation Institute

Jul 31 @ 9:09PM  
Well we know that program to how it could be abused as stated in the original blog maybe someone else can winnow that one out.

Aug 20 @ 2:09AM  
1984.....knocking on your door ...will you let him in......will you let him into your life...... just some lines from a song in the late 60's that came to me.

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Obama intent on forcing home inspections upon public