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A dose of reality

posted 1/25/2007 12:55:42 PM |
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I've been seeing alot of blogs regarding the disappearance of Sxzebbw. I've also seen alot of blogs regarding the alleged harassment from jump9. I'm not here to make accusations. I talked to Sxze before she left...and she felt threatened by this person. Whether the member was threatening her or not is beside the point. Her fear was real.
So, we have a member here who is still garnering much more attention than he deserves. I haven't seen this much attention paid to one single member since captain kangaroo! WTF?? Whole blogs are being written...he's being given venue after venue to spout off his bullshit...for what?? So we can run him off the site? People...none of us here has that kind of power!! Even the admin can only do so much! Yes...they can cancel someone's account, but what's to stop that person from coming back as someone else? We've seen it happen.
This is what Canu and I have been trying to say...the only way to get rid of this guy and the other trolls and to ignore them, block them, delete thier comments. Blocking someone IS NOT CENSORING!!! Deleting someone's comments IS NOT CENSORING!!! Nothing is stopping these people from writing thier own blogs...posting thier own comments in the forums or sending emails to people who will accept them.
But writing blogs about what assholes they are...and what we'd like to do to them...only feeds thier need for attention.
Yes...I realize that this blog is but one more on the page, dedicated to the troll called jump9. But I will not give him the opportunity to comment on this...he has the means to defend his actions...which at this point sound pointless. He has already been blocked from sending me email or commenting on my blogs...I have no intention of changing that. If he decides to comment using another name...I'll delete it and block that one too.
And you can go on about free speech all you want...I am not infringing on anyone's right to say what they want. If you think that...then I ask you: What's stopping you from saying what you want?

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Jan 25 @ 1:02PM  
as I have said ignore ignore ignore!!!

Jan 25 @ 1:02PM  
So true. This I think could be the blog to make everyone realize this. I say we just totally blank him and I mean totally. Cause he's loving the attention.

Jan 25 @ 1:05PM  
thank-you, sunny, for a much needed reality check (mine keep bouncing)

Jan 25 @ 1:13PM  
Your wit dear lady is only out shined by your beauty and charm.

Jan 25 @ 1:24PM  
well........ok..ya got me.....silence is golden...good point.....still want HER back....the rest should take care of itself........

Jan 25 @ 1:26PM  
that is why they call you sundance?? shoot'm down girl!!!!

Jan 25 @ 1:34PM  
You must have been writing while I was thinking...I kid you not.....I was thinking EXACTLY THIS about 10 minutes ago....contemplating posting a blog to put a stop to paving a way for him to have a platform....I need to go to work and I thought...Oh, I'll do it when I get home......

Thanks for beating me to it hon!

Jan 25 @ 1:43PM  
Way to go Sunny. Now its upto us the members of the community to work upon it.

Jan 25 @ 1:57PM  
Ok, You remember the whole bunch of shit I stirred up screaming ignore trolls? It was soley (abuse the word again) on this guys account. Time line. He showed up, took a swipe at all women, a few swung back, you among them. He popped back, I swung and missed, he retaliated, took several swings at you and me...
We ignored him, he kept after Noms.... I tried to warn ya'll something bad was gonna happen, but oh... well maybe I took it over the top, but ya'll know me right?

Sxze takes disagreements to heart so personal attacks she bumped up a notch. She needs a break, she more than anyone has done so much for the place though, it just sucks that the douchebags can't fight with the trolls... life would be sweeter that way!

Oh btw Sunny I love you...

Jan 25 @ 2:04PM  
Right on Sunny....We WILL IGNORE.....say it again...WE WILL IGNORE!!!!! ok one more time WE WILL IGNORE.....ok got it......

P.S. Watch for the new profiles a little more closley...I think he is still lurking.....but he shall be VERY BORED SOON......

Jan 25 @ 3:04PM  
In case people are wondering how to seriously ignore this person? If he posts a comment...delete it and then block him from posting. All blog comments have a little trash can next to them that the author can use to delete the comment. When you open a comment in your can use the block button to block that person from emailing you and from posting comments to your blog.
As far as ignoring someone...stop reading thier stuff! Quit paying attention to them. Dont comment on thier blogs...and don't respond to their forum posts.

Jan 25 @ 3:05PM  
Gotcha... I've said my peace elsewhere... i'm done now too.

Jan 25 @ 3:22PM  
I talked to the trol via e-mail, he is ONLY in it to piss you off, he doesn't care about anything ANYTHING but attention!

Jan 25 @ 3:33PM  
Like tlc said....ignore, ignore, ignore. .delete,delete, delete.

Jan 25 @ 3:51PM  
The Concern, care and attention belong to sxybbw .... not him

Jan 25 @ 4:11PM  
I agree with TLC and Holly!

Jan 25 @ 5:31PM  
Thank You! We need to get back to business here, and forget this guy even exhists! Don't let him and people like him win, don't feed his ego with more blogs and forums that garner more attention to him and those like him. Way to go Sunny! Please let this be the end of this.

Jan 25 @ 5:58PM  
Know what? You are right, I'm not gonna stick up for anyone anymore.. fuck em all.. everyone wants to start shit and then back off at the first sign of adversity.. so yeah.. screw it. Don't ask me for help with any trolls, garbage or emotional issues.

I wish you a great move Sunny and a happy forever.

Jan 25 @ 8:06PM  
Not to seem bitchy but in its own way isnt yours another blog giving him attention?
As I said in my blog I have put the creep on ignore and I suggested to him it was time to withdraw himself from this site. I doubt he will have the decency to do so but one can hope.
What others choose to do is up to them but he is on my blocked list.

Jan 26 @ 7:03AM  
I said something similair in my "what if" blog, but not anywhere as good as you have just done. thank you for this very sound advice. It will work if we work it.

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A dose of reality